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I Bought a Tiny “Parisian” Fridge and I Totally Regret It
Everything is better in Paris. I know that. Attempting to make my American home my own version of a Parisian apartment was destined to be a disappointment. I live on the wrong continent with a different way of life. But I couldn’t resist. I should have resisted. I spent nine days at the most adorable Airbnb ever a couple of years ago. The Yellow Flat in the Canal St. Martin area of Paris was everything you dream of when you dream of Paris.
Sep 11, 2017
I Bought a Tiny “Parisian” Fridge and I Totally Regret It
Everything is better in Paris. I know that. Attempting to make my American home my own version of a Parisian apartment was destined to be a disappointment. I live on the wrong continent with a different way of life. But I couldn’t resist. I should have resisted. I spent nine days at the most adorable Airbnb ever a couple of years ago. The Yellow Flat in the Canal St. Martin area of Paris was everything you dream of when you dream of Paris.
Sep 11, 2017
Apple, Brie, and Dijon Baguette Sandwich
Swap out any ol’ bread for a baguette when making a sandwich and suddenly it’s transformed. How so, you ask? Well, a baguette makes it a touch French, which means it’s a touch fancy (read: you can grab a bottle of rosé and head out for an impromptu picnic lunch). This sandwich involves crisp, juicy green apple slices, buttery brie cheese, and a swipe of tangy Dijon.
Jun 6, 2017
Recipe: Tomato and Feta Galette
You'll be making this all summer long.
Jun 4, 2017
How To Make Pommes Aligot (Cheesy Whipped Potatoes)
Pommes Aligot is more than just a cheesy twist on mashed potatoes. This incredibly magical blend of potatoes and cheese was born in the French region of Midi-Pyrénées, and it is a celebration of regional cheese, served on special occasions alongside sausage or roasted meat.
Nov 23, 2016
The Affordable French White Wine You Probably Don’t Know About
When I think of white wine from France, my mind goes straight to the Loire valley, specifically to the appellations of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. These wines are crisp and flinty — just what I’m looking for in a white. The price tag on these wines, however, are often a deterrent. Which is why I looked to another French wine region. And if you, like me, crave a white that is throughly enjoyable, uniquely accessible, and rarely expensive, you really need to consider it, too.
Nov 10, 2016
Make These Ham & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches for Dinner Tonight
In honor of Bastille Day, today’s Delicious Link is a nod to French cuisine. While you could certainly make a simple ham-and-cheese baguette, this slightly more decadent version of the classic sandwich — served warm on a buttery croissant — kicks things up a notch. Stop by your local bakery, pick up a couple of croissants, and make this sandwich for dinner tonight. The key to these delicious sandwiches is the glaze that gets brushed on top of the croissants before baking.
Jul 14, 2016
A Fantasy Menu for Alice Waters on Bastille Day
Alice Waters has said that creating a menu “means creating your own reality.” For many years at her famous restaurant, Chez Panisse, she offered up a very special menu for Bastille day, and for the last two decades, she has served a meal that celebrates Northern California garlic. In that same spirit, I’ve created an imagined menu in tribute to her for Bastille Day.
Jul 13, 2016
The 10 Most Outrageous Macarons We Found on Pinterest
Even the simplest macaron is often too pretty to eat. The French treat — made up of two meringue-based cookies sandwiched together with an array of fillings like ganache, fruit curd, buttercream, or jam — always feels like a luxury. If you’ve ever attempted to make macarons yourself, you know they can take all afternoon to create. But head to Pinterest and you’ll find macarons that look more like little masterpieces.
Jul 6, 2016
Soufflé Is Impressive, Delicious, and Easy — Just Master This Little Tip
A soufflé, be it sweet or savory, is all too often relegated to dinners at fancy French bistros and avoided in the home kitchen. That’s because even though they require simple ingredients, they also happen to be extremely intimidating. You place the ramekins in the oven expecting each one to rise tall, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen — no matter how precise you were with the recipe. Well, I have one teeny, tiny trick for you.
