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Паштет из брынзы (Brindza Pashtet)Recipes
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If You Don’t Make a Huge Batch of Gordon Ramsay’s Bacon Jam, You’re Doing It Wrong
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12 Creative Ways to Preserve SageKitchen
Sage is an intensely aromatic herb, and unlike its tender cousins — basil and parsley — its leaves are sturdy and resinous. Because of sage’s powerful aroma and oily texture, a little goes long way, flavor-wise. The preserving possibilities are numerous, so we get to be creative with this potent perennial. Infuse honey with dried sage leaves to add flavor to hot or iced tea, sweeten baked goods, add to a citrus-y marinade, or serve on a cheese plate.
Jul 20, 2020
5 Delicious Ways to Use Up Overripe StrawberriesSkills
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Cranberry–Cherry Chutney Is the Best Version of the Classic Thanksgiving Side Recipes
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Hot Honey Is the Single Best Ingredient You Can Add to Your Pantry This Time of Year
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Tonight We Veg: Roasted Falafel-Spiced Tofu with Whipped Tahini
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Learn This Easy Recipe and Never Waste Vegetables Again
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This Summer, Freeze All the Things! (But Read This First.)
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What It's Like to Start an Urban Farm in a Midwest Town
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"I grew up in a family that ate a lot of takeout, a lot of fast food. I didn’t know what a lot of vegetables were, honestly. Now, we grow everything in the city and distribute it within five miles of the growing sites."
Aug 8, 2019
How to Make Sauerkraut: The Original, Cheapest Probiotic
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If You're Not Making Tiny Batches of Jam This Summer, You're Missing Out
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Spiced Plum Jam (Thanks to an Easy Formula)
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11 Homemade Jam Recipes for BeginnersRecipes
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What’s the Difference Between Jam and Jelly?Skills
As I eat my weight in sweet strawberries this time of year, the subject of what to do with the abundance of spring and summer fruit comes to mind. I am usually more than content with enjoying berries and stone fruit as-is, but when I’ve gone a little overboard at the farmers market, jam is one of the many things I consider making. Or is it jelly? The two terms for fruit spread have always confused me a bit. Luckily, there’s an easy way to distinguish between the two.
Apr 22, 2019
These Are the 2 Best Apricot Jams Money Can Buy — And They’re Still Just $10 or LessGroceries
Welcome to a new series we’re starting out, called Small Batch, Big Batch. As you may have figured out, the idea is to focus on one (very specific) type of ingredient or treat and then highlight our two favorites: one from a small maker and one from a bigger company (whose goods are more readily available). First up: apricot jam. Spread the stuff on toast or muffins, use it in a sauce, or plop a spoonful on top of a bowl of ice cream.
Jul 3, 2018
Recipe: Easy Blender Lemon CurdRecipes
Ridiculously creamy, light-bodied lemon curd that comes from a high-speed blender seems too good to be true, right? Since this custard-like curd is usually cooked slowly and gently on the stove to avoid the risk of curdling, you’d think so. But it’s not too good to be true! And the results are more lush and dreamy than you may have ever thought possible. Here’s how to make your dream a reality. I am the first to tell you I was skeptical.
Jun 5, 2018
Mindy Kaling Is a Jamhead and the Internet Is Not Having ItPeople
If you follow Mindy Kaling on Instagram, then you know that besides being super funny and fashionable, she’s also obsessed with food. She knows how to make a crudité plate that no one will eat, and has strong opinions on the best kind of chocolate chip cookies. It’s no wonder, then, that she’s also a jamhead. You know, someone who loves jam. What, you’ve never heard that word before?
Apr 11, 2018
Recipe: Gougères with Fig JamRecipes
Fried jelly doughnuts, called sufganiyot, are a common Hanukkah treat in Israel, and are increasingly popular in the United States. But while homemade doughnuts filled with strawberry or raspberry jam are delicious as a once-in-a-while treat, they make the house smell like fried food and leave a pesky amount of cooking oil behind to dispose of. These gougères, which come sandwiched with fig preserves, offer a savory, sophisticated twist on sufganiyot.
Dec 9, 2017
How To Make a Single Jar of Fruit JamRecipes
You'll get one perfect jar of jam and a new weekly ritual.
