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The One-Minute Microwave Omelet
My husband has been in hot pursuit of the flawless French omelet for months, studying our stove’s quirks and calibrating the ratio of butter to pan surface (I cover my eyes at this point). He would be appalled to learn that his hard-won mastery may be jeopardized by a shortcut in that most modern of machines, the microwave. Can a one-minute microwave omelet challenge the greatness of the classic omelet?
Jun 25, 2013
Tip: Bring Homemade Pancake Mix on Your Next Trip
I rarely make pancakes at home, but for some reason I always crave them during the long, leisurely mornings of a vacation. And I like to keep those mornings leisurely by bringing along my own DIY pancake mix.I simply mix together the dry ingredients for my favorite pancake recipe and write the wet ingredients needed on the outside of the bag.
Jun 21, 2013
5 Ways To Make Frozen Vegetables Suck a Little Less
Although spring is upon us and we should be taking full advantage of farmers’ markets and fresh grocery store offerings, sometimes the frozen veggies still come in handy for last-minute dinner convenience. back is what’s for dinner. In an effort to make them taste, less, well, frozen, here are five ways to help get the most flavor from our freezer friends! The first thing to remember is that frozen vegetables actually can be quite good (and good for you).
May 14, 2013
Easy Appetizer Recipe: Baked Ricotta with Lemon, Garlic & Chives
Last month Megan declared baked ricotta “the best appetizer you haven’t met yet.” Intrigued (who wouldn’t be?), I gave it a try and suddenly baked ricotta is the best appetizer I’ve only recently met. It’s the new thing, the current crush, the little bite that perfectly straddles the divide between old-fashioned, stodgy hot appetizers and fresher, more modern tastes.
May 3, 2013
Tip: The Best & Quickest Way to Warm Up Pita Bread
I always keep a bag of whole wheat pita rounds in the freezer for last minute lunches; they can be stuffed with salad, eaten with hummus and vegetables, or even topped with avocado and egg. But how to transform a rock-hard piece of frozen pita into a soft, warm pocket? Here’s a method that is fast and foolproof. On a gas stove, turn the flame on medium-low and place the frozen pita directly on the burner.
Mar 15, 2013
Recipe: Crunchy Spring Salad with Dill Dressing
Here in Southern California, winter is on its way out and I have never felt more ready to give kale salads a rest. Right now I am craving all that is crunchy, fresh and pale green — like this salad, which mixes a dill-flecked dressing with sweet sugar snap peas, crisp celery, chopped romaine and pretty, pink-edged radish slices that remind me of spring’s first blossoms winking to life. The crunchiness of this salad makes it a great candidate for lunch.
Mar 13, 2013
Recipe: Late-Winter Salad with Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing
I don’t know what screams winter more than bright, juicy citrus fruit and what shouts spring more than a sweet, tart poppy seed dressing. When tossed together they become the quintessential March salad and a perfect weekday lunch!Poppy seeds in condiments, casseroles, and baked goods are huge in the South, but it wasn’t until I received a bottle of homemade poppy seed dressing as a hostess gift recently that I was hooked on them in salads.
Mar 11, 2013
Breakfast Recipe: Inspired Toast with Sweet Citrus Butter
Toast goes upscale when you start with something more intriguing than plain bread. This is a tasty way to use up some of the baked goods that have made their way into the kitchen over the holidays and turned a tad stale.(If, of course, you have eaten your way straight through all your Christmas baked goodies, then sourdough bread, as shown here, works very nicely too!)For the butter, we continue the flavors from the Citrus Salad — honey, citrus zest, and fresh juice.
Dec 28, 2012
Dinner-for-Two Recipe: Sage-Brined Pork Chops with Brown Sugar Glaze
Whether you’re planning a low-key holiday meal or sneaking in a midweek dinner date amid other holiday plans, put these tender pork chops glazed with brown sugar on your list. It’s one of those dishes that is so easy and so simple, and yet feels like a special feast all its own. A quick brine is one of my favorite ways to add flavor to thin cuts of meat like pork chops and also ensure that they stay juicy and tender during cooking.
