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Change It Up! 6 Alternatives to Tomato Sauce on Pizza
We tend to eat a lot of pizza during the summer months. Not only is pizza the perfect vehicle for fresh seasonal toppings, but we can make them on the grill or the stove top without heating up the kitchen. But we do get tired of using the same old tomato sauce as the base time and again.It seems like almost any sauce that you’d toss with pasta or pre-dinner dip can make a good base for a pizza if you pair it with the right toppings.
Jul 1, 2010
Provel Cheese: A Taste Of Missouri
What do you get when you combine Cheddar, Swiss and Provolone into one gooey cheese? If you’re a resident of Missouri, you probably already know, but for the rest of the country — allow us to enlighten you. We just can’t keep our state secret or our undying love for this super tasty treat quiet any longer! Provel was originally invented in St. Louis, Missouri back in 1947. (It is now owned by Kraft.
Mar 15, 2010
Do You See What I See? A Vision In Taleggio and Honey
Originally, I had planned a post on the magical combination of melted taleggio cheese and honey. I’ll get to that later.But then I noticed a bizarre, incredibly clear image within the swirls of cheese and honey and I couldn’t resist sharing. See it?Maybe it’s just the Leo in me, but I couldn’t ignore the image of a lion in my toast, complete with an exuberant mane, a crooked grin, and two beady eyes. Have I officially lost it?!
Mar 3, 2010
Delancey Seattle: Molly and Brandon’s Labor of Love Kitchen Tour
We don’t do restaurant reviews or restaurant chatter here at The Kitchn. We focus on the ways that home cooking can transform your home into an even more nourishing space. But what happens if your passion for food overflows? What if you want to make your table bigger — big enough to feed a neighborhood?That’s what happened to Molly of Orangette and her husband, Brandon.
Aug 12, 2009
2 Tips for Making Great Pizza at Home From Brandon & Molly of Delancey
We are planning on making pizza this weekend, and so we are excited to follow these two tips offered by Molly and Brandon in this video. You may know Molly Wizenberg as the author of the popular food blog Orangette. Her husband, Brandon, has a passion for pizza, and so they decided to open a pizza restaurant in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.
Jul 10, 2009
Weekend Meditation: Influences
Here in The Kitchn we’re all about home cooking. But home cooking, especially in this age of interwebs and world travel, food networks and glossy monthly magazines, is deeply influenced by things beyond the kitchen door. Indeed, far beyond our immediate neighborhoods and family traditions.So many things influence our cooking: the seasons and markets, friends, family, tradition, budgets, time, energy…Today I’m thinking about restaurants. This has to do in part with where I live.
Jun 14, 2009
Recipe: Cooking By Instinct Pizza Formula (with Morels & Ramps)
Tuesday night some old friends who live upstate came for dinner, and surprised us with an armful of Morel mushrooms and a sack full of ramps. I’d planned a simple roasted chicken and vegetable dinner, but when I saw the gift I’d been brought, I clicked into cook-by-instinct mode, the kind of cooking we are about to start espousing in the second half of our online Kitchen Cure (today is the last day to sign up and catch up.)I had to practice what I’m about to preach.
May 1, 2009
Homemade Pizza: Chicago-Style Deep Dish
Our homemade pizza efforts have always been of the thin-crusted variety. Living in Chicago, if we have a taste for a deep-dish, we reach for the takeout menus. But The Paupered Chef blog has come up with a recipe that has us itching to make our own.More on that in a minute.
Apr 14, 2009
Good Question: Should I Buy Mario Batali’s Pizza Peel?
Here is a good question from Mary, who asks:I’ve just started making bread and am loving it (even if I need some practice still), but my pizza peel split in half last night. I had a cheap wood version and am wondering if it’s worth it to invest in a better quality one? Should I stick with wood or go with aluminum? I saw Mario Batali’s, but am just not sure. Any advice or suggestions?Mary, how often do you make pizza?
Mar 3, 2009
Good Quotes: On Truly Great Meals
What makes a great meal? The food world likes to wax rhapsodic about huge masterpiece feasts and scientific discoveries in the kitchen. A great meal somehow entails new flavors dancing across palates and luxury ingredients from far away places.But the truth is, some of the greatest meals we’ve known have been much simpler. Friends gathered around in chaotic jumbles, happily gobbling up our homespun fare and laughing from somewhere deep within their bellies.
Jun 10, 2008