Scott’s DIY Kitchen Renovation on a BudgetKitchen
Scott renovated his kitchen entirely on his own, figuring it out as he went along. You’d never guess it from spending time in this delightfully bright space, a classic with a modern twist. He’s certainly made the most of this funky layout with the use of strategically placed pantries and a keen sense of organization. Scott is also one of the most inventive cake makers I’ve ever met.
May 24, 2019
Kitchn’s Bite-Sized Guide to Portland, MainePeople
And summer is the dreamiest time to go. Bring your appetite!
Jul 24, 2017
Oxbow Beer Brewer Tim Adams Shares His Favorite Summer BeerPeople
When it comes to summer drinking, the key is to find a beverage that’s cold, refreshing, and not too alcoholic. Wine spritzers are always a favorite, but this year we’re stockpiling farmhouse beers. What’s farmhouse beer, you might ask? We’re so glad you did. Farmhouse beers originally hail from France and Belgium, where they were made with leftover crops and natural yeast in the winter and then enjoyed by farm workers in the summer.
Jul 19, 2017
Maine Oyster Farmers Share the Best Way to Shuck & Eat BivalvesSkills
Maine’s cold, clean water makes it ideal for seafood of all kind: lobster, to be sure, but also oysters, those sweet and briny bivalves that we often associate with cooler climes. But, in Maine, you can (and should!) eat oysters all year round. We caught up with oyster farmers Valy Steverlynck and Eric Horne to find out the best way to shuck your oysters — and how to eat them (besides slurped straight from the shell).
Jul 14, 2017
This Tiny City Has Big Flavor: Here’s What to Do, Eat & Drink in Portland, MainePeople
Compared to other local cities like Boston and New York, Portland, Maine seems more like a close-knit town. But don’t let its small size fool you — there’s a seemingly endless list of things to do, see, and, most importantly, eat in this smart, sophisticated New England city. Beyond the charming lighthouses and overstuffed lobster rolls, this mini metropolis pulses with life and community.
Jul 12, 2017
I Love Food, Wine & Portland, Maine (I’m Even Getting Married There)People
Conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and strangers have followed a pretty tight script for the past two years that my fiancé, Joe, and I have been engaged. It usually starts with: “You’re engaged! Congrats! When is the wedding?” Once that’s out of the way, it’s: “Where are you planning to have it?” When we say Portland, Maine, like clockwork, we get: “Oh … why Maine?
Jul 1, 2017
Jeffrey Morgenthaler Has Some Rules About Making Cocktail VideosPeople
Just like there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no smiling in cocktail video making. At least not according to Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon. We’ve long been fans of Morgenthaler and his site full of useful information for bartenders new and old. And this tongue-in-cheek video is no exception. In addition to no smiling, a few of our other favorite rules are: All drinks must be shaken. That’s what the people want to see!
Oct 8, 2015
What I Love: Anne’s Thrifted and Collected-Abroad Cookware TreasuresTools
Earlier this week we peeked into stylist Anne Parker’s lovingly cared for kitchen in Portland, Oregon, and yesterday we learned a few things about her cooking style. We couldn’t close off this tour, though, without highlighting Anne’s collection of pottery, cutting boards, bowls, teapots, and other beautiful curios she’s gathered from nearby thrift shops, estate sales, and Paris flea markets.
Feb 27, 2014
How I Cook: Anne’s Vinaigrette Technique & Why She Loves Her Mortar and PestleTools
Yesterday we explored Anne’s gorgeous rental kitchen, with its packed pantry and pretty details. Today we’re getting a personal look at Anne’s cooking style, including a few of her favorite tools and her special way of making a homemade vinaigrette. Anne is an avid home cook and entertainer. She’ll throw dinner parties for friends at a moment’s glance and is often hired as a food or prop stylist for events in and around Oregon, California and New York.
Feb 26, 2014
Where I Cook: Stylist Anne ParkerKitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Anne Parker, a food and prop stylist Where: Portland, Oregon Rent or Own? Rent Anne Parker’s Portland kitchen is a small, imperfect rental, but that has not stopped her from making it one of the coziest, treasure-packed culinary outposts I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time in. Anne has tenderly gathered up a world within this kitchen that is creative, efficient, economic, and very, very pretty.