Nov 19, 2012
Quick Recipe: Maple Pecan Blondies with Maple Butter Glaze
These bars were baked with a very specific person in mind: My father-in-law, Jim. He and my mother-in-law keep to a gloriously healthy diet. They have a bountiful garden behind their small urban home, and they eat two modest home-cooked meals a day, one after a vigorous early morning swim. However, on special occasions, restraint vanishes and I find a lot of pleasure in offering Jim his two favorite foods in the whole world: Butter and maple syrup.
Nov 13, 2012
Leftover Chili? Make Some Waffles!
It is officially chili-making season! However, come Day Four when you’re still working your way to the bottom of the crockpot, you may be left grasping at straws for ways to make it appealing for one last day. A simple breakfast staple comes to the rescue and makes everything extra awesome!19-year-old Yammie from Yammie’s Noshery often cooks for her large family. She recently combined chili and waffles, and it had me drifting back to the fridge for some weekend leftovers.
Oct 30, 2012
9 Delicious Ways to Enhance Boxed Soup
While I would like to live in a world where I eat homemade soup all the time, the truth is I usually keep a few of those aseptic boxed soups in the pantry for when homemade is just not going to happen. In general, boxed soups aren’t that bad but here are nine little tricks I use to improve their flavor.1. A Dash of DairyCreamed soups such as tomato, squash or red pepper really benefit from a swirl of dairy.
Oct 19, 2012
Easy Dessert Recipe: Peach Yogurt Cake with Cinnamon Glaze
Peaches? In October? Yes, I nabbed a handful of extra-soft, very late season peaches at the market last week, and after I ate a couple I decided to sink the rest into an easy cake for a dinner party. And this turned out to be just the right decision. This is a yogurt cake — just about the easiest cake of them all. It’s a one-bowl cake, with yogurt, oil, and eggs whipped up into a batter and the flour and leavening dropped right on top of the liquid ingredients.
Oct 18, 2012
Make a Quick, Flavorful Vegetable Stock in Just 10 Minutes
We’ve all been there: You want to throw together a quick soup but you don’t have any stock on hand. The first question that pops up is whether stock is necessary. The answer depends on what kind of soup you are making. A stock is more important with a simple broth-based soup, whereas a more complex pureed or cream-based soup might be OK with just water. Ideally, though, you will always use stock, as it is the foundation of your soup and really adds flavor.
Oct 17, 2012
Recipe: Strawberries with Chimayó Chile
Invented by my stepfather, this fiery red concoction consists of strawberries, balsamic vinegar, and Chimayó chile. Strawberries served with vinegar is nothing new, but the addition of chile powder adds a whole new dimension. It might sound a little strange at first, but the combination of sweet, tart, and spice is marvelous. As highlighted in yesterday’s ingredient spotlight, Chimayó chile powder is not too hot, but it provides just enough warmth to make things interesting.
Aug 31, 2012
Recipe: California BLT with Avocado and Basil Mayonnaise
I’m a Los Angeles native, which means I have never owned a decent umbrella, I describe distances not in miles but in the number of minutes it takes to drive, and I believe sliced avocado belongs on a BLT. My first BLTA was probably at a diner — any Southern California diner worth its salt has at least an add-on avocado option for its BLT — and it was probably fine. It’s hard to go wrong with the combination of crisp lettuce, salty bacon, ripe tomato and avocado.
Jul 12, 2012
Recipe: Spicy Korean Cucumber Salad
Do you enjoy eating spicy food in hot weather? I love the refreshing combination of cool cucumbers and hot chile peppers, as in the case of Korean oi muchim. This quick and easy salad makes a great potluck dish, or a fiery alternative to kosher dill or bread and butter pickles alongside sandwiches. And, of course, it’s excellent alongside Korean BBQ (meat or tofu).
Jun 29, 2012
Recipe: Miso Tahini Dressing
I don’t often get so attached to one thing that it’s all I eat, day in and day out, but it happened with a salad dressing a few months ago. A simple shake-up of miso paste, tahini, and lemon, it’s nothing revolutionary, and certainly nothing I hadn’t had before at the local healthy lunch joint, but for some reason it’s really been hitting the spot.
