This Lemony Greek Chicken Soup Is So Good, I Make a Pot Every WeekRecipes
Almost every culture has a homey version of chicken soup to comfort the sick or the soul weary, or to stave off the chill of cold weather, but the Greeks might just have one of the best: the egg and lemon soup known as avgolemono. Here’s how to make this classic comforting soup at home. First of all, it’s gorgeous. The broth is vibrant yellow from the eggs and heavily scented with lemon fragrance. The broth is rich, but not heavy.
Mar 12, 2024
Lemony Greek Potato Salad Is the Side I Make for Every CookoutRecipes
This is the one potato salad to know.
Jul 25, 2023
Chopped Greek Salad with Grilled Steak Is the Best Thing to Happen to Your Summer BBQSponsored
A beautiful Greek salad with a base of juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and salty feta cheese celebrates the best of summer produce. It’s also a beautiful blank canvas that you can add easy, tasty additions to. Turn Greek salad into a satisfying meal by tapping into the beauty of outdoor summer grilling: Throw some marinated skirt steak, bell peppers, and red onion onto the grill and watch some smoky magic happen.
Jun 20, 2023
These Greek-Style Nachos Are Packed with Flavor, Protein, and NutritionSponsored
The easiest way to turn nachos into dinner is to pack them full of protein. Pulled pork and shredded chicken are classics, but there’s no reason plant-based eaters should miss out on the fun. Here, a spiced walnut-based crumble stands in for ground lamb in a pan of Greek-style nachos that are impossible to resist.To make it, you’ll pulse California walnuts with chickpeas, lemon zest, olive oil, and dried spices until finely chopped, then cook until crispy and warmed through.
Jun 14, 2023
This Make-Ahead Spanakopita Kale Salad Tastes Just like the Iconic Greek PieRecipes
It puts herbs in the spotlight — where they should be.
May 7, 2023
Garlicky Chicken Souvlaki Is the Weeknight Dinner Inspo You NeedRecipes
Super easy and loaded with lemony, garlicky flavor, it'll be your new favorite way to cook chicken breast.
Mar 5, 2023
Garlicky Greek Chicken Breast Is Bursting with FlavorRecipes
And is surprisingly simple.
Jan 24, 2023
What Is A Meze?Skills
Last week I made a list of small bite meals around the worldA meze is a big part of the dining experience in Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Arab countries When served with alcohol like anise-flavored liqueurs such as arak or, ouzo, raki (alcohol made from grape pomace,) or wine, a meze is a main meal. Without alcohol, this is called muqabbilat in Arabic and means “starters,” or appetizers.
Sep 28, 2022
How To Make a Béchamel Sauce (White Sauce)Recipes
This classic master sauce is made with milk, butter, and flour and it's incredibly useful in the kitchen in ways both large and small.
Sep 22, 2022
How To Make Classic Greek VinaigretteRecipes
It goes from salads to veggies to meat without blinking an eye.
Sep 20, 2022
These Greek Lemon Potatoes Have a Secret Ingredient
Kitchn Love Letters
And it makes them truly life-changing.
Sep 6, 2022
Easy, Healthy Greek Salmon SaladRecipes
It's fresh, wholesome, and exactly what you want to eat right now.
Aug 31, 2022
Satisfy Your Street-Food Cravings with Homemade Chicken GyrosRecipes
Packed with veggies and cool, creamy yogurt sauce.
Jun 21, 2022
Greek Pizza Is the Best Thing to Happen to Pizza NightRecipes
Take Greek salad and reimagine it as a pizza topping.
May 28, 2022
How To Make Your Own Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves)Recipes
I’ve always loved dolmas – they’re such a healthy and delicious finger food to take to a picnic or to add to a collection of mezedhes spread around the table. In the past, I used to just grab a plastic container of pre-made dolmas at the grocery store. One day I looked at them and realized three things; one, these are pretty expensive. Two, I could probably make my own rather easily at a much lower cost. Three, homemade ones probably taste much better.