Jul 5, 2016
Recipe: Baked Croque-Monsieur Casserole
With Dijon mustard, thinly sliced ham, and creamy Gruyère, it seems the classic croque-monsieur was made for the casserole dish. If it’s a brunch stunner you’re after, or a dinner option with breakfast undertones, then this all-in-one baked take on the croque-monsieur should shoot to the top of your must-make list. This dish can be assembled the day of, but it’s actually best if everything up until the actual cooking is done the night before.
Apr 11, 2016
Julia Child’s House in France Is for Sale
If you’re a Francophile and an admirer of Julia Child, and happen to have some spare cash on hand for a second home in France, then here is the dreamiest opportunity of a lifetime: La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s home in Provence, is up for sale. Located north of Cannes in the southern part of France, this is the home Julia built on property owned by her collaborator, Simca Beck.
Nov 12, 2015
Recipe: Jacques Pépin’s Rustic Leek and Potato Soup
When I asked chef Jacques Pépin about his favorite childhood dishes, he fondly brought up this soup. He mentioned that it was simple, versatile, comforting, and satisfying — all qualities I agree that this delicious soup has. Jacques says, “Leeks and potatoes are commonly made into creamy vichyssoise. For Parisian potage, the leeks and potatoes are cut into very small pieces, stewed in a little butter for a couple of minutes, and then cooked with chicken stock.
Oct 22, 2015
Recipe: Jaques Pépin’s Chicken Jardinière
In my chat with beloved chef Jacques Pépin about home cooking, he mentioned this braise full of juicy dark-meat chicken and vegetables that his mother used to make. I loved the name, which really reflects the essence of this dish that pairs chicken with a full range of vegetables from the garden. Jacques says, “Jardinière means ‘gardener’ in French, and the vegetables change according to what is in season or in my garden.
Oct 20, 2015
Upgrade Your Croque Madame with Spinach and Smoked Salmon
The classic French croque madame — a ham-and-cheese sandwich, covered with a creamy béchamel and topped with a fried egg — is one of the most perfect meals out there. But when you want to stray a little from tradition, make this version, which adds a healthy dose of spinach to the béchamel and swaps smoked salmon for the requisite ham.
Sep 9, 2015
What’s the Difference Between Hollandaise and Béarnaise Sauces?
When we want to enhance a dish, warm, rich sauces like hollandaise and béarnaise will always do the trick. A small spoonful has the power to make a steak completely luxurious, and it puts the perfect finishing touch on eggs Benedict. These two traditional French sauces share quite a few similarities, but there are some distinctions in how they’re made and used that set them apart. Do you know the difference between hollandaise and béarnaise sauce?
Apr 1, 2015
What’s the Difference Between Brie and Camembert?
If you love creamy, earthy French cheese with a bloomy rind, you’re probably familiar with Brie and Camembert. Spread over a piece of crusty baguette these fragrant cheeses are delicious in the most funky of ways. They have quite a lot in common, but do you know what sets them apart? Brie and Camembert look similar, are often served in similar ways, and even come from a similar recipe, yet there are subtle differences that set these two cheeses apart.
Feb 24, 2015
A Simple Tip for Beautiful Soufflés
Culinary School: Week 10 (of 12 weeks) Last Week’s Diary: An Easier Way to Fill a Pastry Bag This week in culinary school we focused on mousse and soufflés. Both of these desserts originate in recipes that sound easy, but they are both very delicate. Turn your head for a moment and your pastry cream is scrambled or you’ve over-whipped your heavy cream. Attention to detail is paramount in classic pastry recipes, and small tricks make for a prettier, tastier dessert.
Sep 11, 2014
French Spice Mix: Quatre Epices
Whether or not you cook French food, the classic quatre épices (“four spices”) is an excellent blend to have in your repertoire. As we head into colder weather, try using this rich, savory seasoning with gingerbread, stews, charcuterie, and more. Despite its name, quatre épices may contain four or five (or more!) spices, most often white and/or black peppercorns, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. Allspice or cinnamon may be included.