Jun 21, 2012
Recipe: Thai Grilled Steak Salad
Call me crazy, but when the weather heats up, I don’t feel like eating big hunks of meat. Slow and sluggish might work for winter when everyone is half-hibernating anyway, but in the summer, salads like this are what I want to eat — full of freshness and crunch, with a salty-tart lime dressing and just the right amount of juicy grilled steak.
Jun 14, 2012
Master Quick and Healthy Wok Cooking: Grace Young’s Best Stir-Fry Tips
If you want to know how to stir-fry with a wok, talk to Grace Young. After an afternoon in the kitchen with this passionate wok evangelist, we came away with our heads stuffed just as full with tips and techniques as our bellies were with the stir-fry itself. We’ve given you some specific tutorials and recipes from our visit, but we also wanted to revisit the basics that apply to any stir-fry.
May 31, 2012
My Favorite Way to Heat Up Tortillas
There are many ways to heat a tortilla: my friends of Mexican heritage wrap them in a damp cloth and pop them in the microwave. Other people use the oven (but that can feel wasteful unless the oven is already being used for another dish) or pan fry them in a skillet. But I have another strategy which I believe is the most fun and flavorful way to accomplish this task. Hint: see picture above! That’s right!
May 29, 2012
Quick Dessert Recipe: Toasted Oat & Walnut Whisky Trifle (Cranachan)
I have been deeply enamored recently of desserts that involve Scotch. First there was this Scotch affogato sundae I shared with you, and then, for my forthcoming book, I created a boozy Scotch marshmallow pie with a cornflake crust. But perhaps the simplest way to enjoy Scotch in a dessert is the oldest: The classic Scottish dessert cranachan, toasted oats with Scotch-spiked whipped cream and the fruit of late spring.
May 9, 2012
Ruth Reichl’s Secret to a Sexy PB&J
When I read the headline to Ruth Reichl’s piece on Gilt Taste earlier this week, I chuckled: How to Make a Better Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. What could there possibly be to learn that we don’t know already?Now I should take a step back and mention that when I used to teach high school English, one of the assignments I’d give my students was to write detailed instructions on a task that seemed easy or mundane.
Apr 27, 2012
Breakfast Recipe: English Muffin French Toast
Sometimes the best kitchen discoveries aren’t because of a fancy new pan or the latest addition to your cookbook library. Sometimes they happen by pure accident. Some of a chef’s most cherished recipes probably came about from a careless error or minor mishap. That’s what happened with the case of my English Muffin French Toast—a delicious mistake I will happily make again and again.
Apr 26, 2012
Recipe: Creamy Tofu and Green Pea Dip
Silken tofu makes an excellent base for creamy dips without the use of sour cream or other dairy. In this bright and zesty green dip, we combined tofu with peas and Mexican-inspired ingredients like cilantro, jalapeño, and lime.Unlike dairy-based dips that can weigh heavy on the palate, the creaminess from the soft tofu is satisfying yet light. (Warning: this may cause you to eat more than you possibly should! We speak from experience.
Apr 20, 2012
Quick Dessert Ingredient: Mint Sugar
I grew up eating fresh fruit for dessert. An hour or two after dinner, my father would bring out a platter full of cut watermelon, oranges, apples, pears – whatever was in season. Whether or not we were hungry, we were expected to eat it. (Ahh, Asian dad-style dessert!) Nowadays I do (willingly!
Mar 26, 2012
A Snack-Heavy Gathering: 10 Simple, Satisfying Recipes
We had a housewarming party last weekend, and decided to start the party at 8 p.m. Lots of drinks were on the menu, and you know what happens when folks stay late and drink: they want to eat. So while we weren’t serving dinner, we knew we’d need to have a bunch of heavier snacks to sustain everyone through the night.Surprisingly, we had far more fun planning the food for this snack-heavy party than we have with many of our smaller dinner parties.
Mar 23, 2012
Cooking with Leftovers: Risotto Cakes
One of my favorite things about making a batch of risotto is anticipating the crispy risotto cakes I’ll make with the leftovers. They are, if possible, even better than the risotto itself. Especially if one happens to sneak a slice of cheese in the middle.As it cools, risotto gradually loses its creamy sauce-like consistency and firms up. We can take scoops of this leftover risotto and actually shape it into patties that hold their shape when pan-fried.
