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Why Do We Drink Eggnog at Christmas?
Why do we drink eggnog? The question vexed me for years. Eggnog? The weird yellow Yuletide drink featuring eggs and sometimes booze? The mysterious stuff that retired people in movies swill by the fireside on frozen nights? The creamy concoction that comes in cartons where corn syrup is known to bat second or third in the ingredient lineup? A drink where 50 percent of the letters are g? No thanks.
Dec 24, 2015
Recipe: Gluten-Free Dutch Baby with Eggnog Whipped Cream
I finally cracked the code on a gluten-free Dutch baby with delicious buttery, crispy edges, and a light and airy pancake! This is big news in my pancake-loving household. To make things even more exciting, it’s infused with seasonal flare by incorporating eggnog in both the batter and the whipped cream. Can we say perfect holiday breakfast? Yes. Yes we can. If you have any leftover eggnog lurking in your fridge after a holiday party (and really, who doesn’t?
Dec 23, 2015
Why Fruitcake Is One of the First True Global Recipes
When my partner and I decided to run away to Scotland to get married, we thought nothing could be more romantic. Bagpipes, whisky, and local venison for an intimate wedding party of four. And then came the delicious sweet finale, that symbol of riches and good fortune served at every British wedding: the fruitcake.
Dec 23, 2015
The Easiest Way to Decorate Cookies: The Video
With only a few days left until Christmas, there’s not a lot of time to bake and decorate more cookies – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible! Go ahead and whip up a quick batch of sugar cookies, and grab a squeeze bottle. No royal icing involved — it’s so much easier than you think. As you can see in the video, decorating cookies is super easy when you have a squeeze bottle.
Dec 22, 2015
Recipe: Gluten-Free Baked Vanilla Spice Sprinkle Doughnuts
Since going gluten-free, doughnuts are one of the things I miss most during the holidays. Each year, on December 26, my grandfather would wake up before everyone else and make his way to the local doughnut store. He’d bring back a bakers’ dozen of every kind of sugary treat. As each of us awoke, sleepy-eyed, stepping over boxes and leftover ribbon, we would reach into the box for something sweet and find our way to a cup of coffee or tea.
Dec 22, 2015
Why Eating Egg Rolls Will Always Feel Like Christmas to Me
A Jewish family of four sharing a plate of sesame chicken on Christmas Day: It’s a holiday tradition for so many of this country’s 5 million Jews. Indeed, it was a tradition throughout my own childhood. Every year — without fail — we’d hop in the station wagon (in later years, the van) in Albany, New York, and make the 15-minute drive to Dumpling House. It was a bit like a mini-pilgrimage in the town nicknamed “Smallbany.
Dec 22, 2015
Why We Leave Cookies for Santa
Come December, it’s difficult to deny those few portraits of holiday tradition that hang in our minds as hallmarks of Christmas experience. Stockings hung from the mantel, presents wrapped under a twinkling tree, and chestnuts popping over a wood fire are all magical images instilled in us as children and recreated this time of year to celebrate the spirit of the season.
Dec 21, 2015
You’re Only 3 Ingredients Away from These Chocolate-Almond Clusters
Looking for an edible treat to gift to loved ones, coworkers, and friends this year? How about these chocolate-almond clusters? They only require three ingredients, a microwave, and about 10 minutes of your time. This recipe calls for just three ingredients: almond bark, whole raw almonds, and flaky sea salt. According to the author of the recipe, almond bark is a type of baking chocolate you can find near the chocolate chips at your local grocery.
Dec 21, 2015
10 Cookies to Eat While Trimming Your Tree
From decorated sugar cookies to gingerbread men, Christmas cookies are this season’s sweetest addition. They have a place at cookie swaps and weekend fêtes, but there’s no time that a plate of cookies are more welcome than when you’re trimming the tree. As you get ready to put the finishing touches on your Christmas tree, here are 10 holiday cookies to make the task even sweeter.
Dec 20, 2015
How To Make Cinnamon Dough Ornaments
Cinnamon is one of those aromas that just makes us think of the holidays. Whether it’s gingersnaps baking or mulled cider simmering on the stove, we just want our homes to smell of the warming spice. That’s why I’m so in love with cinnamon dough ornaments. They are easy to make — a great project for kids — and when hung on your tree, they make the house smell of cinnamon. Today I’m showing you how to make these easy ornaments for yourself.