Feb 25, 2014
Le Pigeon by Gabriel Rucker, Meredith Erickson, and Lauren and Andrew FortgangPeople
Restaurant cookbooks are a tricky thing. On one hand, a lot of food cooked in restaurants is simply more than a home cook can to tackle: more ingredients, more technique, more time, more expense. And that’s one of the reasons we go to restaurants, right? So that they will cook all this amazing stuff for us so we don’t have to.
Sep 10, 2013
Green & Good-Looking: A French Press Made From a Mason JarTools
If you’re already shaking up cocktails or sipping your morning smoothie from mason jars, you’ll be glad to hear about the Portland Press, a french press coffee maker that uses a 24-ounce canning jar in place of the usual glass beaker. Even better, it is made in Portland from materials sourced in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.
May 31, 2013
Lola’s Homemade Orange KitchenKitchen
Lola Milholland is an avid home cook with an amazing range of culinary abilities from making her own whole wheat English muffins to spice blends such as za’atar, tortillas from scratch, organic yogurt and growing her own mushrooms — she cooks with tenacity and confidence! Lola is also the assistant editor for Edible Portland, a soulful publication in which Lola collaborates with local farmers, recipe developers, chefs and photographers.
Feb 19, 2013
Leela & Dave’s Imperfect KitchenKitchen
My husband and I have lived in this rental kitchen in Portland, Oregon for over a year now, and while it isn’t a designer showcase space, it does have its quirks and charms. It’s been the site of many cups of hot chocolate, champagne toasts, triumphs and failures, for which I’m incredibly grateful. This kitchen is a little awkward in that it has five entry points into the rather large space.
Jan 15, 2013
Garden Writer Willi Galloway’s Resourceful, Reclaimed Rental KitchenKitchen
Willi Galloway is a garden educator and author who recently published Grow Cook Eat, a lovely book that combines gardening instruction with recipes. In addition to her writing, she hosts a radio show about seasonal cooking and growing. Willi and her husband rent a small bungalow in SE Portland, Oregon. When she’s not juggling one of her many projects, she can be found brewing another pot of green tea in her adorable green kitchen. Yes, this space is a rental, but Willi has made it her own.
Nov 1, 2012
A Visit with Woodblock Chocolate in Portland, OregonPeople
Who: Charley and Jessica WheelockWhat: Woodblock ChocolateWhere: Portland, Oregon You may recognize Charley and Jessica from their warm kitchen and home tour published a few months ago. Since then they’ve opened up their own manufactory to produce their pure and delicious bean-to-bar chocolate bars, and they’ve barely been able to keep up with the demand! It’s a very exciting time for this husband/wife company.
Oct 4, 2012
Hanna & John’s Simple Yet Satisfying Indoor/Outdoor Portland KitchenKitchen
Hanna and John live in a bungalow in SE Portland with several cats and a few constantly-escaping chickens. They cook and eat outdoors in their abundant garden whenever weather permits, and their kitchen and cooking philosophy are full of ingenuity, warmth, collaboration and laughter. Join us for a tour with this food writer and second grade teacher. Hanna and John met shortly after college and quickly embarked on a six-month road trip odyssey through the National Parks of North America.
Oct 2, 2012
A Visit to Oregon Olive Mill: Heritage Olive Oil From Dayton, OregonPeople
Who: Paul Durant of Oregon Olive Mill What: Olive Oil Where: Dayton, Oregon in 2005, Paul and his family started to grow olives on their land in Dayton, Oregon, a feat many told them was impossible. After years of challenges (and laughter!) they’ve successfully harvested heritage varieties of olives and pressed them into olive oil. Take a tour with me of this unique olive oil maker!
Sep 20, 2012
Sophie and Iain’s Elegant Yet Family-Focused Vegetarian KitchenKitchen
Sophie and Iain are originally from London and Edinburgh, respectively, but they have lived in Portland for the past few years. The couple has spent time in Rajastan and other parts of Southern India, and they love the fiery flavors of regional Indian food. Their spice drawer certainly attests to this culinary love affair! Join me for a tour of their elegant, open kitchen and an interview with this charming culinary couple. Sophie and Iain are busy working parents.