Mar 22, 2012
Colorful Recipe: Sicilian-Inspired Blood Orange Salad
My parents visited Sicily last fall (lucky dogs!) and brought back a wonderful recipe to accompany any main dish at dinner. I’ve riffed on the combination of blood oranges, mint, and red onion and added my own spin. The results? Shockingly good in color and in flavor! For me the perfect salad is crucial to any supper. The lighter notes can take center stage as the base of the meal or they can play in contrast to something heavier.
Mar 20, 2012
Lunch in a Hurry: 10 Ways to Dress Up Canned Soup
Canned soups are a quick, budget-friendly lunch when there is no time to cook, but they can often be salty, bland, or just boring. Adding just an ingredient or two from your own pantry or fridge can turn a ho-hum canned soup into a satisfying meal. Here are our 10 favorite additions: • 1 Greens: A handful of leafy greens like frozen spinach, thinly sliced chopped kale or bagged arugula add color, nutrition and a fresh flavor.
Mar 13, 2012
Healthy Meals That Are Quick to Cook and Easy to Clean Up?
Q: Our house is on the market so I am trying to keep it clean for showings all the time. With four kids and a dog that is near impossible. When I get a call that someone is coming to see the house, I barely have enough time to clean up after the kids let alone clean up any mess I’ve made in the kitchen. Eating out every day is not an option for the budget or our health so I would love any suggestions you have for healthy meals that require very little mess.
Feb 6, 2012
Unusual Ingredient: The Fried Chicken Mushroom
It seems like this is a good year for mushrooms, at least in Northern California. In Berkeley, you can find heaps of delicious looking wild mushrooms at fairly reasonable prices, especially chanterelles, which come in many colors (white, yellow, black.) But what caught my eye recently is the oddly named Fried Chicken Mushroom. Is it true? Does it really taste like fried chicken? At $8.99 a pound, I picked up a small handful for around $2, and took them back to my kitchen to find out.
Dec 14, 2011
Recipe: Couscous With Chickpeas, Fennel, and Citrus
Have you ever caramelized fennel? Browning this vegetable in a skillet transforms it into something completely different from its crisp, raw state; all but a trace of the anise flavor melts away and the fennel becomes tender, mellow, and sweet. Caramelized fennel melds perfectly with the textures and flavors of nutty chickpeas, succulent olives, orange, and lemon – and spooned over couscous, it makes a quick-cooking, bright yet hearty dish.
Nov 2, 2011
How to Make Fettuccine Alfredo
Fettuccine alfredo is one of those dishes that is somehow more than the sum of its parts. Of course, when those parts are primarily butter, cream, cheese, and pasta, it’s extremely hard to go wrong. There are dozens of slightly different ways to make this dish. Parmesan and butter all on their own are traditional, but a splash of cream does have the advantage of making the alfredo extra delicious (not to mention indulgent).
Oct 13, 2011
Quick Recipe: Creamy Lemon Pasta with Spinach & Peas
This light creamy pasta comes together in fewer than 15 minutes and you’ll be amazed at its flavor. Bright lemon combines with deep garlic and a hint of heat to transform spinach, peas, and, of course, pasta. The key in this dish lies in simmering cream with garlic and red pepper flakes. It infuses the cream with deep flavor which cooks into the spinach as well. And what could be easier than throwing in a few frozen peas to add a little something extra?
Oct 11, 2011
Recipe: Cream of Tomato Soup
Nothing is simpler or more classic than opening up a can of cream of tomato soup for lunch. So if you’re going to make a homemade version, it had better be worth the extra bother. This recipe most decidedly is, although it’s really not that much more work. Just chop up an onion, maybe a rib of celery, and open up a few cans of tomatoes. Splash in some milk and buzz it with a blender until smooth. That’s it!