Dec 18, 2015
10 Gifts for a “Me-Time” Tea Time
Tea time is a special thing. It can be how you welcome guests and make them feel at home (always a winner), or it can be a daily rejuvenating ritual — a personal getaway of sorts. When it comes to giving tea-time gifts, the latter is the way to go! Indulge their tea-time love with gifts that’ll enhance the experience. From a snuggly mug to the prettiest teapot, here are 10 gifts to give them a “me-time” tea time!
Dec 17, 2015
10 Cookbooks We’d Love to Get for Christmas
Year in and year out, there’s a recurring item on our Christmas wish lists: cookbooks. From new releases to classics that haven’t yet made their way onto our bookshelves, you can count on each one of The Kitchn editors to have a cookbook or two on their wish lists at Christmastime. I have two cookbooks on my wish list! “Vegetarian India” is a great cookbook for someone who is looking to branch out in their cooking.
Dec 16, 2015
15 Gifts for the Coffee-Lover in Your Life
If you’re in the market for a coffee-lover gift, look no further. From limited-edition coffee to coffee brewers, there’s something for any kind of coffee-lover on this list. Because if you’re a good gift giver, you can probably expect a few good cups of coffee brewed for you in return. Here are 15 fun coffee-themed gifts for anyone with a love of a good cup of joe.
Dec 16, 2015
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Icing Cookies
Icing helps transform cookies from plain and simple to colorful and beautiful — not to mention the fact that it makes them even more delicious. While decorating cookies with icing isn’t nearly as tough as it may seem, there are a few mistakes you want to be sure to avoid. Not all types of cookies are meant to be decorated with icing; some varieties work a lot better than others.
Dec 15, 2015
Gingerbread Cookie Butter Will Make All Your Breakfast Dreams Come True
Dream of having cookies for breakfast? Now you can. This luscious spread, made from gingerbread cookies, is a riff on the classic speculoos cookie butter. Slather it on toast for a sweet start to your day. The recipe for this gingerbread cookie butter couldn’t be easier: Simply blend gingersnaps, butter, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk in a blender. If you make the cookies from scratch, the warmth from the just-out-of-the-oven cookies will help the mixture blend easier.
Dec 15, 2015
What Do I Bring to the Office Potluck?
Q: My office is holding a potluck to celebrate the holiday season. We can bring just about anything — appetizer, main dish, dessert, or drink. As you’d imagine in a big group of people, we have a few dietary restrictions, mainly vegetarian and kosher. I’d like to bring something that travels well, tastes delicious, and also takes into account the dietary restrictions of my coworkers. What is the best recipe I could bring to the party?
Dec 14, 2015
My Favorite Holiday Food Tradition
When it comes to the holidays, my family doesn’t have a ton of traditions. Yes, we always see our extended family, and exchange gifts, but things change slightly from year to year. Sometimes we would have a big meal on Christmas Eve, and sometimes we would be driving to my grandmother’s house and wouldn’t arrive until late.
Dec 11, 2015
The Last-Minute, Gluten-Free, No-Bake Dessert That You’ll Bring to Every Party
Never know what to bring to that party your ex-whatever is throwing? Need to impress your sweet-yet-sour mother-in-law? Totally forgot your kid needs a dessert for the school bake sale? Completely out of time but not trying to show up empty-handed to that event? This dessert takes only four ingredients and 10 minutes to assemble — and it’ll only cost you $10. These cute no-bake cheesecake-stuffed strawberries are fast and easy (and affordable!
Dec 10, 2015
8 Ways to Turn Citrus Peels into Gifts
During the winter, citrus becomes a staple in my kitchen: tangerines in the lunch box, lemon in tea, and lime in everything from chicken tortilla soup to sugar cookies. Just a little squeeze brightens up the heaviest dishes of the season — not to mention, my holiday mood. But there’s one part we often forget about, or get rid of altogether — the peel — which has just as much to give as the rest of the fruit.