Oct 29, 2013
Duck Confit: An Easier, Cheaper Way to Make It at Home
Duck confit is one of those dishes I figured I would never make at home. Poaching duck legs in fat sounds messy, difficult and expensive — duck fat isn’t cheap. But I learned there is an easier, cheaper way to make duck confit, and now I’m tempted to give this classic cooking and preservation technique a try.In place of pricey, hard-to-find duck fat, regular olive oil can be used to poach duck legs and thighs.
Nov 7, 2012
5 Tips for Hosting a Summer Crêpe Party
I have two extraordinary, culinary–minded friends who always invite me over for impromptu meals of homemade ricotta and roasted tomato galettes, a tasting of new cheese purchases, or lemon–caper berry egg salad on freshly baked bread and citrus cornmeal cake topped with creme fraiche. (You get the idea. I’m a lucky friend.) I had to put a stop to all of their hospitality and extend some of my own, with a big pile of fresh crêpes and fruity toppings bien sur.
Jun 6, 2012
Affordable Dry White Bordeaux
When we think of Bordeaux wine most of us immediately think of its famed red wines. Maybe it is time to take a more serious look at what the Bordelais are doing with dry white wines, because dry white Bordeaux is making a strong comeback.I specifically refer to ‘dry’ in my post as, after red wine, Bordeaux is most noted for its noble, sweet white wines, Sauternes and Barsac.
Oct 20, 2011
The Misunderstood Prune: 10 Recipes, Sweet & Savory
Prunes need to revamp their image. Most people associate them with the elderly and the infirm, making them possibly the least sexy fruit ever, when in reality they are soft, sweet, deeply flavored — and dare we say sexy? Not only that, prunes are adaptable; they are as good served with duck as they are stewed with sweet port wine and spooned over cake. Prune lover or merely prune-curious? Check out the 10 recipes below!
Oct 20, 2011
Fall Breakfast Recipe: Coconut Gooseberry Clafoutis
Have you ever encountered the sparkling green or red gooseberry? Commonly found in many parts of the Eastern United States and England, I myself (based on the West coast) had never tried the sweet/sour little fruits. When I bought a can of them 6 months ago, I aimed to throw them into a summer pie or jam. Instead, my forgetfulness inspired this Fall recipe for a clafouti.Have you heard of this divine, rustic breakfast-meets-dessert treat?
Oct 19, 2011
The Metro Wine Map of France
Would you like to understand French wine a little better? Do you get confused and tripped up by the regions, appellations, fancy French names that all run together after a bottle or two? Yes, me too. Well, this brilliant map is a great aid for understanding the wine regions of France a little better — here, they’re laid out like a metro map, and it really works!
Oct 17, 2011
Birthday Boeuf Bourguignon from Amanda Hesser
A good friend of mine had a baby, her second, on Mother’s Day. I don’t know about you, but I like to cook for people when they have babies. Is this a dying tradition? When I had my daughter, I assumed people would be bringing lots of food, but it wasn’t exactly a parade of casseroles. We ended up eating a lot of take-out. It shouldn’t be that way.
May 19, 2011
Spirit Spotlight: Feisty Armagnacs Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits
With the days growing shorter and cooler, I often feel like cozying up in the evenings with a glass of something contemplative and warming. Some of my picks for this time of year are smoky single-malt scotches, well-aged tequilas – and a new favorite around my house, Armagnac.While most American drinkers are quite familiar with the classic digestif, Cognac, fewer have heard of its lesser-known, and less prolific cousin, Armagnac.
Oct 29, 2010
French Vintage: The Mouli Grater
The Mouli grater is a classic, old-school French kitchen tool. Its basic concept is a rotary grater that you turn with one hand whilst pressing the food to be grated (usually cheese) with the other using a hinged handle. The original model by Moulinex is no longer in production, although there are many new knock-off versions to be found in cookware shops. Or you could just pick up a lovely vintage model like the one above, either online or at your local flea market.
