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How To Make Slow-Cooker Caponata
Caponata is a Sicilian eggplant relish made with celery, onion, and tomatoes cooked into a sweet and sour sauce and served with bread as an appetizer. Some versions have olives or capers, others call for raisins or zucchini, and some even use hot peppers or anchovies. The results of this nuanced cooking process are delicious, if not exhausting. Here, the slow cooker takes care of all the cooking, making this a mostly hands-off dish that can be used as an appetizer or main course.
Jul 20, 2016
How To Cook Collard Greens in the Slow Cooker
Collard greens need a gentle, slow, luxurious braise in fragrant liquid (rather like a spa treatment), which makes a slow cooker the perfect vessel and method. With a little work up front and a thoughtful finish, a large slow cooker can yield many servings of velvety greens and brilliant potlikker — plenty for immediate feasting and plenty to freeze for later.
Jul 19, 2016
Recipe: Pork and Broccoli Rice Bowls
Every so often I attempt to re-create some of my favorite takeout meals at home, and time and time again, the resulting dish is always easier to pull off than I imagined, leading me to question why I hadn’t done this sooner. These rice bowls for two — studded with pork and broccoli, and slathered in a really good peanut sauce — are no exception.
Jul 12, 2016
How To Make Eggplant Bacon
Eggplant is a nightshade often used as a substitute for meat in a number of dishes — from bolognese to burgers — so it only seems natural that we try our hand at transforming it into bacon. We’re taking eggplant back to the skillet, seasoning it for bacon success, and frying it up — just like the real stuff. Long, skinny varieties, such as Japanese or Chinese eggplant, are ideal for turning into bacon.
Jul 11, 2016
Recipe: Sesame Chicken Noodle Bowl
In the warmer months, I like to swap grain bowls for rice noodle bowls that I can enjoy cold or at room temperature. With the right mix of toppings and flavors, rice noodle bowls are satisfying without being too heavy. This recipe brings the flavors of sesame chicken to the noodle bowl, with a sweet and savory mix of tamari, sesame oil, brown sugar, and a splash of rice wine vinegar. To keep this recipe quick and easy, the skillet marinade for the chicken doubles as the sauce of the noodle bowl.
Jul 8, 2016
Recipe: Carrot Peel Pesto
While it’s not always necessary to peel carrots, there are a handful of instances — like cutting them to eat raw, or grating them for a salad or cake — where you’re better off removing their slightly bitter skin. But that doesn’t mean you should just toss the peels in the trash or compost bin. Think of carrot peels not as waste, but as a whole other ingredient in your kitchen.
Jun 17, 2016
How To Make Summer Fruit Sauce in the Slow Cooker
This slow-cooker sauce is the ultimate answer to the overabundance of summer fruit. Whether you went crazy at the U-Pick or just got too excited at the farmers market or grocery store, turning your excess into a warm, sweet sauce is an easy solution — especially when all that’s required of you is dumping the fruit into the slow cooker with a little water and sugar and letting the appliance do its thing. Cooking fruit low and slow in the slow cooker is a little like magic.
Jun 16, 2016
Recipe: Slow-Cooker Chicken Tacos
Ready to make your taco game even stronger? Me too! The good news is that it’s not about fancy ingredients, an obscure recipe, or extra time in the kitchen — it’s all about the slow cooker, a few spices, and the toppings of your choice. When I think about chicken tacos, I want things simple, fresh, easy, and flavorful. This recipe hits all those requirements, with taco-spiced shredded chicken, fresh salsa and guac, and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro.
Jun 16, 2016
Recipe: Upside-Down BBQ Chicken Bowl
Barbecue is a much-loved summer meal in my house, whether it’s a slow cooker full of pulled chicken in sauce, or a slab of ribs from our local BBQ truck — smoky and fatty, leaving drippings down your arm as you gnaw them on the back porch. Pork, chicken, beef — whatever the meat, barbecue is such a treat, and I especially love a good chicken barbecue sandwich topped with crunchy, creamy slaw. But for an everyday meal, I like to flip the bowl and start with the vegetables first.