Sep 23, 2011
Easy Dessert Recipe: Crisp Meringues with Whipped Cream
When I was in Switzerland last autumn, our hosts served us a very simple dessert that nevertheless made me sit up and take notice. They told us that it is a favorite dessert in that region: Large, crisp meringues purchased from the grocery store, served with barely-sweetened whipped cream. Together the crisp meringue and soft cream melted together into one sweet yet simple, rich yet light dessert. This is just about the simplest dessert imaginable.
May 13, 2011
Brunch Recipe: Lemon Brioche French Toast & Raspberries
My ideal Mother’s Day brunch includes one my very favorite breakfast casseroles: A simple strata of brioche bread, layered with lemon zest and custard, and baked until puffy, golden, and silky smooth inside. This recipe is lightly adapted from one in my recent book, Not Your Mother’s Casseroles. • Not Your Mother’s Casseroles, Harvard Common Press. $11.15 at Amazon. It is so incredibly simple. Just slice any rich, eggy bread, such as brioche or challah.
May 5, 2011
Quick Recipe: Ricotta Dumplings with Chèvre & Herbs
Last night I made one of my favorite dinner-in-a-flash recipes: Ricotta dumplings. This is a lightning-quick recipe, easy to mix up, and easy to make for a crowd, too. I tossed these pillowy, chewy little dumpling squares with a bit of butter, soft goat cheese, and herbs fresh from the garden. They were ready in 15 minutes!This recipe is based on my earlier recipe for ricotta spaetzle. I love these so much; they are ready almost instantly.
May 4, 2011
Quick & Easy: Desserts with Three Ingredients or Less
Many desserts can be fussy and time-consuming but I tend to love the simple ones that come together quickly and allow me to linger around the table with my guests. In many cases, this kind of dessert is more about shopping than cooking, so having the right ingredients on hand is key. Read on for a pantry list and some delicious (but lightning quick!) recipe ideas. And leave us your favorite quick and simple dessert ideas in the comments!
Apr 29, 2011
Sweet Recipe: Double Chocolate Bourbon Egg Cream
Here’s a funny thing about an egg cream: It contains neither eggs nor cream. What it does offer is a sweet yet light way to end a meal. And, if you’re so inclined (I am) you can slip your booze in at the same time. Bonus! The egg cream is a soda shop classic. In the old days of drugstore soda fountains, kids and teenagers would belly up to the bar for a rich glass of milk, fizzed up with soda, and sweetened with a thick stir of chocolate syrup.
Apr 28, 2011
Recipe: Sherry-Garlic Soup with Smoked Paprika
Need something quick and heartening for dinner tonight? Try this soup — a blend of warm and smoky spice, a whole lot of garlic, and a cup of sherry. This also kicks off our new series: Six Ingredients (and Salt) — short, efficient recipes that still pack lots of flavor. Look for more of these soon from all of us, and meanwhile — try this soup!
Mar 16, 2011
All Afternoon or Less Than an Hour: Chicken Soup with Herb Dumplings A recipe in two versions
The cold, damp, dark shivery days are upon us and there’s nothing like a good, hearty bowl of soup to make it all just a little better. Does chicken and dumpling soup seem like the last thing you can whip up for supper and more like an all-day project? Not necessarily! Read on for the short and long version this delicious recipe!
Dec 6, 2010
Appetizer Recipe: Brie with Roasted Cinnamon Plums
When it comes to holiday dinners and entertaining, appetizers often carry the day. Yes, turkey is great, and so is stuffing, but what about those little nibbles beforehand?This recipe is similar to another recipe that involves cranberries and melted, gooey Brie cheese. But I wanted to try something similar with plums — roasted with cinnamon, honey, and a touch of brown sugar.
Nov 22, 2010
Breakfast Recipe: Broiled Grapefruit with Cinnamon Sugar
I have to admit that the pairing of grapefruit and cinnamon does not immediately make sense. At least, it didn’t to me. There was something about the tartness of the grapefruit and the distinct spice of the cinnamon — I was dubious. But then I finally tried it, and hello! This is my favorite breakfast dish right now. For a long time I was also dubious about the idea of hot grapefruit. It just sounded… odd. But again, I have been made to see the light.