Oct 1, 2010
Salty, Saucy French Brunch: Oeufs en Meurette
So, you’re ready to part ways with eggs Benedict. So long, all other incarnations of poached eggs-with-hollandaise. Try this instead—eggs poached in a dark, moody, salty red wine broth with bacon and onions floating about.We’ve had oeufs en meurette in a restaurant in New York, and it’s divine. Complex, rich, unexpected. It’s like ordering white toast and instead being presented with the best everything bagel you can imagine.
Sep 30, 2010
Blue-Footed Wonders: Poulet de Bresse
In Japan, we have kobe beef. And in France, we have poulet de bresse. These pampered chickens with their distinctive blue feet and fine plumage are though to have some of the most delicious meat on earth. Have you ever tried it?Poulet de bresse are protected under the French AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlée). This means that only certain farmers in the Bresse region can raise these chickens and only following very specific guidelines.
Sep 29, 2010
Boozy Parisian Desserts: Sweets With Pastis
We’re celebrating French Week here at The Kitchn, and what could be more definitively French than pastis, the anise-flavored liquor you often find in Parisian sidewalk cafes? And sure, we love sipping it in refreshing cocktails, but is there really anything better than a boozy dessert?If you’re not familiar with pastis, it’s a liquor immensely popular in Southern France comprised of star anise, peppercorns, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, licorice and a bit of sugar.
Sep 28, 2010
A Recipe from Provence: Nougat de Montélimar
If you’ve ever traveled to the South of France or had the good fortune of trying the local confection Nougat de Montélimar you know that once you take a bite of that chewy bar filled with the heady taste of honey and the crunch of roasted pistachios and almonds, you’re hooked.In France there are 2 kinds of nougat: Nougat de Montélimar, which is on the softer side and white from being made with egg whites, and Nougatine, which is darker and made with caramelized sugar.
Jul 20, 2010
How To Make Sweet and Silky Crème Anglaise Sauce
We have to be very careful not to have leftovers whenever we make a batch of crème anglaise, otherwise we find ourselves sneaking spoonfuls whenever we pass the fridge. Also called English or stirred custard, this is a rich sweet sauce perfect for drizzling over fruit, a slice of warm cake, or heck, even pancakes!
Mar 11, 2010
Bell’occhio: San Francisco and Online
Hidden away down a tiny side street in the middle of San Francisco, Bell’occhio is a sweet jewel box of a shop, chock full of odd and eclectic bits this-and-that. There’s plenty of unique things here for the kitchen, as well as large spools of red and white butcher’s twine and whimsical boxes shaped like fruit, flageolet beans, morels or trout.Also stocked are a lovely collection of ribbons, jewelry, custom perfumes and handmade papers.
Nov 16, 2009
Recipe Recommendation: Pipérade
A pipérade is a Basque dish made with tomatoes, peppers, Bayonne ham, and piment d’espelette. It’s often served over scrambled eggs, though some recipe variations call for poaching the eggs right in the sauce, or serving the sauce over poached chicken or polenta.This dish is very quick and versatile, and hearty. I think Aida Mollenkamp’s recipe here is closest to the most authentic style.
Oct 29, 2008
How To Prepare and Serve Raclette
Raclette is a firm, pungent cheese from Switzerland that is the center of a popular winter social event in the Alpine parts of Europe. The cheese is made of cow’s milk and is salty, and can come in variations made with wine, pepper, and herbs.The word “raclette” comes from the French word “to scrape.” Raclette makes up a simple meal that was enjoyed by shepherds in the fields.
Oct 2, 2008
Recipe Review: Baguettes from Local Breads by Daniel Leader
We had a free afternoon this past weekend and thought we’d try out the baguette recipe from Local Breads, Daniel Leader’s latest book on bread baking.Leader says that he didn’t include this recipe in his first book because he thought it was “too simple.” In putting together this book, he realized that “its accessibility accounts for its charm.”Well. We’ll see about that!