Dec 9, 2015
5 Trader Joe’s Party Appetizers We Love (Plus 5 to Pass On)
Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, having people over to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, or hosting an impromptu happy hour after work, there’s no need to go all Martha with the appetizers. Instead, just check out Trader Joe’s frozen, ready-to-heat appetizers. There are some great options out there that need nothing more than a short spin through the oven, which means you can focus on more important things like, um, cleaning up your kitchen before guests arrive.
Dec 9, 2015
Cities Accept Food Bank Donations as Payment for Parking Tickets
The holidays are meant to be a season of giving, and some cities across the country are trying to encourage residents to give even more through new Food for Fines programs. Designed to boost food bank donations, the programs enable people to shave money off their parking tickets by donating canned goods to a food drive. One program that started last year in Lexington, Kentucky, forgave $15 off a ticket for a donation of 10 canned goods.
Dec 7, 2015
20 Gluten-Free Treats for the Holiday Season
It’s mid-December, which means it’s time for some holiday sweets. You won’t find wheat flour in any of these sweets, but it’s one ingredient you’ll never miss. Whether you follow a gluten-free diet or not, these desserts from cookies and candy to cakes and edible gifts, will make your holiday season complete. It’s hard to resist the addictive combination of buttery pecans and chewy homemade caramel nestled under a creamy milk chocolate shell.
Dec 7, 2015
A Seasonal Hanukkah Menu from Amelia Saltsman
Oh, Hanukkah — I adore you. Always have. Even as a kid, I drew to the warmth of the hanukiyah (holiday menorah) as though to a cozy fireplace. Little did I know I was tapping into the very heart of the holiday. And that is the inspiration for this simple and hearty make-ahead Hanukkah dinner menu.
Dec 5, 2015
What Do You See When You Look at This Reese’s Holiday Candy?
It seems like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups come out with a new chocolate-peanut butter treat for every holiday. We know (and love) the pumpkins, and now we’re heading into the tree-themed candies. The only problem is that these new candies don’t exactly look like trees. What do you see when you look at these blobs of candy? REESE’S celebrates trees of all shapes and sizes. It’s not what it looks like, it’s what it tastes like. pic.twitter.
Dec 4, 2015
Sugar Cookie Mini Cakes Are the Cutest Holiday Dessert
Happy National Cookie Day! Let’s talk about these adorable sugar cookie mini cakes. Yes, that’s right — these little “cakes” are made of sugar cookies and frosting. Like I said … adorable. To create these mini cakes, you’ll need to cut sugar cookie dough into five increasing sizes of circles (ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches). Molly uses biscuit cutters to help shape her cookies; I suggest doing the same if you have some on hand.
Dec 4, 2015
5 Simple & Festive Ways to Make Spiced Nuts
Spiced nuts are a staple during the holiday season; whether you’re serving them at an upcoming gathering, or gifting a batch to your nearest and dearest, homemade spiced nuts are nearly effortless. Gather a variety of raw nuts and/or seeds and a few flavoring agents — like spices, zests, extracts, and oils — and you’ve got the ingredients to make some magic. We’ve got five creative recipes to take your favorite snack to the next level.
Dec 3, 2015
5 Traditional and 5 Modern Nutcrackers
One of the most traditional symbols of the holiday season, nutcracker figurines date from the 15th century in Germany. But not all the ones you find today are strictly decorative — here is a mix of five traditional nutcracker figurines, along with five modern choices you can actually use the next time you need to shell some nuts. Christian Ulbricht Santa Nutcracker, $90 from Wayfair: The most traditional of all, this Santa nutcracker has family tradition written all over it.
Dec 2, 2015
10 Holiday Treats You Can Make in a Mug in the Microwave
Between now and the end of the year, there are a lot of holiday treats to be made and consumed. Where do you even start? If you, like me, want to try and eat everything right now, these mug cakes are what you need. These single-serving treats are so easy to make! All you need are the ingredients, a mug, and a microwave. Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be consuming more pumpkin pie in the next couple weeks.
Dec 1, 2015
The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Your Kitchen
Now that the Thanksgiving meal has been eaten and everyone has had a chance to share what they’re thankful for, it’s time to save some money. Even if you don’t plan to stand in line or camp out for the best deal on a new TV, you can still take advantage of the lower prices that accompany the official start of the holiday shopping season. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best deals on kitchen goods.