Jun 2, 2016
Recipe: Upside-Down Steak Dinner Bowl
Are you trying to pack more vegetables into your weeknight meals? Eat a little less meat? Ditch the bread? A staple of my own household meals lately have been improvised dishes that I call Flip the Bowl — dinners that turn classic meat-heavy suppers on their head, starting with the vegetables and using meat as a supporting side instead of the star. Here’s one of my favorite ways to do this: the upside-down steak dinner. What does it mean to flip the bowl?
May 31, 2016
Recipe: Rhubarb and Brown Sugar Skillet Pork Chops
Rhubarb is often thought of as an ingredient for sweets, and while I would never turn down a slice of strawberry-rhubarb pie, rhubarb can do double duty in the world of savory foods as well. Stew it with onions, spicy ginger, and some soy sauce, and now you have a tangy sauce that you can braise pork chops in until juicy and tender. One sturdy skillet is all you need for this dish, and cast iron works well if you have one.
May 17, 2016
Recipe: Radish and Turnip Hash with Fried Eggs
The minute I get my hands on the first radishes of spring, I’m off to enjoy them sliced with lots of butter and judicious pinches of flaky sea salt. As the season continues and the bounty begins to pile up, I start looking beyond raw preparations and sauté or roast my radishes instead. Radishes cook up beautifully; their affinity for butter and sea salt is just as apparent in the skillet.
Apr 27, 2016
Recipe: Baked Egg and Chorizo Enchiladas
Enchiladas make a wonderful and unique breakfast dish. A true crowd-pleaser, they can easily be scaled up or down, depending on the number of mouths you are feeding. Enchiladas are also super versatile; if you don’t have chorizo on hand, some leftover roast chicken works too. If you don’t eat meat, mushrooms or beans make for a satisfying filling. And while the dish itself is best eaten as soon as it is ready, the individual components can always be made ahead of time.
Apr 15, 2016
Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Braised Cabbage
How long does it take to braise cabbage until tender and translucent in the oven? One hour. In the pressure cooker? Five minutes of pressure-cooking time — or 15 minutes from start to finish. Pressure cooking will not only cook vegetables faster, but compared to conventional boiling and braising, it retains more vitamins and minerals, too. Make this side dish of sweet and spicy braised cabbage the next time you want a flavorful companion to any roast meat.
Mar 22, 2016
Recipe: Mini Polenta Grilled Cheese Bites with Marinara
There’s no denying the comfort that a grilled cheese sandwich brings. In fact, I don’t think of a grilled cheese sandwich as kid food — I think of it just as good food. The concept is highly adaptable too, so if you’re looking for a new version, or perhaps a gluten-free one, here’s one for you. You know those big tubes of shrink-wrapped polenta you see in the store? They make perfect “bread” for an Italian-inspired grilled cheese sandwich.
Jan 15, 2016
Recipe: Sesame Chicken Celery Root Salad
I gave the usual noodles the boot in this sesame ginger chicken salad. Instead I tossed shredded celery root (also known as celeriac) with a simple sesame seed ginger vinaigrette made with toasted sesame oil, maple, and tamari. A handful of chopped fresh basil is added for even more flavor. Calling celery root the chimera of vegetables would be a bit of a culinary exaggeration, but I am not going to deny that it is a bit of a changeling.
Jan 6, 2016
Recipe: Curried Chickpea & Spinach Baked Potato
With its strong flavors of curry, garlic, and black pepper, you’d assume the inspiration for this ultra-savory baked potato would be a dinner at an Indian restaurant. As it turns out, this is a combination I grew up eating for breakfast, and still continue to make this day, loving that my mornings begin with the fragrance of cooked spices and lightly wilted greens. As I mentioned before, topping a baked potato doesn’t actually require a recipe.
Dec 22, 2015
Recipe: Chicken Tamales with Pumpkin Mole
Chicken tamales drenched in mole are a staple of the Christmas season. They are a little time-consuming (but not hard), and best when made with friends and family. In fact, the making of the tamales is almost as important as the eating of the tamales. Gathering together to create this beloved food has become one of my favorite traditions of the holiday season. I like to break the process up over a couple of days.