Jun 23, 2008
Recipe: How to Make Hollandaise Sauce
During the week, I’m often too busy to cook breakfast, but as the weekend approaches, I start making mental menus for Saturday and Sunday morning. Freshly brewed coffee, fruit salad, toast with jam, fresh-squeezed juices, frittatas, pancakes with maple syrup, crabcakes Benedict with hollandaise …Hollandaise is one of my most favorite sauces ever, and it is ridiculously easy to make.
Mar 7, 2008
Word of Mouth: Mirepoix
Mirepoix (mirh-pwah) noun. In French cooking, a mix of carrots, onions, and celery, usually finely diced, and used as the seasoning base for a meat dish or sauce.A mirepoix is often the only seasoning we use for a good pot of beans, like the one we posted yesterday. But when we looked for a post mentioning mirepoix to link back to – nada! Oops. Mirepoix is one of the foundations of the classical Western kitchen, and we rely on it heavily in our soups and stews.
Feb 26, 2008
Recipe: Fennel, Lemon and Garlic Confit
Confit is an old French word for a classic method of food preservation. It simply means food that has been slowly cooked in salt and oil for long-term preservation. Duck confit is a famous example, but vegetables – especially garlic – are often used. This version is an easy, hands-off recipe for a tart, flavorful confit of fennel, lemon, and garlic. It’s sweet and mellow with notes of bright bitterness from the lemon.
Aug 8, 2007
Brown Bag Lunch Recipe: Better Than Hellman’s Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is a main part of many lunches: tuna salad, salad dressings, turkey sandwiches and more. British food writer Elizabeth David called mayonnaise “the beautiful shining golden ointment.” While I’ve made mayonnaise a few times, I’ll admit that for a potato salad or a smear on a sandwich, I’ve relied on Hellmann’s mayonnaise, known as Best Foods in the West.
Nov 16, 2006
The Celluloid Pantry: Beignets and Mon Oncle (France, 1958)
The subtitles call them crullers, but they’re known by many names: beavertails in Canada, churros in Mexico, zepoles in Italy, and malasadas in Hawaii. Every cuisine seems to have its own version of this classic street food of fried dough served hot, with a light dusting of sugar.
Feb 1, 2006
Quick & Easy Tomato And Feta Galette
Quick & Easy Tomato And Feta Galette
Jun 2, 2017
Slow-Cooker French Onion Soup
Slow-Cooker French Onion Soup
Feb 23, 2018
Mason Jar Tuna Niçoise
Mason Jar Tuna Niçoise
Jul 25, 2017
Slow Cooker Creamy French Chicken & Mustard
Slow Cooker Creamy French Chicken & Mustard
Apr 20, 2018
Classic French Palmiers
Classic French Palmiers
Feb 13, 2018
Light & Airy French Meringues
Light & Airy French Meringues
Dec 28, 2017
Baked Croque Monsieur Casserole
Baked Croque Monsieur Casserole
Nov 21, 2017
Comfort Food French Stew
Comfort Food French Stew
Nov 3, 2017
Caramelized French Onion Frittata
Caramelized French Onion Frittata
Sep 14, 2017
Skillet French Mustard Chicken
Skillet French Mustard Chicken
Sep 14, 2017
Cheesy Whipped Potatoes
Cheesy Whipped Potatoes
Sep 1, 2017
Easy French Ratatouille
Easy French Ratatouille
Sep 5, 2017
Classic Chickpea Flatbread
Classic Chickpea Flatbread
Aug 30, 2017
3-Ingredient Roasted Dijon Potatoes
3-Ingredient Roasted Dijon Potatoes
Aug 9, 2017
Jacques Pépin Lemon-Garlic Chicken Breasts
Jacques Pépin Lemon-Garlic Chicken Breasts
Jun 20, 2017
Gorgeous Fruit Galette
Gorgeous Fruit Galette
Jun 28, 2017
Heavenly Nutella Crepe Cake
Heavenly Nutella Crepe Cake
Feb 23, 2017
How To Make Salmon Rillettes
How To Make Salmon Rillettes
Dec 2, 2016
How to Make Ratatouille in a Slow Cooker
How to Make Ratatouille in a Slow Cooker
Jul 15, 2016