Nov 27, 2015
5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Make on the Stovetop (Not in the Oven)
Thanksgiving requires a lot of oven space, but these riffs on your favorite sides don't.
Nov 21, 2015
What a Host Should Know About Alcoholism and Sobriety at the Holidays
It’s been a long time since my first sober Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year’s, but I can clearly remember the baseless fears, the self-consciousness, and the bevy of misconceptions that tormented me that first holiday season. I deeply feared all eyes would be on me. “What will he do if he can’t drink?” I imagined everyone asking. “What will he drink if he can’t drink?
Nov 20, 2015
Recipe: Maple Pumpkin Pie with Streusel Topping
I’m not usually much of a dessert person, but for some reason, I’ll never turn down a slice of pumpkin pie. It’s probably because I love buttery crust and custard, and lucky for me, pumpkin pie has both. I decided to up the ante this year and throw an oatmeal streusel topping on top of the pie. You only have Thanksgiving dinner once a year, so why not?
Nov 15, 2015
You Can Now Customize Your Package of Oreos
Oreo has something new, and this time it’s not a wacky flavor or extra-thin cookies — it’s the standard, classic chocolate and cream sandwich cookie combo we all know, with a fun twist. For a limited time during the holiday season, Oreo is offering customizable packages. The new concept, Oreo Colorfilled, lets customers decorate and design cookie packaging as they please.
Nov 11, 2015
The Best Foods to Donate to Food Banks
In the United States, one in seven people struggles with hunger, and many rely on food from local food banks to help feed their families. We’re about to embark on the holiday season, which is an especially difficult time to live with food insecurity — that is, not knowing when you will get your next meal. Many of us think about making food donations to local food banks at this time of year. But what types of donations help most? And what kinds of food should you avoid donating?
Nov 11, 2015
6 Ceramic Artists Making Mugs We Covet
Although you might not want to think about it, gifting season is right around the corner. That means it’s time to start stocking up on good ideas for your best friends near and far. Since coffee and tea mugs are some of our favorite things to give and receive, here are six fun, wildly different independent ceramicists to keep an eye on. Brit McDaniel: Known as Paper and Clay, McDaniel has a sleek Scandinavian aesthetic that has wide appeal.
Oct 13, 2015
Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Peaches for Your Labor Day BBQ
Happy Labor Day! If you’re lucky enough to have today off, and if the sun is shining where you are, fire up the grill and invite your best friends over for a backyard barbecue. If you’re not sure what to serve, how about these grilled peaches? Oh, and did I mention they’re wrapped in bacon? This recipe is as simple as it gets; it requires minimal effort, but yields fantastic results — perfect for a summer party!
Sep 7, 2015
An Afro-Asian 4th of July Menu from Bryant Terry
Like most of my work, this Afro-Asian 4th of July menu has the texture of autobiography and draws heavily on the way my family eats at home. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t pull out all the stops every day like we did for this menu. But on weekends, holidays, and celebrations, we invite family and friends over to cook multiple dishes and break bread together, all while talking, laughing, and dancing.
Jul 4, 2015
A Menu for a Mother’s Day Picnic
Mother’s Day falls during the most beautiful time of spring, when it’s just warm enough to be outside. Why not skip the gift this year and instead spend some quality time outdoors, with a picnic lunch? A little relaxation is a simple way to pamper a mother of any age, but especially one with children still at home that keep her on the go.
May 6, 2015
Here’s Why We Eat Hot Cross Buns at Easter
When I think about Easter, there are a number of foods that immediately come to mind. They include hard-boiled eggs, ham, and roast leg of lamb, not to mention jelly beans, Peeps, and Cadbury eggs. But above all else, the one thing that stands out as the food of the season is hot cross buns. Growing up I could always count on my mom to bring home a fresh package of hot cross buns, the second they hit the shelves. Over time I came to learn the tradition behind this seasonal sweet.
Mar 30, 2015
30+ Delicious Recipes for Your Passover Table
Here's everything you need for your Passover Seder, from the brisket to the matzo ball soup to the very best flourless chocolate cake.
Mar 26, 2015
Here’s Why We Eat Corned Beef on St. Patrick’s Day
You've probably wondered, too. Here's the answer (plus our favorite recipe!).