Dec 15, 2015
The Last-Minute, Gluten-Free, No-Bake Dessert That You’ll Bring to Every Party
Never know what to bring to that party your ex-whatever is throwing? Need to impress your sweet-yet-sour mother-in-law? Totally forgot your kid needs a dessert for the school bake sale? Completely out of time but not trying to show up empty-handed to that event? This dessert takes only four ingredients and 10 minutes to assemble — and it’ll only cost you $10. These cute no-bake cheesecake-stuffed strawberries are fast and easy (and affordable!
Dec 10, 2015
Recipe: Pummelo, Fennel & Radish Salad
Salads are the unsung hero of my winter. Often overlooked — it’s too cold for salad! There are no tomatoes! — a winter salad challenges my creativity; surprises me with possibilities; and lifts my spirits on short, gray days and long winter nights. Yes, we have those in California where I live. Truth is, a refreshing winter salad is the essential counterpoint to hearty soups and braises.
Dec 3, 2015
Recipe: Stuffed Winter Squash
Every fall, the squash calls begin again. They’re part of the season, like apple cider donuts and the colds that come from tromping around without a warm-enough coat. They start off just coming here and there, maybe one a day. But as November overtakes us, the pace quickens and the calls become more panicked. “Help. Need squash recipes.” Who can resist those winter squash?
Nov 10, 2015
Recipe: Butternut Squash in Fresh Green Curry
This simple fresh curry paste takes only minutes to prepare. It envelops sweet, golden chunks of butternut squash with a beautiful and savory green sauce in the time it takes the accompanying rice to cook. Try making it with any prepared curry paste for an even simpler dish. Blending shallots, garlic, ginger, green chiles, and cilantro together produces a wonderfully fresh and vibrant curry. Make extra of this paste and stash in the freezer to pave the way for future easy weeknight meals.
Oct 12, 2015
Recipe: Egg Curry with Cherry Tomatoes
I love summer and early autumn. Even though school has started and my life has been steadily getting packed with all the activities that come along with having a child, there is something about harvest time that makes me want to cook and preserve. My tomato plants have been producing a lot of fruit; I am overloaded with cherry tomatoes. Any that don’t make it into sauce get cooked in creative ways — like this simple weeknight curry. This recipe started off as a pasta sauce.
Sep 23, 2015
Recipe: Eggs with Summer Tomatoes, Zucchini, and Bell Peppers
One of the most memorable dishes I had in Spain was also one of the simplest — two eggs, over easy, alongside a mound of piperade and a few thin slices of wonderful Spanish ham. I thought about this dish of fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers for months afterwards. It wasn’t just the fact that I was eating it in Spain; it was also the eggs. They were rich, creamy, and flavorful, and their bright orange yolks stood up soldier-tall.
Sep 15, 2015
Recipe: Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)
This is one of my favorite Thai dishes — that crunchy, fresh, shrimpy salad slathered in lime, fish sauce, cilantro, and Thai basil. It’s also one of those foods I never thought to make on my own. Instead, I reserved it for infrequent visits to Thai restaurants and Thai Buddhist temple brunches — until I found a place where I can buy fresh green papaya in San Francisco. As the name implies, green papaya is basically an unripe papaya.
Sep 1, 2015
Make These Spicy Grilled Cabbage Wedges in 15 Minutes
This is how you eat cabbage, and just cabbage, for dinner, and consider yourself pleased to do so. That's how I feel about it, anyway.
Aug 27, 2015
Recipe: Quinoa Bowl with Kimchi, Miso Mushrooms, and Crispy Broccoli
There are so many different bursts of flavors and textures in this grain bowl recipe. We’ve got a bed of lightly seasoned, fluffy quinoa; spicy gochujang-spiked broccoli, with some crispy edges; miso-flavored shiitake mushrooms; and tangy kimchi to tie it together. What’s not to love?
