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Recipe: Jacques Pépin’s Broiled Salmon with Miso Glaze
Our meal plan this week is from one of our favorite chefs, Jacques Pépin, and it starts out with this super-simple salmon recipe. When I spoke with Jacques, he mentioned this recipe multiple times as one of his favorites and how he loves incorporating ingredients from different cuisines together. Jacques says, “I have both baked and grilled miso-glazed salmon, but I find that broiling it gives a great result and is also the easiest way to cook it.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Seared Salmon with Soy, Scallions, and Ginger
Coming from a Cantonese background on my father’s side, I’m no stranger to seafood dishes involving copious amounts of scallions and ginger. It is absolutely one of the best flavor combinations known to man. Traditionally, scallions and ginger are often made into a paste with oil and salt and served with chicken, or stir-fried with shrimp, lobster, or crab.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Jicama Shrimp Salad
Take a vacation south of the border on your lunch break when you pack yourself this chopped jicama and shrimp salad. It is a feast for the eyes, with a rainbow of cheery colors and textures. I’ve always had a thing for composed salads, where the ingredients are artfully laid out on top of the salad greens and then drizzled with dressing before serving — no tossing.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Tangy Millet Bowl with Breaded Garlic Shrimp
Sometimes I crave corn in the winter. It comes without warning and, well, without corn. This year, though, I turned to my freezer both to satisfy my off-season hankering and to make a summery grain bowl I can eat any time of the year. Starting with a bed of mildly nutty millet, the corn is alongside broiled shrimp with a crispy, garlicky breading and topped with a tangy parsley-yogurt sauce and toasted almonds.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Smoked Salmon Soba Noodle Salad
I’ve always loved eating Japanese soba noodles in soup, but these chewy noodles also make for a great cold or room-temperature salad. Soba soaks up dressing readily, while still keeping its texture. Thanks to that sturdiness and versatility, it’s a great base for experimentation with a number of mix-ins. In this rendition, the surprise ingredient is silky smoked salmon.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Shrimp and Avocado Po’ Boys
Whenever I see a seafood po’ boy on a restaurant menu, I’m usually tempted to order it because I’m such a fan of the combination of crispy fried seafood, cool lettuce, and creamy mayo on a soft roll. A deep-fried po’ boy is not usually something I’d attempt in my own kitchen, but this version of it — with quickly sautéed shrimp — is easy enough to throw together on a busy weeknight.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Garlicky Shrimp Scampi
“Forrest Gump” is one of my favorite food movies. What? You don’t think it’s a food movie? It’s totally a food movie. It gave the world Bubba, and gave voice to my love of shrimp. I had never related to a character until I witnessed The Shrimp Speech by one Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue. So much shrimp; so many possibilities. Steamed shrimp, shrimp gumbo, shrimp patties, shrimp and grits — all unequivocally satisfying.
May 1, 2019
What’s the Difference Between Farmed and Wild Salmon?
There are so many food production concerns these days, whether it’s about pesticides, GMOs, or sustainable meat or fish. It’s nearly impossible to tackle them all and tackle them successfully — especially when the best answer isn’t always clear. And that’s exactly the case when it comes to choosing between farmed and wild salmon. If you’ve come across the topic before, you know that it’s one that’s been hotly debated.
May 1, 2019
5 Essential Tips for Buying and Cooking Salmon Like a Pro
Salmon is the darling, do-it-all fish of the seafood section. It delivers when you need a quick and simple weeknight meal, knows how to pull its weight as the star of a dinner party, and can even be a hands-off affair. This is the kind of fish you can rely on. Even if it has a regular place in your dinner lineup, here are five helpful tips to keep in your back pocket. Despite what you may have been told, the color of the flesh does not necessarily indicate a better piece of fish.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: 30-Minute Green Curry Braised Salmon
This recipe is the poster child of the perfect weeknight meal. It’s fast (done in 30 minutes); cooks in one pot, so cleanup is minimal; and it takes a familiar ingredient, in this case salmon, and makes it feel fresh and new. All that might seem like a tall order for a recipe, but this dish of braised salmon rises to the occasion quite deliciously. Weeknight braising isn’t often an option unless you got your act together the night before and put the slow cooker on in the morning.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Crispy Salmon Skin
Diane Morgan says there are two types of salmon eaters: the ones who like to eat crisp salmon skin and the ones who think eating the skin in any form is disgusting. I think it’s more like those who love salmon skin (the camp in which I am firmly planted) and those who haven’t experienced it at its best — ultra-crispy and cooked separate from the salmon itself until it tastes like, well, bacon. Yep, I’m pulling the bacon card.
May 1, 2019
What’s That Weird Stuff Coming Out of Salmon?