Nov 22, 2010
Last-Minute Appetizer: Prosciutto-Wrapped Arugula
When I’m cooking for a big group, there are two things I know for sure: 1) I’m going to be worried I don’t have enough food and 2) I’m going to be short on time. That’s when last-minute appetizers like this come in handy.Prosciutto-wrapped arugula needs no cooking, uses two ingredients and requires minimal prep, making it a great option for those times when you need one more platter of food, but don’t have an extra hour to make it happen.
Nov 19, 2010
Quick Dinner Recipe: Pumpkin & Ricotta Pasta Casserole
Everyone loves a good casserole, right? The key word here is good. We’ve all had goopy, unappetizing messes inflicted upon us in the name of casseroles, but that really should be the deviation — not the norm. I love casseroles — the good ones. In fact, I just spent a year writing an entire book with 225 recipes for modern, fresh casseroles. This recipe isn’t in the book, but it’s very much in the spirit of things.
Oct 29, 2010
Recipe: Easy, Tasty Chickpea Curry
Here’s a simple curry that can stay vegetarian (vegan even) or, with the simple addition of some shrimp or chicken, make a fine dish for the carnivore. The most important thing is that this delicious curry is built largely from your canned goods stash: coconut milk, tinned chickpeas and tomatoes. Just add a few fresh veg, some spices and Bob’s your uncle! This curry is extremely versatile.
Oct 22, 2010
Quick Weeknight Meal: Make-Ahead Indian Dahl
We love the spices in Indian dishes, and dahl is pretty simple to make. However, it still takes about an hour to prep it and some accompanying rice – on many weeknights that kind of time simply isn’t there. Lucky for us, dahl freezes and reheats very well. Here’s what we do to keep from resorting to those prepackaged microwave Indian meals from the grocery shelf: Dahl is simple, but it has a lot of ingredients.
Sep 2, 2010
The Perfect Summer Dessert Recipe: Melon with Lime-Chile Syrup
This dessert is dedicated to those of you who have seen triple digits on the thermometer this week and cannot imagine firing up the oven under any circumstances. Here, slices of melon provide a cool, silky texture while the syrup punches up the sweet and adds an exciting bit of heat. The lime balances the flavors and refreshes the palate. But best of all, this dessert is quick and simple and leaves the oven resolutely turned off.
Jul 9, 2010
Surprisingly Quick Root Beer Chocolate Bundt Cake
Admittedly we’re suckers for any kind of bundt. We love the festive shape and the reaction one will normally garner from a crowd. The problem is that all of our recipes are complicated and rely on a mixer and a lot of eggs. What’s great about this one is you don’t need a mixer and you can basically throw the ingredients together at the last minute and come out with an impressive and delicious cake.
Jul 6, 2010
Summer Recipe: Celery and Grapefruit Salad with Parmesan
Meet my new favorite salad. I looked in my fridge a few weeks ago and found nothing but celery hearts and grapefruit. Hmm. Was that enough for a salad? Did I need any other vegetables? Those are a couple of strong-tasting things, on their own! But you know what? It all works — so simple, so crunchy, so cold and refreshing!This is a very punchy salad; there is a lot of flavor, and a lot of crunch.
Jun 25, 2010
Recipe Review: Improvisational Cherry Vinegar
Most fruit-flavored vinegars that you can purchase in the grocery store are too sweet and fake tasting for me. So in the summertime, when fruit is abundant and cheap, I like to put up a bottle or two of fruit vinegar. Nothing could be easier or tastier. It’s cherry season here on the west coast, so this week it was cherry vinegar!I had a handful of leftover fresh cherries after last week’s cherry roasting experiment, so I thought I would try making some cherry vinegar.
Jun 14, 2010
Recipe Review: Classic Poppy Seed Cake From Solo
Growing up in my home there was one standard birthday cake for all of us. Although that sounds odd, we just couldn’t help ourselves, our entire family loved it so much that any excuse to make it was a good one! It’s dense and rich in taste while still having a tender and light crumb and makes for the best breakfast the next day.The recipe itself isn’t difficult to make, it is however a two step process.