Aug 31, 2017
How To Make Boozy Bourbon Bacon JamRecipes
Making bacon jam is the greatest gift you can give to your future self.
Aug 25, 2017
How To Make Sweet-and-Savory Tomato JamRecipes
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Aug 18, 2017
How To Make Easy Refrigerator PicklesRecipes
Can you slice vegetables and boil brine? Then you can make refrigerator pickles.
Aug 10, 2017
Canning This Summer: Here’s What You Need to Know About PectinSkills
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Aug 4, 2017
How To Make Easy No-Cook Strawberry Freezer JamRecipes
This is the recipe that can make *anyone* a jam maker.
Aug 1, 2017
How To Make Easy Freezer Peach JamRecipes
This is how you enjoy the taste of fresh summer peaches all year long.
Jul 18, 2017
Quick Cherry JamRecipes
This is why you should buy that two-pound bag of cherries.
Jul 13, 2017
Recipe: Seaweed ButterRecipes
It’s hard to improve on the classic combination of bread and butter. But when you add dried seaweed (yes, seaweed!) to the butter, it turns the simple ingredient into a salty umami bomb you’ll want to munch on any time of day. This recipe comes to us from Chef Ben Jackson over at Drifters Wife in Portland, Maine. The cozy wine bar, known for its natural wine selection, features an inventive menu of small plates that changes nightly.
Jul 12, 2017
Recipe: Cervelle de Canut (Herb-Flecked Cheese Spread)Recipes
Au revoir, Paris! Ann Mah takes us off the tourist path on a culinary tour of France’s favorite regional foods. This herb-flecked farmer’s cheese is a classic recipe from Lyon, which is considered the gastronomic capital of France. Cervelle de canut translates literally to “silk-weaver’s brains.
Jul 11, 2017
Recipe: Strawberry Honey ButterRecipes
When strawberries are in season, it’s hard not to inhale the cartons you bring home immediately before even thinking about what else you’ll do with them. I encourage you, however, to put some aside to make this butter — rich with all that fruity flavor, enhanced by honey and orange zest, and just begging to be slathered on toast or biscuits and melted all over your pancakes and waffles.
Jun 18, 2017
This Clementine Marmalade Is the Sunny Antidote to WinterRecipes
I usually associate canning and preserving with summer — when all those gorgeous tomatoes, stone fruit, and berries are in season — but it’s absolutely a year-round activity. Case in point? This clementine-hibiscus marmalade. The best part about this recipe is that it only requires the following five ingredients: clementines, dried hibiscus, sugar, fresh lime juice, and salt. Unlike some preserving methods, this marmalade is also super straightforward and unfussy.
Jan 5, 2017
How To Brown Butter: A Simple, Foolproof MethodRecipes
Grab a few sticks of butter and a small saucepan and let's upgrade our beloved butter to fragrant, nutty brown butter.
Dec 15, 2016
Recipe: Lemon Curd Sandwich CookiesRecipes
Stop the search — you’ve found your new addition to this year’s lineup of holiday cookies. This lemon curd sandwich cookie starts off with just-sweet-enough cookies, made rich and tender by a simple cream cheese dough. Don’t expect to find a snappy cookie here — these rounds have some give because we want them to melt a bit when you bite into them. Nestled inside is a sunny, tart and sweet lemon curd.
Dec 14, 2016
Recipe: Sauerkraut MartiniRecipes
This cocktail is polarizing. Either you’re going to be with me and love every briny sip, or you will not. And don’t for a second think you only have to drink it during Oktoberfest — it’s just that people are far more affectionate toward pickled cabbage during this time of year. To be quite honest, I need no special occasion to shake one of these up. A Wednesday evening is just as good of a reason as any. Says who?
Oct 5, 2016
20 Ways to Use Up a Whole Jar of NutellaRecipes
We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Nutella just might be one of the most popular sweet treats of all time. It is amazing on toast, folded into a croissant, or used as an ingredient in your favorite dessert recipe. Don’t have a favorite dessert recipe that calls for Nutella? We can help with that. Here are 20 of our favorites that are sure to satisfy your chocolate-and-hazelnut cravings.
Oct 5, 2016