May 11, 2022
The Ultimate MoussakaRecipes
Take a few key shortcuts without sacrificing any flavor.
Jan 12, 2022
Freeze-Ahead Horta Phyllo PocketsRecipes
These crispy, buttery phyllo triangles stuffed with mixed greens and feta cheese are a favorite with guests.
Dec 28, 2021
This Creamy Greek Dip Packs a Seriously Garlicky PunchRecipes
Skordalia is an instant upgrade to veggies, poached seafood, and grilled meats.
Oct 29, 2021
Garlicky Lamb Meatballs Are Quick, Healthy, and Anything but BoringRecipes
Make them (and the yogurt-tahini sauce!) ASAP.
Sep 25, 2021
This 20-Minute Tortellini Salad Is the Make-Ahead Lunch You've Been Looking For Recipes
With its bright colors, contrasting textures, and delicious flavor, this salad only gets better with time.
Aug 19, 2021
Garlicky Slow-Roasted Salmon Is Totally Foolproof and Packed with Flavor
Mediterranean Monday
With juicy tomatoes, briny olives, and all the herbs, it's effortlessly showstopping.
Jun 29, 2021
Greek-Style Lemon Chicken and Potatoes Is a 5-Ingredient Win Recipes
We're living for these lemon-soaked potatoes.
Jun 22, 2021
Pastitsio, an Ultra-Comforting Pasta Bake, Is the Sleeper Hit of Greek EasterRecipes
It's basically northern Italian lasagna's cousin, featuring layers of pasta, meat sauce, and the most delicious bechamel.
May 11, 2021
The Fastest Way to Make Greek-Inspired Chicken and PotatoesRecipes
This one-skillet dinner is a total win.
Feb 25, 2021
Air Fryer Greek Chicken and Potatoes Is an Easy Dinner Win Recipes
Garlic, lemon, dill, and oregano add tons of flavor to a simple chicken dinner.
Feb 5, 2021
Greek Vegetable Pizzas Are an Easy, Cheesy, Plant-Based Family DinnerRecipes
Pizza night should be every night, as far as we’re concerned, so we’re happily making these pies on repeat. They’re loaded with colorful veggies like roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, red onion, and Kalamata olives. But one thing makes them extra special: Daiya plant-based cheeze. Their deliciously dairy-free Mozzarella Style Cutting Board Shreds are nothing but an unexpected delight. They lend creamy, rich flavor and melty, stretchable joy to each and every slice.
Oct 26, 2020
12 One-Ingredient Ways to Jazz Up Plain YogurtSkills
A cup of yogurt is always an easy choice for a quick breakfast or snack, but after a while it can lose its sparkle.
Oct 16, 2020
This Greek-Inspired Shrimp and Orzo Skillet Is Supremely SatisfyingRecipes
Make this rule-breaking, one-pan dinner ASAP.
Sep 1, 2020
Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash with Shrimp, Olives, and FetaRecipes
This summery dish is ready in just 30 minutes.
Jun 20, 2020
How To Make Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmades)Recipes
One hot, sunny day in late June I found myself in a tiny Arab market in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, sifting through a box of cucumbers. I was with Deanna and Danya, the lovely ladies behind the popular Israeli food blog Matkonation, and we were ingredient shopping for an afternoon cooking expedition. On the menu: stuffed grape (or vine) leaves made with spiced lamb, fresh mint, dried currants, and a cooling cucumber-yogurt sauce.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Roasted Lemon Oregano ShrimpRecipes
A Greek-inspired dinner that's equal parts fast and fancy.
Feb 3, 2020
How To Make the Best Diner-Style Greek SaladRecipes
Greek salad is a well-loved classic for many reasons. Its bright hue, the refreshing crisp of cucumber and chopped romaine, meaty tomatoes, briny olive, and creamy feta wrapped in an herby vinaigrette is darn hard to beat, even with the best chopped salads. While I love the salad at our local Greek restaurant, I’d argue that a diner-style Greek salad is the kind of recipe we should all master at home.