You went to the store, bought yourself a gorgeous, pinky-red fillet of salmon, came home and cooked it just like the recipe said, and all of a sudden this white, filmy gunk has begun to seep out of your beautiful fish. Not cool salmon, not cool. So, what exactly is this stuff? What causes it to show up, and is there anything you can do to prevent it? Alright, let’s get straight to it. The white stuff (or albumin) is coagulated protein, not fat, which in my opinion is a relief.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Caesar Shrimp and Avocado Noodle Bowls
These bowls, which are ideal for a weeknight meal, are inspired by the ease and versatility of noodle bowls, with the tangy lemon and Parmesan flavor combo you get from a bold Caesar dressing. Thin vermicelli rice noodles are my favorite way to change up grain and rice bowls, particularly right now in the hot summer months. These light noodles can be served at an array of temperatures, although this recipe is best with room-temperature, or even chilled, rice noodles.
May 1, 2019
Yes, You Can Cure Your Own Salmon at Home
Want to make your own lox at home? It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. All you need is some vodka, salt, sugar, and spices — oh, and a little time. Curing salmon means planning ahead. If you want to serve slices of the lox as part of a brunch spread (with bagels and cream cheese) this weekend, you need to start making it today.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Vietnamese-Style Shrimp Po’ Boy
Imagine, if you will, fresh Gulf shrimp, juicy and aromatic with coriander and lime, combined with all the pickled goodness of a bánh mì sandwich, slathered with a spicy-sweet mayonnaise and enveloped in a po’ boy bun. This is the Vietnamese-inspired po’ boy that we fell in love with in New Orleans’ French Quarter and the one we’re sharing here today.
May 1, 2019
Cook Your Salmon in Foil for Tender, Flaky Results
Sometimes cooking a big piece of fish can be intimidating. Is it undercooked? Overcooked? Just right? Luckily there’s an almost foolproof method for cooking fish that takes the stress out of the whole endeavor: foil packets! Cooking salmon (or any fish) in foil is smart for a few reasons. First, it helps lock in steam and moisture, which prevents your fish from overcooking and drying out. It also makes cleanup a breeze!
May 1, 2019
This Honey-Sriracha Salmon Is What Dreams Are Made Of
Are you looking for a fresh take on salmon to make your weeknight meals a little more fun? This recipe is the answer. It strikes a perfect balance between salty, sweet, and spicy, ensuring your evening meal isn’t a snooze. And it’s all thanks to the easy honey-Sriracha marinade. This salmon recipe takes only eight minutes to prepare, with an hour of hands-off time for the fish to marinate in a mixture of garlic, soy sauce, Sriracha, honey, and some water.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Baja Shrimp Taco Salad
This is how you do shrimp tacos in salad form. All the very best elements — juicy, spice-dusted shrimp, crisp cabbage slaw, tangy crema, and creamy avocado — come together in one big bowl to form a seriously feel-good dinner salad that’s crisp, spicy, and fresh all at once. This is the sort of meal that will add brightness to your day, even if the weather is gloomy and gray, as it instantly transports you to that SoCal sunshine.
May 1, 2019
This Sheet Pan Honey-Garlic Salmon Is Dinner Goals
If you’re a home cook who lacks confidence when it comes to cooking fish (you’re not alone!), then you’ll love this easy recipe. It only calls for five main ingredients and it comes together in 15 minutes on one sheet pan. Make this recipe for foolproof, flavorful salmon and you’ll never be scared to cook fish again. Now, there’s nothing wrong with plain ol’ salmon and Brussels sprouts, but what really makes this meal special is the honey-garlic sauce.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Easy Shrimp and Broccoli Stir-Fry
Let the freezer be your culinary secret weapon against takeout or cereal for dinner. With a bag of cleaned shrimp and a pound of frozen broccoli stashed away, you can make a savory stir-fry in just about 30 minutes. Sweet shrimp and tender broccoli are tossed in a gingery, garlicky sauce, and a side of steamy, fluffy rice soaks it all up. This easy stir-fry works with both fresh or frozen broccoli.
May 1, 2019
10 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Salmon
Frozen salmon fillets are a freezer staple these days. Keep a few fillets on hand and you have a healthy meal on your hands at all times without having to run to the fish market on your way home. Transfer a portion or two to the fridge in the morning to defrost, and in the evening you’ll have countless options for dinner. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. Salmon might not be the first fish that comes to mind when you’re thinking tacos, but it makes for some seriously tasty ones.