Sep 4, 2012
A Visit to NW Elixirs: Artisan Hot Sauce in Portland, OregonPeople
Who: Andrew H. Garrett What: Executive Chef/Hot Sauce developer at NW ElixirsWhere: Portland, Oregon Andrew H. Garrett is the executive chef/owner of NW Elixir’s Hot Sauce line, creators of hot sauces with tang, pluck, flavor and heat unlike any I’ve tasted before. After years in the restaurant business, Andrew’s recent turn to all things spicy has set Portland on fire!
Aug 16, 2012
A Visit with Colin Howard of House Spirits Distillery in Portland, OregonPeople
Who: Colin HowardWhat: Lead Distiller at House Spirits DistilleryWhere: Portland, Oregon Colin Howard of House Spirits Distillery—makers of the much-adored (and personal favorite!) Aviation Gin—leads a small distillation team in Portland, where he’s responsible for dreaming up new spirits (depending on season and collaboration) all in service of the quality products that put this company on the map in 2005.
Jul 18, 2012
Farmer’s Market Report: Portland, OregonGroceries
Portland’s biggest market, held at Portland State University on Saturdays, is bursting with flavorful produce, friendly faces, live music and local delights. Visiting the market over seven years ago is what fully lured me and my husband into moving to Portland in the first place. It’s one of the most spectacular, seasonal, fresh and enjoyable places on Earth!Portland has several seasonal markets, located all over town.
Jul 11, 2012
Hand-Harvesting Salt from the Sea with Ben Jacobsen of Jacobsen Salt in PortlandPeople
Who: Ben JacobsenWhat: Jacobsen SaltWhere: North Oregon Coast Salt is so basic, elemental, and simple. It’s one of the one of the oldest local foods, having been harvested by sea–faring people for thousands of years. You could argue that it is the one cooking ingredient with the strongest sense of place, locality, history and importance. Salt is essential.
Jul 5, 2012
Gregory’s Colorful, Health-Focused KitchenKitchen
Gregory is the executive chef at one of Portland’s hottest downtown restaurants, Departure. When he’s cooking at home, he keeps things simple with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in his colorful kitchen. Come take a peek at this wildly vibrant kitchen!Gregory Gourdet is from Queens. His culinary roots stem from family gatherings and a mother who’d always make a cake or nice dessert.
Jul 3, 2012
A Visit with Suzanne Fuoco of Pink Slip JamsPeople
Who: Suzanne FuocoWhat: Pink Slip JamWhere: Portland, Oregon Suzanne Fuoco’s background in fine art and cooking come together beautifully in her 3-year–old company, Pink Slip Jam. Her products taste like something from a fairy tale, as flowers, local produce, spirits, essential oils and spices collide into the most innovative jam flavors. Once you’ve gone Pink Slip Jam, your toast will never be the same.
Jun 7, 2012
Jessica & Charley’s Chocolate Workshop and Handmade Home KitchenKitchen
I first met Charley and Jessica while shooting their home for an Apartment Therapy house tour. Their entire house has a perfectly lived-in, chic vibe — family-friendly yet unbelievably cool and handmade vibe. The kitchen? It’s no different. And what would you expect? This couple makes chocolate for a living! Charley and Jessica use their kitchen for cooking delicious homemade meals, but they also use it as the test kitchen for their bean-to-bar chocolate company.
Jun 5, 2012
A Visit to BakeShop: Kim Boyce’s Whole Grain Bakery in Portland, OregonPeople
Who: Kim BoyceWhat: BakeShopWhere: Portland, Oregon Kim Boyce is a celebrated cookbook author and whole grain baker. (We’ve featured her James Beard award-winning cookbook Good to the Grain several times here on The Kitchn.) She recently opened a retail space, BakeShop, in a family neighborhood of North East Portland. Her confections are unbelievable and her cheerful attitude infectious.I first met Kim a few years ago when I interviewed her about the process of creating her book.