Feb 3, 2020
Greek Pasta Bake Casserole (Inspired by Pastitsio)Recipes
I am definitely a cold weather cook. Even in the spring and summer I can’t seem to stop braising meats and baking casseroles. Comfort food is definitely a major theme in my kitchen. And while exploring Southern cuisine — which is the ultimate comfort food in my book — is my passion, I also enjoy exploring the comfort foods of other nations. Since it’s Pasta Week at The Kitchn, I thought I’d share one of my favorite carb-loaded recipes.
Feb 3, 2020
Lunch Recipe: Yogurt-Marinated Chicken & Creamy Greek SauceRecipes
On Monday I went a little over the top with my Chicken Cordon Bleu-Croque Monsieur. To prove that’s not how I always eat, I’m sharing a lighter meal that’s perfect to enjoy any day of the week. It’s a good thing my favorite Greek joint in Atlanta is a trek from my house, or I just might go there every day (and that could get a little dangerous). Without fail I order the lamb gyro plate with a zesty salad and garlic roasted coin potatoes.
Feb 3, 2020
True Greek Recipe: Paximadi Bread Salad with Tomatoes, Feta and CapersRecipes
When I embarked on my trip to Greece last week, I knew I’d be documenting the heck out of it, and when I landed in Athens, the first thing I did was order a Greek salad, take notes, and snap it with my iPhone. It was beautiful: ripe red tomatoes from Crete, substantial chunks of feta cheese, perfectly sweet raw purple onions, and lots of fragrant olive oil and dried oregano. Seemed familiar, and yet I relished in the experience of consuming these simple ingredients on foreign soil.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Greek Chicken Pasta with Olives and FetaRecipes
There’s more to this pasta dish than just chicken, olives, and feta. There are some artichoke hearts, fresh oregano, and a lemon vinaigrette — a whole mess of salty, tangy flavors. The idea for this recipe started with a leftover container of olives. I was imagining a pasta that mimicked a Greek salad, so we shopped for some feta cheese and a few fresh (pitted) olives to supplement the ones we had (which we had to pit — whew).
Feb 3, 2020
How To Make Greek Salad in a JarRecipes
I just hopped on the salad-in-a-jar bandwagon. Finally. As with many things in life, I’m a little late to the game, but this one definitely falls into the better-late-than-never bucket. While any type of salad certainly works here, classic Greek salad — loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, salty kalamata olives, and creamy feta — is particularly suited for getting packed in a jar.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Greek ScrambleRecipes
Scrambles are one-pan wonders. Rummage through your fridge, see what needs to be used up, add eggs, and a satisfying breakfast (or dinner) is ready in mere minutes. In this Greek-inspired version, baby spinach, onions, feta cheese, and cherry tomatoes are sautéed with soft-scrambled eggs. Toast up some pita bread (or make pita chips!) and breakfast is ready!
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Greek PanzanellaRecipes
High up on the list of dishes that impress in both presentation and flavor yet require very little effort is panzanella. This bread salad — fashioned from day-old bread, along with a slew of ingredients including tomatoes, herbs, and dressing — is a summer meal that can be stretched to feed many. All of these reasons make it food for a gathering — especially a casual one on the porch, where friends drop by for a bite to eat and a glass or two of wine.
Feb 3, 2020
How To Make Cool, Creamy Greek Tzatziki SauceRecipes
Tzatziki is a Greek yogurt-based sauce with cucumber, garlic, and fresh herbs. Here's how to make the best version of this versatile condiment at home.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Greek-Style Tuna SaladRecipes
Tuna salad that’s loaded with mayo and stuffed between two slices of wheat bread doesn’t thrill me — this guy, however, absolutely does. It’s the polar opposite: loaded with fresh vegetables and herbs, with not a trace of goopy mayo in sight. Taking inspiration from Greek ingredients and flavors, this tuna salad practically whisks you away to a breezy Greek island, even if you’re only digging into it at your desk.