Aug 27, 2015
Recipe: Creamy Polenta Bowl with Oven-Roasted Tomatoes and Zucchini
This deliciously simple and quick weeknight summer recipe is made of fresh corn-studded polenta, perfectly roasted grape tomatoes and zucchini, and a smooth — slightly tart — pesto for drizzling over the top. This dish comes together quickly, and it’s a great way to use up all of that late-summer produce.
Aug 24, 2015
Recipe: Garlic-Marinated Zucchini
This is the dish my guests were most enamored of during our summertime Shabbat dinner (it is always the simplest things, right?). It’s inspired by the Jewish Roman recipe, concia, which is hundreds of years old. The Jews of Rome knew their way around summer vegetables — including zucchini, which they sliced, fried in olive oil, then marinated with chopped fresh herbs, garlic, and vinegar. The zucchini browns and turns silky, almost creamy, in its olive oil bath.
Jul 28, 2015
Recipe: Homemade Marshmallow Fluff
Sometimes there are so many reasons why we should DIY instead of buying pre-made goods at the store. From being more cost-efficient to making things healthier, building your own homemade pantry might seem to be more hands-on, but it sure has its perks. Even something as commercialized as marshmallow cream can be made better and tastier at home. This marshmallow fluff recipe proves just that. This fluff is light and creamy, and it has a smooth, real vanilla taste.
Jul 26, 2015
Recipe: Rum & White Chocolate Caramel Sundaes
One of my husband’s longstanding baseball traditions is to eat a cup of ice cream at every ballpark we visit — not just because he loves ice cream, which he most certainly does, but also because he wants to collect a plastic helmet cup from every major and minor league team in existence. Does ice cream really taste better when served in a plastic baseball helmet?
Jul 17, 2015
Recipe: Bryant Terry’s Fresh Herb Roasted Potatoes
In the midst of a flavorful meal, it is nice to have a simple starch dish like these tasty potatoes.
Jul 3, 2015
Recipe: Bryant Terry’s Pomegranate-Peach Barbecue Sauce
Being from Memphis, I’ve been a bit nervous about crafting a recipe for barbecue sauce. People take barbecue seriously in my hometown, and from all available evidence, Memphis-style barbecue sauce is better than any other. In the past, I’ve created a barbecue-inspired marinade in which to bake tofu or tempeh, but this is my first attempt at making a proper sauce.
Jul 1, 2015
Recipe: Bryant Terry’s Grilled Vegetable and Tofu Kebabs
You can’t go wrong serving these kebabs this 4th of July. You can prepare them in advance, and they’re practically a meal unto themselves when served along with couscous, potato salad, or a grain-based dish. And what a great way to showcase summer’s bounty of vegetables! Tweak the recipe by using whatever vegetables are most exciting to you.
Jun 29, 2015
Recipe: Chili-Lime Steak Fajitas
Since discovering how easy it is to cook amazing flank steak at home, I have become rather obsessed with fajitas. As in, we’ve had them for dinner at least once a week for the past several weeks — sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with friends. They’re just so easy and easily adaptable! Roast some peppers and onions under the broiler, then cook the steak. Pile everything on a platter with a stack of warm tortillas nearby, and dig in.
Jun 17, 2015
Recipe: Diane Morgan’s Baby Carrots with Dill
When we decided to devote a week to carrots during our month of Glorious Vegetables, I went hunting for just one pure and perfect carrot recipe. We’ve given you crazy salad and fermented pickles, and there are other fresh ways to eat carrots coming up. But, in the end, the freshest of baby carrots deserve to be eaten in the simplest of ways, and Diane Morgan’s easy recipe is the way to go.
Jun 17, 2015
Recipe: Nigel Slater’s Five-Spice Chicken & Pea Shoot Salad
Lettuce is so much more than salad, you know. This week we’re bringing you five very different recipes that show off lettuce in different ways, and today’s may just be my favorite: Nigel Slater’s cross between a salad and a stir-fry, with chicken cooked in a flash with ginger and garlic, and folded together with barely-wilted lettuce and pea shoots. It’s a super fast meal bursting with garlicky, spicy flavor, and packed with greens.