Apr 28, 2010
Quick Dinner Recipe: Roasted Mushrooms with Herbs
I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to roasting mushrooms. I love slow-cooked, savory mushrooms, dark with flavor, but I generally make them on the stovetop in a pan. The oven is an even easier route, though, and now that I’ve tried it I’m not going back!Roasted mushrooms are a lovely vegan main dish — strong and rich in flavor and umami. They can be dressed up with a little cream or garlic, or topped with a poached egg, like in this dish.
Apr 21, 2010
Spring Starter Recipe: Cool Shrimp and Cucumber Crackers
I think that every dinner party should start with something tasty to awaken the appetite, or to occupy your guests while the meal receives its finishing touches. I don’t want to overload guests with a too-heavy appetizer, though — you’re about to feed them dinner, after all. Here is one little bite that is a small yet delicious way to start a meal in late spring or early summer.
Apr 19, 2010
Recipe: Spicy Roasted Chicken Thighs with Miso and Ginger
I think that boneless, skinless chicken thighs may just be the perfect meat. They’re inexpensive; even responsibly-raised meat is only a few dollars a pound. They cook quickly, and they have a melting, tender texture no matter what you do to them. I’ve roasted, grilled, and pan-fried chicken thighs, and they are always quick, easy, and delicious.
Mar 23, 2010
Lighter Treat Recipe: Frozen Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Milkshake
You may have heard about one-ingredient ice cream, one of our all-time most popular recipes here at The Kitchn. It’s a marvelous trick of a treat, made from frozen bananas that have been whipped furiously into a smooth, dreamy dessert. And yes, it tastes (and scoops) just like soft-serve ice cream.
Mar 18, 2010
Quick Recipe: Garlic and Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Pork tenderloin is a great cut of meat for quick weeknight suppers. It’s relatively inexpensive, widely available, and quick to prepare. Here’s one of our favorite ways to cook it: A quick paste of garlic and rosemary, a little salt and pepper, and high-heat roasting, and it’s on the table in just about 30 minutes!Sometimes we just buy tenderloin from the grocery store meat department, but we vastly prefer buying this from the butcher.
Mar 18, 2010
Simple Pleasures Recipe: Cheese and Onion Sandwich
Recent posts highlighting the pleasures of the ploughman’s lunch and the hotly-debated mayonnaise led to our intense craving for a British-style cheese and onion (and mayo) sandwich. To the uninitiated, this combination might sound odd or, at the very least, like a breath killer. Well, we can’t promise you won’t want to brush your teeth afterward, but we do urge you to give this humble yet satisfying sarnie a try.
Mar 12, 2010
Easy Recipe: Extra-Quick No-Cook Meyer Lemon Ice Cream
It’s wintertime — so, why is ice cream on the table? Well, so many winter desserts just beg for ice cream. Apple cobbler, warm pumpkin pie, dark chocolate cake. So I was really happy to find this extra-quick ice cream recipe that is nearly as simple as making whipped cream.Most ice cream recipes call for at least a small amount of cooking. Plain milk, frozen into ice cream, gets unpleasantly icy, and it needs cornstarch or egg yolks to turn it into smooth, creamy custard.
Jan 20, 2010
Recipe: The No Mixer, One Bowl Cake Recipe
Even though eating light can often mean eating less or more healthy foods — it can also be nice to cook with less “stuff.” We do a great deal of baking and quite often, we just don’t feel like pulling out the mixer and washing all the attachments when we’re done. Which is why we like this quick, customizable no mixer cake recipe!This recipe can be made in 1 bowl, without a mixer. It can be poured into 2, 9″ rounds, a half sheet pan or even cupcakes.
Jan 7, 2010
Recipe: Hashed Sprouts with Hazelnuts and Fried Capers
We mentioned yesterday that we’re slightly obsessed with Brussels sprouts at the moment. Here’s the latest product of that obssession: a quick, bright hash of chopped Brussels sprouts with quick and salty fried capers and the mellow nuttiness of hazelnuts. This dish was totally inspired by the warm salad of Brussels sprouts leaves with fried capers and hazelnuts at Contigo, a great Spanish and Catalan restaurant in San Francisco.