Mar 17, 2015
11 Games to Play on New Year’s Day
New Year’s Day is good for a few things: recovering from staying up too late the night before, eating your hoppin’ john and greens, and hanging around the house with friends and family, starting the new year with the people who love you most. But you can only sit around sharing resolutions for so long. What’s next? Game time! Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Sorry! is fun for all ages, and Monopoly covers a pretty wide age range.
Dec 29, 2014
Learn How to Say “Cheers” Around the World
How do you toast to good booze and great company?
Dec 18, 2014
5 Gingerbread Houses That Will Totally Amaze You
Gingerbread houses are the ultimate blend of baking skill and craftiness during the holidays. Assembling even the most basic house takes patience, precision, and creativity. But these inspiring houses are far from basic. From an urban townhouse to a gingerbread farm (there are even ponies) to a dreamy mountain chalet, these five gingerbread houses will totally amaze you! You won’t find traditional peppermint candies and gumdrops on this adorable chalet.
Dec 18, 2014
14 Delicious Breakfast Recipes for Christmas Morning
These breakfast recipes are as special as the holiday itself.
Dec 17, 2014
Here’s Why We Put Oranges in Stockings at Christmas
What do you find in your stocking on Christmas morning? Aside from the requisite candy canes and fun stocking stuffers, I always know there will be an orange (usually a clementine) resting in the toe of my stocking. What I thought was simply a sweet family tradition actually has a lot more meaning, and it’s pretty interesting. My grandmother started the tradition in our family when my mother was young.
Dec 16, 2014
The 3 Best Types of Cookies for Mailing
One of my favorite parts of the holidays has always been baking up a storm, then mailing out cookies and treats to surprise out-of-town family and friends. It’s a fun and delicious way to share the holiday spirit with people you may not get to see this time of year. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a box of freshly baked cookies in the mail? Through the years I’ve come to learn, that even with the most careful packaging, some types of cookies travel a lot better than others.
Dec 12, 2014
12 Gifts to Surprise and Delight a Coffee Addict
For that friend or family member who just can’t function until they’ve had their cup of joe, these 12 gifts will make their morning routine that much better. Just make sure they’ve had their first cup before you have them unwrap the present. You’re guaranteed a better reaction that way. Glazed Espresso Cup, $30 from Etsy: When you spend time crafting the perfect espresso, you deserve to sip it from something beautiful. Able Brewing DISK, $12.
Dec 12, 2014
6 Must-Have Cocktail Books
My cocktail world has grown infinitely due to lots of taste-testing, but also thanks to some of the greatest books on the topic. As I gear up to host holiday parties and start knocking boozy friends off my gift list, there are a few titles I’m continually drawn to with insane magnetic force. This gathering of books is just a little taste of what’s out there on the topic. They have guided me from being a curious drinker to a savvy at-home mixologist.
Dec 10, 2014
10 Tips for Better Meal Planning During the Holidays
Meal planning is such a great tool to help you shop smarter, cook smarter, eat smarter, and even spend less on groceries. But even in the best of times, it can be tough to stay on top of keeping it organized. Now add the busy holiday season to the mix, and all of a sudden keeping your meal plan on track is a whole lot harder. We want to help you stick with it, so we’re sharing 10 tips to keep your meal planning going strong during the holiday season.
Dec 10, 2014
10 Gifts for Cooks Who Love Dinner Parties
For the foodie friend who is also the peerless host or hostess, these gifts are perfect for their monthly (or even weekly!) dinner parties. Plus, they are little luxuries that they might not splurge on themselves — everything from beautifully carved beeswax candles to a sleek cocktail shaker and luxe cheese board. Totem Candles, $22 each from Bohem: Like works of art — beautiful whether they’re lit or not (and beeswax smells so good).
Dec 10, 2014
14 Food-Themed Holiday Cards for Your Favorite Cook
Choosing the right holiday card to send to your friends and family can be hard. There are just so many options to choose from. Do you go with something classic and plain, or something fun and lighthearted? If you love eating and cooking (and I know you do), then these fourteen holiday cards are for you. From Sriracha bottles spewing warm, spicy wishes, to a “Happy Challah-day” gem, these cards say it all.