Jun 10, 2015
Recipe: Ellie Krieger’s Snow Pea, Scallion & Radish Salad
Ellie Krieger is a queen of simple, healthy recipes that have a bare minimum of ingredients yet still manage to have flavor and flair. This salad is the perfect example — just radishes, snow peas, and scallions in a light dressing. An elemental blend of spring vegetables — and the easiest side dish for any meal. The really ingenious thing about this salad is the way the snow peas are cut.
Jun 4, 2015
Recipe: Kimchi and Radish Salad
When we were putting together a week of fresh radish recipes, we knew two things: One, we wanted to include something from April Bloomfield’s lovely new book, and two, kimchi had to be involved somewhere, somehow. This rather amazing salad is a two-for-one deal, and it’s a good one. About this salad, April Bloomfield says, “I thought I’d have a bit of fun with three of my favorite Korean ingredients: sesame, radish, and kimchi.
Jun 2, 2015
Recipe: Slow-Cooker Korean Short Ribs
Back when I was working graveyard shifts as a hospital pharmacist, cooking dinner was the absolute last thing I wanted to do when I got home. Fortunately, I learned that I could quickly toss some ingredients into my slow cooker and pass out, confident that I’d wake up when things started smelling good — like these slow-cooked, Asian-spiced ribs.
May 21, 2015
Recipe: Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice with Kalua Pork
Adopting a Paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean that fried rice is forever off the menu. You just have to get creative. Years ago, when I went Paleo, I experimented in the kitchen until I developed an Asian cauliflower fried “rice” that easily trumps the greasy, soy-drenched stuff peddled by your local Chinese restaurant. As long as you prep the veggies the night before, it’s a cinch to throw this one-wok meal together on a weeknight.
May 19, 2015
Recipe: Lamb with Dark Chocolate Pepper Sauce
Chocolate is an essential part of any Valentine’s meal, so why not surprise your dinner companion by using it in this savory dish? A roasted lamb rack is perfect for two, and the chocolate enriches the pan juices, making the perfect sauce to accompany it. This recipe shows how you can use chocolate to enrich a sauce. Cold butter is often whisked into pan juices to create a sauce, but here, the chocolate thickens and adds a touch of bitterness, as does the black pepper.
Feb 13, 2015
Recipe: Grilled Radicchio with Creamy Cheese
This simple and mildly bitter recipe is a great way to begin your Valentine’s meal. Look for the elegant, long Treviso radicchio; it is easier to grill and sexier to eat. For the cheese, I’d recommend a Brillat-Savarin, as its creaminess balances the radicchio’s natural bitterness. → Buy Jennifer’s Book! Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor, with Recipes by Jennifer McLagan → Read more of Jennifer’s writing on her blog.
Feb 13, 2015
Cold Weather Recipe: Grown-Up Tater-Tots
It’s hard to say nice things about Chicago in the winter. It’s cold. Like really cold. And it can leave you feeling cooped up and crazy. But the one undeniably wonderful thing about the endless frosty days is the nostalgia it brings. The memories of warming up over a snack — hard earned after a long day sledding (or just some heavy-duty reading in PJs) — gives you a way to escape the claustrophobia and find some inspiration in the kitchen.
Feb 7, 2015
Recipe: Jalapeño Popper Potato Skins
I don’t know about you, but for my money, it’s hard to beat potato skins and jalapeño poppers when it comes to appetizers. So smashing them together in one layered, bite-sized appetizer just seems to make sense to me. Stuffed jalapeño poppers, and crispy potato skins? In one bite. One delicious bite. The starch from the potato and whipped, slightly sweet cream cheese calms most (most) of the heat from the roasted jalapeño peppers.
Jul 21, 2014
Recipe: Asparagus & Radishes with Mint
Asparagus and radishes are like the Christmas elves of spring: appearing out of nowhere in festive green and scarlet, letting us know that something very good is on the way. But I don’t find them together in the same dish as often as I would like. They belong together: the mellow sweetness of fresh asparagus tastes so good with the fresh sharpness of radishes. This quick, easy side dish tosses them together with a handful of mint.