May 1, 2019
You Need to Make These Chipotle Salmon Tacos ASAP
Kitchn’s Delicious Links column highlights recipes we’re excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. By now we all know that I consider tacos to be a food group. It depends on what you stuff inside, but if you get creative enough, a taco can technically fit into any category on the food pyramid — which apparently doesn’t exist anymore, so there goes everything I ever learned about nutritional balance growing up.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Easy Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta
If your weeknight pasta routine has become, well, routine, consider adding this flavorful shrimp dish to the roster. Inspired by Bonefish Grill’s cult-favorite Bang Bang shrimp — beloved for its creamy, sweet, and spicy chili sauce — this recipe is cheaper than dining out, better for you than takeout, and simple enough for even the busiest of nights. While Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp is obsession-worthy, it’s definitely more of a special-occasion dish.
May 1, 2019
This Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce Is Dinner Goals
Kitchn’s Delicious Links column highlights recipes we’re excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. Garlic, lemon, and butter are an ingredient trifecta. Basically you can put them on anything and that thing will taste 100 percent better. Chicken with the combo? Oh hell yes. A bunch of roasted veggies tossed in that sauce? Gimme, gimme.
May 1, 2019
Add This Chipotle Shrimp Cobb Salad to Your Dinner Rotation
Kitchn’s Delicious Links column highlights recipes we’re excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. A few weeks ago Tieghan Gerard, the blogger behind Half Baked Harvest, paid a visit to our NYC office to talk recipe inspiration and boy were we inspired. Tieghan doesn’t exclusively post recipes for baked goods, or freshly foraged ingredients like her blog name might suggest.
Aug 22, 2018
This Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Salmon Is Calling Your Name
Looking for a complete, wholesome meal to make for dinner this week? I’ve got just the recipe for you, and it only requires one sheet pan and 30 minutes of your time! The key to a perfectly cooked sheet pan meal is all in the timing. You first roast some baby potatoes and green beans on the sheet pan (for about 10 minutes), and then add the salmon and cherry tomatoes. This way you avoid underdone potatoes or overcooked fish!
Apr 4, 2017
Recipe: Ginger and Soy Glazed Salmon Fillets
Moist, tender salmon is a beautiful thing. Dry, flavorless fish, on the other hand, only leaves us weeping for what might have been. OK, maybe we won’t actually cry, but a meal that is both delicious and healthful while still easy enough to make on a weeknight is an everyday reward. Ovens like the Bosch Steam Convection Oven ensure we can prepare the clean, satisfying meals we want (and dare say deserve) with speed and ease.
Oct 27, 2016
Kick Things Up a Notch with These Lemongrass-Ginger Salmon Burgers
Memorial Day is right around the corner! If you’re still drawing up your holiday menu, I highly suggest you add these lemongrass-ginger salmon burgers. With garnishes like pickled cucumber and cilantro cream, these burgers are sure to be the talk of your party. What I love most about these salmon burgers is that they’re not afraid to be a little different. With lemongrass, ginger, and lime in the patties, no one is going to accuse you of playing it safe with this recipe.
May 26, 2016
Turn Your Leftover Sweet Potatoes Into Something New for Dinner
While I don’t know anyone who considers leftover sweet potatoes a problem, I want to share a tip for giving them a spectacular second life. Three words: whipped sweet potatoes. Here’s what to do: Peel and puree any leftover cooked sweet potatoes and whisk them in a pan over medium heat with a generous amount of butter and a splash of heavy cream. Sprinkle in a couple pinches of salt and you’ve got whipped sweet potatoes.
Jan 7, 2015
From the Ocean to the Smokehouse: Preserving Salmon in Alaska
It was raining on the day I visited Kim Moler’s home in Kake, Alaska. This should not have been unusual, given that this part of Southeast Alaska gets over 100 inches of rain every year. But the sky had been dry for weeks, and residents were grateful for the muddy puddles and the chance to fill their water tanks.Why was I in Kake that morning? I was there to watch Kim fillet a dozen wild sockeye salmon to string up in her backyard smokehouse. A dozen, you say? At least.
Aug 8, 2013
Grilling Recipe: Smoky Salmon BLTs
“I’ll take a salmon BLT, hold the bacon, lettuce, and tomato. And as many extra lemon slices as you will give me.” Yep, that was my go-to lunch order at our favorite little hometown cafe. I was a very particular little kid. At least I ate the salmon, but thank goodness the times have changed!I just gifted my fiancé with a fabulous new natural gas grill for his 30th birthday. (Okay, I secretly bought it for me, too, but don’t tell him that.
Jun 12, 2012
Quick & Easy Baked Salmon
Quick & Easy Baked Salmon
Apr 12, 2018
10-Minute Blackened Salmon
10-Minute Blackened Salmon
Dec 18, 2018
Sheet Pan Mustard Maple Salmon
Sheet Pan Mustard Maple Salmon
Mar 13, 2017