Dec 9, 2014
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Sugar Cookies
Whether you make beautiful cut-outs, dust them with colored sugar, or sandwich them with buttercream or Nutella, sugar cookies are a holiday staple! Before you whip up your next batch of sugar cookies, be sure you’re not making one of these five common mistakes. Get a recipe: 18 Cookie Recipes for Your Holiday Cookie Exchange We’ve all been there — wanting to make cookies yet forgetting to take the butter out of the refrigerator to soften.
Dec 9, 2014
10 Delicious Ways to Eat (and Drink) Eggnog During the Holidays
Whether you make it yourself or opt for a convenient carton from the grocery store, one thing is certain – the holidays aren’t complete without eggnog! Here’s 10 delicious ways you should be eating and drinking eggnog to get your fill during the holidays. Eggnog isn’t just for drinking, it deserves to be incorporated into your breakfast. Work this sweet beverage into a batch of muffins and doughnuts, and use it as a topping for a bowl of oats.
Dec 5, 2014
A Checklist of Everything You Need for Holiday Baking
Last night I started my holiday baking, and it went much as it has in years past. I picked out my recipes, preheated the oven, pulled out all the ingredients, and just as I started measuring I realized that I was 1/4 cup shy of cocoa powder. So, everything was put on hold while I ran out to the grocery store. While the ingredient shortage always varies, I find myself in the same predicament every year. Before you dive into holiday baking, make sure you have everything you need.
Dec 4, 2014
Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe-Joe’s Are Ridiculously Popular. Why?
Amidst the chatter of Thanksgiving recipes and table decorations, a low hum has been traveling across food media the last couple weeks. At first I noticed a couple mentions it on Instagram, and then Twitter seemed to pick it up and carry on the excitement. That’s right, Trader Joe’s peppermint Joe-Joe’s are back in store for the holiday season. Have you tried these cookies? Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s are basically Oreos.
Dec 2, 2014
17 Appetizer Recipes for a Party
The end of the year is an excellent excuse for throwing a holiday party for your friends and family. Besides filling your home with festive decorations, wearing an assortment of goofy sweaters, and sipping on all the mulled wine you can get your hands on, you’re going to need some seasonal appetizer recipes on hand this coming month.
Dec 1, 2014
5 Smart Ways to Salvage an Overcooked Turkey
Like it or not, turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner. If you pull your bird out of the oven to find it’s overcooked, you may have the urge to shed a few tears (been there, done that), but don’t panic. You’re not the first person to overcook a turkey and you certainly won’t be the last. Unfortunately there’s no way to turn back the clock and undo what’s been done. The good news, however, is that there are a few ways to salvage your overcooked turkey.
Nov 25, 2014
Thanksgiving Inspiration: The Modern Relish Tray
Is the relish tray passé? It seems that they’re a nostalgic memory from Grandma’s table. But many of the relish tray elements are popular again, namely the pickle. So why not bring it back? Read on for some ideas on how to revamp the relish tray just in time for its traditional appearance: the Thanksgiving table. As with all the classics, we get into tricky territory when we explore a more modern approach. Some things are just too sacred to change!
Nov 23, 2014
Is It Worth It To Cook a Practice Turkey Before Hosting Your First Thanksgiving?
Do you remember how you felt the first time you hosted Thanksgiving dinner? Were you nervous? Excited? Perhaps none of the above? This year my friend Meghan is hosting her first Thanksgiving dinner. Despite hosting other holidays and dinner parties, she confided in me that she’s nervous about this one, and feeling some added pressure. Her nerves are coming from one place — the turkey.
Nov 20, 2014
Say Boo! This Halloween With These Easy Pear Ghosts
Move over candy apples, this year Halloween is all about pear ghosts! The way we see it, there are two sides to Halloween. There’s the super spooky, ghoulish side filled with wicked witches, haunted houses and devilish costumes. Then, there’s the other side, filled with everything that makes us ooh and aah, like these adorable pear ghosts. Not only is this holiday snack super cute, it’s also easy to make. Here’s how to do it.
Oct 10, 2014
12 Reasons to Be Grateful for Mexico & the Food It Gave Us
Cinco de Mayo is upon us, and with it comes excuses to drink cheap margaritas and eat a lot of vaguely Mexican food. It’s a very Americanized holiday and a minor one in Mexico itself (don’t confuse it with Mexico’s Independence Day, which falls on September 16). But we do like to take the opportunity to celebrate Mexico and all of the foods it brings us. What would our lives be like without corn tortillas, chili peppers, or — the horror — chocolate?