Apr 18, 2014
Recipe: Korean Pumpkin Porridge with Rice Dumplings (Hobakjuk)
Across Asia, dumplings symbolize good luck for the Lunar New Year. In preparation for this year’s celebration, I decided to learn how to make one of my favorite dumpling dishes, the Korean hobakjuk or pumpkin porridge with sweet rice dumplings. If you aren’t familiar with the Asian tradition of sweet soups and porridges, it might help to think of this as a pudding.
Jan 29, 2014
Winter Recipe: White Grapefruit & Elderflower Marmalade
Ruby red grapefruits tend to get all the glory, but lately I’ve been relishing the white-fleshed yellow variety thanks to an abundant little grove of grapefruit trees near my mother-in-law’s house in Southern California. The best yellow grapefruits have just the right balance of acid and sugar — not too sweet, not too puckery, and with a pleasant trace of bitterness. This makes for excellent marmalade and a nice change of pace from the standard orange kinds.
Jan 14, 2014
Recipe: Grapefruit Honey Ginger Soda
Though it may be chilly outside, I think the beginning of the year is an excellent time for a glass of homemade grapefruit ginger soda. I came up with this recipe when my partner swore off commercial soda, and after months of holiday indulgence, the light and tangy fizz is most welcome. The soda is sweetened with honey, not sugar, and the ginger provides a note of warmth for winter. This recipe is for a syrup that you can mix with carbonated water (store-bought or homemade).
Jan 6, 2014
Homemade Gift Recipe: Skillet Toffee
When I was a child, there weren’t a lot of sweets in our house, but come Christmastime, little teasing bits of my mom’s holiday toffee would show up in my normally sugar-starved lunch bag during the week before school let out. Then, during our annual Christmas Eve tamale party, huge platters would appear, with piles of the stuff stacked high like poker chips Though I moved across the country almost twenty years ago, she hasn’t missed a single season of toffee.
Dec 5, 2013
Recipe: Quinoa & Winter Squash Bake
When we think of meatless sources of protein, foods like beans, tofu, and cheese generally top the list. But one of my favorites is quinoa (shark-jumping be darned!) — not only is it a delicious and complete protein, but it’s also rich in iron and fiber, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and unprocessed. For ethical farming reasons, I always make sure to buy Fair Trade quinoa. This season I’m baking quinoa into a savory pie with roasted winter squash and aromatic herbs and spices.
Nov 13, 2013
Side Dish Recipe: Smoky, Lemony Shredded Brussels Sprouts
I adore Brussels sprouts but they can be tricky to cook just right, especially if one’s attention is on lots of other dishes, as in the case of a holiday dinner. This Thanksgiving I’ve found the solution: smoky, lemony shredded and sautéed brussels sprouts! The sprouts can be shredded a day ahead and then get quickly cooked just before serving, eliminating any worry about soggy, under-cooked, over-charred, or otherwise less than yummy Brussels sprouts.
Nov 6, 2013
Recipe: Miso Pumpkin Soup
Autumn is always a difficult transition for me, as I am the type of person who is happiest under a blaze of sunshine and who considers anything below 73 degrees to be “freezing.” But every year it’s the pumpkins that rescue me from impending gloom, reminding me just how wonderful and delicious fall can be. This is my first pumpkin dish of the season, made from roasted kabocha, or Japanese pumpkin, whipped into a creamy soup with sweet potatoes and miso.
Oct 16, 2013
Raw Recipe: Tahini-Date Salted Caramels
I considered waiting until the holidays to share these salted tahini date caramels with you, but they are so swoon-worthy that I just had to post the recipe right now. Plus, if you can get your hands on caramel-like Barhi dates, which won’t be in season for long, they will make these confections all the more special.
