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What Can I Substitute for Condensed Chicken Soup? Good QuestionsSkills
Q: I have a number of recipes (many passed down from my mother) that rely on a can of condensed chicken soup, but the last time I picked up a can, I checked the label and YIKES! The ingredient list was huge and included all sorts of things I couldn’t pronounce.Heard of a homemade version of this or know of a workable substitute?Sent by KateEditor: Kate, yes — it is very easy and simple to substitute something homemade for a can of soup.
Jun 8, 2010
Adapting Jamie Oliver’s Baked Lemons with MozzarellaSkills
Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook and television show bring us Jamie’s Italy. Jamie crosses Italy to find homecooks and sends their recipes on to us. Jamie’s trip reminds us that flexibility and simplicity are at the heart of cooking at home. If you want to serve stuffed lemons today, but don’t have anchovy filets, how about some olive paste instead? Basil leaves bring freshness and color, but parsley or arugula might do in a pinch.
Feb 6, 2007