May 5, 2014
Eyes Wide Open
Have you ever noticed how things, even ordinary things like a cup of coffee or a pile of oranges or a messy array of beans, are more interesting when you’re on vacation or visiting somewhere new? This may be because, well, just about anywhere on earth is more interesting than where you live. Or it could mean that you’re looking at things through ‘holiday eyes.’ Let me explain. The other evening I was sitting in the back of a new restaurant with some good friends.
May 4, 2014
Recipe: Lamb Meatballs with Lemon Sauce
Behold, a bright and sunny main dish that’s perfect for any spring celebration! These tender and flavorful meatballs, napped in a tangy, lemony sauce, are not only delicious, they’re appropriate for a Passover Seder, Easter dinner, or even just tonight’s main course. While Hanukkah and Thanksgiving only coincide once in a blue moon, Passover and Easter often overlap on the spring calendar.
Apr 3, 2014
Why I’ll Never Get Candy on Valentine’s Day: Serbian Slava
My husband’s mother is French, and his father was Serbian. I knew this — and them — when I married him, so I can’t complain. After all, there are a lot of advantages. She is a wonderful cook, hostess and teacher, and he was an accomplished and caring doctor who dedicated much of his career to treating people with HIV from the time it first surfaced. He also came from a culture entirely different from my own. (I’m half country, half city, all South Carolina.
Feb 10, 2014
My Easy Snow Day Project with Kids: Painted Cookies
If you follow the weather, you may have heard that we here in South Carolina have experienced some very cold precipitation, some of it resembling snow, and it has thrown us a little off track (okay, a lot). Our kids have been at home, and we need projects, easy projects that don’t require trips to the grocery store, because they are out of everything. I remembered an oldie but a goodie: painting cookies. Our first son, now 15 years old, got to paint a lot of cookies. Why?
Feb 4, 2014
Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Bourbon Eggnog
When I was kid, eggnog was a staple at every Christmas party. My mom’s punch bowl was always filled to the top with the creamy cocktail. Like with most classic cocktails, it’s fair game to finesse them to fit your taste. This year our nog gets a good ol’ Kentucky-inspired makeover. My mom always made her eggnog with spiced rum, but I’ve been on a bourbon kick as of late, so I switched up tradition.
Dec 13, 2013
Homemade Gift Recipe: Maple Bourbon Caramel Sauce
Making caramel sauce is simple, and additions of sea salt, lavender or even chilies take a basic sauce and make it into something special. This holiday season, I made mine boozy with an infusion of maple bourbon. Maple bourbon is the most popular flavor of bourbon on the market now with big guys like Jim Beam and Knob Creek topping the list of producers. It’s a sweeter style and works well in lots of hot cocktails, after dinner drinks and desserts.
Dec 6, 2013
Classic Vegetarian Nut Loaf
A savory and satisfying vegetarian option for your holiday spread
Nov 15, 2013
Halloween Cocktail Recipe: The Bloody Manhattan
Don’t feel like drinking your candy corns or sipping on a snickers bar? Me either, so this Halloween, I gave one of my favorite cocktails a holiday makeover that makes drinking something spooky a little easier to swallow. If you still have a Halloween party or two in your weekend plans, make sure this cocktail is on the menu. I’m a sucker for picture perfect drinks that capture the spirit of Halloween, but I find looking at them much more fun than actually drinking them.
Nov 1, 2013
Pitcher Cocktail for Your Labor Day Party: Sparkling Cojito
I refuse to believe this summer is coming to an end. So for this week’s taste of happiness in less than 10 minutes, join me in mixing up the perfect coconut-infused, island-inspired pitcher drink for any Labor Day soiree. A Cojito is a simple spin on the classic Mojito. You probably can guess by it’s name that we’re going coconut for this week’s cocktail.
Aug 30, 2013
Before and After Your Ramadan Fast: Foods for Suhoor and Iftar
During the month of Ramadan, observers of Islam fast from sunrise to sunset. Learn more about the food associated with this practice.
Jul 10, 2013