Oct 9, 2013
Lunch Recipe: Smoky Spiced Tempeh & Quinoa Salad
Whenever I’m traveling near the little beach town of Morro Bay, California, I make it a point to stop at Shine Cafe to order their “famous tempeh.” You can get a scoop of this perfectly seasoned tempeh and quinoa in a salad, in taco form, or as part of a one-bowl meal — any way you get this dish, it’s tasty, healthy, and filling.
Sep 18, 2013
Recipe: Grilled Chicken Thighs with Apricot-Miso Glaze
I have a confession: Until recently, I found the idea of grilling meat slightly terrifying. Maybe it’s because I’ve never owned a grill of my own. Or because I usually skip over the articles about grilling in magazines. Or maybe it was due to some ingrained sexism on my part, pushing “grilling” into the “things men cook” category.
Aug 6, 2013
Appetizer Recipe: Miso Sweet Potato Bites
Looking for something a little different from the usual crostini hors d’oeuvre? How about a sweet potato — sliced into rounds, roasted, and topped with a zingy miso sauce. It’s a flavorsome little bite to whet the appetite, plus it’s perfect for gluten-free and vegetarian folks. Sweet potato rounds are beautifully colored, and in size and shape they make a great stand-in for a baguette. However, there’s just one thing — they’re sweet.
Apr 10, 2013
Recipe: Crunchy Spring Salad with Dill Dressing
Here in Southern California, winter is on its way out and I have never felt more ready to give kale salads a rest. Right now I am craving all that is crunchy, fresh and pale green — like this salad, which mixes a dill-flecked dressing with sweet sugar snap peas, crisp celery, chopped romaine and pretty, pink-edged radish slices that remind me of spring’s first blossoms winking to life. The crunchiness of this salad makes it a great candidate for lunch.
Mar 13, 2013
Recipe: Roasted Winter Vegetables with Miso-Lime Dressing
You probably already know that roasting winter vegetables turns them soft, caramelized and irresistible. But what you might not know is that tossing them with a three-ingredient dressing of miso paste, lime juice and walnut oil gives them a savory, bright and beguiling flavor that will make people wonder why the roasted vegetables you make are so much better than the roasted vegetables they make. What makes a recipe a keeper?
Feb 26, 2013
Recipe: Potato and Leek Galette
One of the remarkable things about this savory potato and leek galette is that it looks fancy, yet the ingredients are simple and inexpensive. The potatoes are plain old russets, the fat is olive oil instead of butter, and even though it’s gluten-free and vegan, the galette is pleasantly starchy and creamy — a perfect cross between comfort food and an elegant, company-worthy dish.
Feb 20, 2013
Midwinter Recipe: Roasted Beet Soup with Fennel and Orange
I don’t much go for the trappings of Valentine’s Day, but I do appreciate the excuse to cook something brilliantly, undeniably pink. Most often that means playing with beets, and this year I’m roasting them up to make a velvety, magenta-colored soup. From the looks of them, you’d never know that humble beets could be so luscious — romantic, even. But sweetened up in the oven and pureed with good vegetable stock, they make a gorgeous, almost creamy (yet vegan) soup.
Feb 13, 2013
A Super Start to the Day: Green Smoothies
They say it ain’t easy being green, but I beg to differ. Green smoothies may seem intimidating at first glance, but the truth is they’re delicious, not to mention healthy and filling. The key is adding just the right amount of sweetness (usually with a sweeter fruit like banana, mango, or pineapple) to keep the drink from tasting too bitter.There are any number of green smoothie variations out there, but a few things remain constant.
Jan 3, 2013
Cookie Dough Dip: Made With a Secret Ingredient Your Party Guests Won’t Believe!
We know what you’re thinking: a) you love cookie dough, and you always lick the spoon, but b) that doesn’t mean you care to eat a whole bowl of it! But wait, wait! Before you dismiss this post, know this: things are not as they appear. This cookie dough dip has a secret. Care to know what it is?It’s made with chickpeas!
Nov 14, 2012
Recipe: Enchiladas de Pipián Rojo
Every Halloween I like to cook something warm and pumpkin-y for dinner. This year I’ll pair my favorite pumpkin tortilla soup with enchiladas de pipián rojo, a smoky, nutty, spiced (but not too spicy) sauce made with pumpkin seeds, chile peppers, and roasted vegetables. In Mexico, pipián is a type of mole or sauce served with meat or over enchiladas. Made with ground seeds or nuts, it may be green (verde) or red (rojo).