Feb 3, 2020
How To Make Greek-Style Lemon Chicken and PotatoesRecipes
Here's what you get: juicy baked chicken with golden, crisp skin, served with herbed potatoes bathed in a luscious lemony broth.
Feb 3, 2020
Make-Ahead Baked Greek OmeletRecipes
After your first bite, you might start wondering what this reminds you of — it's spanakopita, friends.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Greek Tsoureki (Easter Bread)Recipes
Just wait until you cut it open to oohs and ahhs of family and guests!
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Greek Pasta SaladRecipes
Make this vibrant, flavorful side dish when you're craving pasta and vegetables!
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Greek Chicken Grain BowlsRecipes
And you'll quickly fall in love with the tangy feta sauce.
Feb 3, 2020
One-Pot Mediterranean Orzo Is the Feel-Good Meal You CraveRecipes
It's everything you love about a Greek salad, served pasta-style.
Feb 3, 2020
Greek Meatballs and Creamy Dill Sauce Are Like a Vacation for Your TastebudsRecipes
An easy dinner that does double duty as an app.
Feb 3, 2020
Leftovers Recipe: Lamb Pitas with Cucumber Mint TzatzikiRecipes
Do you have any lamb left over from Easter dinner? Did you roast a big leg and now have a lot of delicious tender meat sitting in the fridge? Well, we have just the recipe for the leftovers.This recipe has so many good things about it. It includes a recipe for that delicious tangy yogurt sauce that accompanies many Greek and Mediterranean meat dishes, and it also makes good use of leftover meat.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Flat Bread with Dried Figs, Roquefort Cheese, and RosemaryRecipes
Last year I spent some time on Kea, a completely un-touristy Greek island off the coast of Athens. I went to spend a week cooking with Aglaia Kremezi, a thoughtful cook and talented teacher of Mediterranean cuisine. She had just finished the manuscript for a vegetarian cookbook and so many of the dishes I learned came from that body of work. My stained photocopied recipes and frayed notes from that trip have occupied a permanent place in my kitchen ever since that trip.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Feta-Brined Chicken Breast with RosemaryRecipes
If you think boneless, skinless chicken breasts can never be succulent and moist, consider this the cooking method that will change your mind. The secret is feta. Yes, that salty, tangy cheese that you crumble over your salads can actually be transformed into a salty, tangy brine for your meat with the help of your trusty blender. What it does to the chicken is almost magical.
Feb 3, 2020
Mediterranean Orzo SaladRecipes
We'll be making it all spring and summer long.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: One-Bowl Yogurt and Honey Olive Oil CakeRecipes
This homey cake, perfumed with just a hint of fresh thyme and lemon zest, is as moist and tender as they come.
Feb 3, 2020
3-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Dinner: Quick and Easy Gyro WrapsRecipes
The easiest way to make this street food favorite at home.
Jan 29, 2020
Recipe: Feta SalsaRecipes
Expect to take one bite of this salsa and then want to dig into it the rest of the day and the days following. It’s that good and it also happens to be that versatile. Between the briny kalamata olives, tangy feta, and juicy tomatoes, this is one serious bowl of flavor. Oh, and there’s also the revelation that when fresh dill and basil join forces, like they do here, everything sings.
Jan 29, 2020
From Ajiaco to Za’atar: Around the World in 30 SoupsSkills
We've teamed up with chefs, cookbook authors, and our own Kitchn crew to share a globe-trotting adventure highlighting soups from across the globe.
Dec 3, 2019
You Must Make Carla Lalli Music's Greek-ish Grain SaladRecipes
This is the big salad of your dreams.
