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Chef Heena Patel’s Best-Selling Dahi Wada Are Easy to Recreate at HomeRecipes
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I talked to Yonan about the many ways to flavor a pot of beans, the secret to his black bean brownies, and which bean he thinks best represents Ina Garten (you know, if he had to choose).
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Let’s Eat! Kitchn’s September Pick for Cookbook Club Is “Cool Beans” by Joe Yonan.
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Read more on why we chose this cookbook and how you can participate next month!
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Field Peas in Peanut Gravy Is a Side Dish Born from a Southern RitualRecipes
Gabrielle Eitienne of Holly Springs, North Carolina, says part of keeping tradition alive in her town is shelling peas. "The bowls on our laps reflect our laughter and hold our history." This is one of the recipes she makes with those peas.
Nov 24, 2019
Why Black Bean Tamales Belong on Your Thanksgiving TableRecipes
Eddie Garza of Dallas, Texas, is a cookbook author who wrote and developed 150 vegan Mexican recipes to honor the 150 pounds he lost. These silky black bean tamales are one of his family's favorite recipes for Thanksgiving.
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I Can’t Get Enough of Hungry Hutch’s Southern Pinto Beans
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These Curried Lentils Taste Way More Complicated than They Actually Are
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This $7 Bag of Dried Beans Is 100% Worth Breaking Your Budget On
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