May 31, 2012
Melody’s Beautifully-Designed Pacific Northwest KitchenKitchen
Melody is an architect and an avid home cook, so when she and her husband set out to build a new home in the hills of Portland, Oregon, they put a lot of energy into the cooking and dining spaces. The resulting kitchen is open, airy and perfect for hanging out with guests who can relax at the counter or the stunning reclaimed wood table at the adjoining dining room.
May 29, 2012
Shauna’s French–Inspired RenovationKitchen
Shauna and her family are inspired by daily rituals such as great coffee and a classic cocktail, so when they were forced to renovate their kitchen after an unfortunate flooding, they made sure to create places for the accoutrements required for these pleasures. This nook was just one of my favorite features in this French‐inspired beautiful kitchen. Shauna works as a coffee consultant in Portland, Oregon — primarily in the sustainability side of things.
Feb 28, 2012
Clara’s Sweet & Stylish Rental KitchenKitchen
Black and white checkered floors? Check. Funky old stove? Check. Soft light streaming through an open window? Double check.Clara’s sweet apartment kitchen in Portland, Oregon, shows us we can doll up any space (even a rental!) with a few family heirlooms and great style. Being in Clara’s kitchen is like stepping into a world equal parts Hogwart’s Wizard School, Grannie’s cozy den, fabulous coquettish boudoir, modern art gallery, and professional test kitchen.
Jan 17, 2012
Homemade Wine: Michael Claypool of Clay PigeonPeople
Michael Claypool started making wine in his Portland, Oregon, garage a couple years ago, and now he’s applied for a liquor license and is taking the necessary steps to become a full–fledged wine making operation, Clay Pigeon. There are large vats of lovely, earthy–smelling Syrahs aging in the cold, concrete space usually reserved for long–forgotten tools and two automobiles. Find out how this home winemaker turned his tinkering into a delicious reality.
Dec 13, 2011
Cookbook Author Diane Morgan’s Timeless KitchenKitchen
Today we get to tour the kitchen of a culinary professional! Prolific cookbook author Diane Morgan renovated her kitchen fifteen years ago, but she designed it to feel both solid and timeless, so as you will see it still looks fresh and modern.This kitchen has been the site of development for over seventeen cookbooks. Come peek into the incredibly organized cabinets and drawers of a professional food writer! Diane Morgan’s kitchen is beautiful, functional and highly organized.
Dec 6, 2011
Jenny & Asmund’s $4000 Renovated Kitchen & GardenKitchen
Jenny and Asmund both work in the field of architecture and do freelance design work. Their kitchen balances function and form beautifully. It’s compact, full of light, and a great example of renovation on a budget, $4,000 to be exact. Join me for a slice of pear galette and a tour of this inspired space and edible garden. photo taken before the renovation Jenny and Asmund make most of their meals from scratch, using much of the produce from their lovely backyard garden.
Nov 29, 2011
Borrow, Don’t Buy: Portland’s Kitchen Tool LibraryTools
When money and storage space are tight, buying a new kitchen gadget like a food mill or a pressure cooker is never an easy decision. Will it take up too much space? Will you use it enough to justify the price? What if you want to try it out first? A neighborhood in Portland is working on a smart solution to this problem: a community kitchen tool library.
Nov 14, 2011
Wild Foods in Oregon: 5 Tips for Edible ForagingPeople
About a month ago, I had the opportunity to hike at the base of Mt Hood, Oregon with a group of esteemed food bloggers and Dr. John Kallas, an expert in wild edibles. We dove headfirst into the details of what Mother Nature can provide when you know what to look for.Do you know much about what you can eat from your local forest floor? Here’s a look at our afternoon spent foraging, then feasting, on the delicious bounty of the forest.Dr.
Nov 9, 2011
Amanda’s Smart, Renovated KitchenKitchen
Amanda’s eye for preserving period elements from her charming 1930s bungalow and updating with a graphic sensibility has resulted in one classy renovation. The space is full of light, handmade details and the smell of chocolate chip cookies Amanda had just pulled out of the oven as I arrived. The cookies (her Grandma’s recipe, documented in the gallery) and the kitchen were both inspired.
Oct 18, 2011