Aug 29, 2019
Greek-Style Lamb Burgers with Creamy Tzatziki SauceRecipes
Homemade tzatziki sauce is the ultimate summer condiment.
Aug 13, 2019
I Thought Easter Was Boring. Then I Went to Greek Easter…Kitchen
I was 23 and living in New York City when my new roommate invited me to spend Greek Easter with her family on Staten Island. At first, I declined the invitation, telling her I had to work the brunch shift at my restaurant gig because Easter was one of the busiest shifts of the year. That’s when I got the first of many lessons about the holiday: Greek Easter usually falls on a different date than Western Easter.
Jun 9, 2019
The 7 Best Greek-Inspired Foods at Trader Joe’sGroceries
Get your hands on some Greek-inspired goodies without hitting up a specialty grocery store — or flying to Greece (unless you want to use your cravings as an excuse to book a trip?). Turns out, Trader Joe’s actually has tons of options that’ll help transport you to Athens and beyond. Here are some of my favorites. Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt, $5 for 32 ounces: Trader Joe’s sells my all-time favorite Greek-style yogurt.
Jun 3, 2019
This Is Absolutely the Best Way to Cook Zucchini This SummerRecipes
Lemon vinaigrette on hot grilled zucchini equals magic.
May 28, 2019
The Dumbest Thing I Brought Back from My Greek HoneymoonPeople
When my husband and I decided to go to Greece for our honeymoon, a lot of our friends and family were jealous. I didn’t blame them — Unmarried Me was jealous of Future Me, too! To help ease the sting (and thank everyone for all they did for us during wedding planning), we knew we wanted to bring back souvenirs for everyone. We wanted to get everyone the same thing (to make things a little easier for ourselves!
May 24, 2019
The Surprising Secret to Authentic Greek Lemon PotatoesSkills
With a lemoniness that walks the line of almost being too tart without actually being so, creating authentic Greek lemon potatoes became an obsession of mine when I first moved to the Greek haven of Astoria, Queens. I marinated, roasted, and boiled the potatoes in a hefty amount of lemon juice, never happy with the subpar results. So when I started working on my cookbook, Queens: A Culinary Passport, I knew I had to delve into the secret of the lemon potatoes.
May 24, 2019
What a Greek Restaurant Owner Taught Me About Feta CheeseSkills
What is there to know about feta cheese? A couple simple rules will give you the best Greek salad imaginable, as I discovered in my book research. The chef-owner at the Greek restaurant Taverna Kyclades in Astoria, New York, schooled me to never buy crumbled feta again. Ardian Skenderi says it’s best to buy feta cheese wedges instead of the crumbled varieties: “When the cheese is crushed up, you don’t know how good it is.
May 24, 2019
Dark Magic: Can a Cup of Coffee Tell Your Future?Skills
When I was little, I was obsessed with knowing my future. What would I become? How tall would I be? Where would I live? Who would I marry? My parents indulged my curiosity by allowing me to go to fortune tellers, buy crystal balls, and borrow books from the library on how to read palms. My father told me that when I was old enough to drink coffee, I could have a Kafedzou read my future. He explained to me that a Kafedzou is a Greek woman who knows how to read your fortune in a coffee cup.
May 24, 2019
Recipe: Spinach and Lemon Soup with OrzoRecipes
This soup is a riff on the Greek avgolemono: a delicious concoction of beaten eggs and lemon juice, whisked into broth and cooked just enough to thicken. While I borrowed the egg and lemon motif, I also added spinach used orzo instead of the rice. This soup has one other curious feature. It really is a pasta and a soup in one — a two’fer.
May 3, 2019
Recipe: Tahini BeetsRecipes
Inspired by a dish at our favorite Greek restaurant, this is a dish we love to eat with pita bread for lunch or as an appetizer. Consisting of beets, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, it’s earthy, sweet, tangy, and very easy to make (just allow enough time to roast the beets).
May 2, 2019