Oct 31, 2012
Not Flour, Cauliflower! 5 Gluten-Free Vegetable Crust Pizzas
Have you noticed vegetable crust pizza recipes popping up around the web lately? Replacing the usual yeasted flour dough base with shredded vegetables like zucchini, potato and cauliflower, these low-carb, gluten-free alternatives fulfill your pizza craving without the wheat.Most recipes hold the vegetables together with some type of binder, such as almond meal, chickpea flour or an egg.
Oct 9, 2012
Recipe: Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk & Vanilla Bean
These whipped sweet potatoes are a great recipe when you need to get out of a vegetable rut. They’re a little more dressed up than the average weeknight side so think of them as a minimalist dish for your holiday feast. With coconut milk for interest and richness, and a swirl of vanilla bean paste, consider adding this to the Thanksgiving table when you want something on the sweeter side that still leaves the marshmallows out of the equation.
Oct 4, 2012
Hot Breakfast Recipe: Baked Pumpkin Steel Cut Oatmeal
Eating a hot breakfast is a challenge in the fall as mornings get darker and colder and we snuggle into warm beds until the last possible second. But eating a hot breakfast just makes the whole day better, don’t you think? The answer is to make your evenings work for you, and to prepare a hot breakfast the night before. I have found that one of the best ways to do this is oatmeal. But oatmeal is mushy, you say! Reheated oatmeal for breakfast? No thanks. Well, hold on a minute.
Sep 13, 2012
Recipe: Brown Rice Bowl with Maple-Glazed Tempeh & Tahini-Miso Dressing
A bowlful of brown rice, tempeh, kale, and other veggies has “health food” written all over it, but in our house we hardly think of this recipe as macrobiotic or vegan or anything else but satisfying. Brimming with the perfect balance of flavors and textures, it satiates the senses and even has my barbecue- and burger-loving guy requesting it for dinner.
Sep 12, 2012
Lime Jell-O Salad Recipe for Grown-Ups! Fresh Lime & Pineapple Fluff
We have been talking about family recipes all week — and not just family recipes, but classic, old-school, full-blast nostalgic recipes too. So, to cap things off, I thought I would tackle that archetype of family picnics and church cookbooks: Lime Jell-O Salad. It’s a recipe that most of us have given up as grown-ups, but do you ever have just the faintest wisp of nostalgic craving for it? So sweet and marshmallowy?
Aug 3, 2012
Lunch Recipe: Golden Quinoa Salad with Lemon, Dill & Avocado
It took me a long time to warm up to quinoa. I felt like I was the only one not on the super-grain-(that’s-not-really-a-grain-but-who-cares) bandwagon. But my attempts at quinoa had all turned out sticky and faintly bitter, a health food to choke down. So how did I get from there to here, to this lemon-scented golden salad with crunchy bits of cucumber, radish, and almonds? (There are dates, dill, and Parmesan in there too, plus a secret ingredient that really makes it sing.
Jul 24, 2012
Recipe: Thai Grilled Steak Salad
Call me crazy, but when the weather heats up, I don’t feel like eating big hunks of meat. Slow and sluggish might work for winter when everyone is half-hibernating anyway, but in the summer, salads like this are what I want to eat — full of freshness and crunch, with a salty-tart lime dressing and just the right amount of juicy grilled steak.
Jun 14, 2012
Top Yogurt with Tiny Crunchy Grains: How To Make Toasted Amaranth
I find breakfasts this time of year pretty exciting, mainly because I can subsist on yogurt and fruit and be quite happy, and summer fruits are finally here! But I also have a little secret up my sleeve: toasted amaranth.If you’re not familiar with amaranth, it’s a seed that folks generally lump into the category of “whole grains” (like quinoa). It’s gluten-free and especially high in protein and calcium.
Jun 7, 2012