Jan 5, 2010
Recipe: Balsamic Drizzled Ice Cream (Easiest Fanciest Dessert)
This week, to be quite honest, has been more about making a Flower Princess costume for our three year old than about cooking. We have ordered takeout both nights, my fingers have multiple stab wounds from the sewing needles, and there are wisps of pink and yellow tulle netting all over the place. Even in the face of such adversity, one night we managed to make dessert.
Oct 30, 2009
Helen’s Pork Chops with Savory Blueberry Sauce Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009
Recipe: Pork Chops with Savory Blueberry SauceHow long does it take? 25 minutesCategory: OmnivoreName: HelenWhy is it a favorite meal? It’s fast, bright-tasting, and uses just a few common ingredients. Since the oven is on, it’s easy to throw in a pan of oven fries in addition to the pork chops and have a complete meal. It’s also easy to make just the right number of portions!
Sep 28, 2009
Marina’s Chile Relleno with Pecan Cream Sauce Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009
Recipe: Chile Relleno with Pecan Cream SauceCategory: OmnivoreHow long does it take? 45 minutesName: MarinaWhy is it a favorite meal? This is more of an impromptu dinner party dish. It looks like it should’ve taken all day to make but it’s surprisingly quick!Chile Relleno with Pecan Cream SauceThis is an easier spin on a traditional Mexican dish, Chiles en Nogada. With the lean bison and quinoa it’s a healthy, well-rounded dinner.
Sep 27, 2009
Kitty’s Bocconcino and Sausage Pasta Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009
Recipe: Bocconcino and Sausage PastaHow long does it take? 20-25 minutesCategory: OmnivoreName: KittyWhy is it a favorite meal? This dish always comforts me. Most of the ingredients are almost always either in my pantry or fridge. I just have to cruise by the store for sausage and bocconcino. The flavors are distinct and the cinnamon adds great depth to the dish.
Sep 27, 2009
Copycat Recipe: DIY Nutri-Grain Fruit and Nut Bars
Of all the pre-made and pre-packaged foods that we’ve been trying to move away from, we’ve found it hardest to let go of snack bars – particularly Nutri-Grain’s Fruit and Nut Bars. We were devastated when they disappeared from store shelves! Then again, now we’ve figured out how to make them ourselves!The beauty of making these ourselves is that we can add whatever fruits or nuts to the cereal base that we feel like.
Sep 23, 2009
Jessica’s “Planned” Leftover Burritos Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009
Recipe: “Planned” Leftover BurritosHow long does it take? 10 min prep, 20 min cookCategory: OmnivoreName: JessicaWhy is it a favorite meal? I can change it based on my mood, what I have on hand, and who is eating it.“Planned” Leftover BurritosThis is a “planned” leftover burrito because I usually have some sort of meat – roasted chicken, steak, fish, etc. – that I need to have a way to finish off, so I build it into my planning.
Sep 22, 2009
Heather’s Ribbons with Eggplant, Tomato & Blue Cheese Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009
Name: HeatherRecipe: Little Ribbons with Eggplant, Tomato and Blue CheeseHow long does it take? 30 minutesWhy is it a favorite meal? It’s a terrific way to use some of your late summer bounty! Simple, inexpensive, satisfying and ridiculously delicious!Little Ribbons with Eggplant, Tomato and Blue Cheese[serves 2]1/2 large eggplant, cut into 3/4?
Sep 11, 2009
Recipe: Chocolate Mousse with Olive Oil and Sea Salt
Last week I was planning dinner for visiting friends, and I was seized by a craving for cool, creamy chocolate mousse. I had a bag of Scharffen-Berger chocolate burning a hole in my baking cupboard and no desire to turn on the oven. But there was just one problem: my friend is pregnant, and my favorite recipe for chocolate mousse has not one but two pregnancy no-no’s in it. What to do?Make pregnancy-safe chocolate mousse, of course!
Aug 17, 2009
How To Make Funnel Cakes At Home Street Fair Food Week
If we had to name the ultimate Fair Food, hands down it would have to be funnel cakes. The sweet smell of fluffy, frying bread in combination with powdered sugar is enough to make even the strongest go weak in the knees.Well, lucky for you, they aren’t difficult to make and are perfect for a party or just a weeknight snack.Not wanting to disappoint anyone’s favorite childhood (or adult!
Aug 12, 2009