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A Taste of Alsace-Lorraine: 8 Recipes to Try at Home
Border regions have some of the best cuisine, don’t you think? Nestled up against the German border (and at some points in history, even within the German border), the food in this part of France is the truly best of both worlds. These recipes say it all.• Alsatian Cheese Tart from Epicurious – Also known as flammekueche, this cheese and onion flatbread makes a superb appetizer.• Quiche Lorraine from Simply Recipes – Ah, the quintessential quiche.
May 2, 2019
French Recipe: Paule Caillat’s 3-Cheese Soufflé
I have to confess that until recently I did not understand all the fuss over soufflés. They seemed finicky, a lot of work, and not terribly appealing. Why not just have a nice frittata — it’s so easy. Well, that opinion changed last week when I had a tender, melting cloud of creamy cheese and egg — the perfect marriage of dairy. Here’s one more takeaway from my class and tour with Paule Caillat in Paris: Paule’s 3-fromage soufflé recipe.
May 2, 2019
4 Ways Parisian Kitchens Differ From American Kitchens
Oh, Paris! How I would love to scoot over there for a day or two this Valentine’s weekend! Paris is a classic destination for lovers, and with very good reason. The light, the romance of the city, and above all the wine and food make it such a wonderful place to wander on a romantic weekend. But if, like me, you won’t be visiting Paris any time soon, here’s a bit of eye candy and some thoughts on what makes a Parisian kitchen different from the average American kitchen.
May 2, 2019
Brunch Recipe for a Crowd: Country Ham & Onion Quiche Baked in a Sheet Pan
The recipe to make when you have many mouths to feed.
May 2, 2019
French Recipe: Creamy Butternut Squash Casserole with Herbed Bread Crumbs
When you think of casseroles, do the words elegant and beautiful come to your mind? Probably not. Casseroles have many admirable qualities, but they are of the plainer, stodgier sort. Unless, that is, they are French. The French have an elegant answer to the homey casserole, and it’s the Provençal tian. This musical word signifies a gratin, French-style.
May 2, 2019
Sweet Macarons by Mercotte
I find it impossible to pass by a bakery selling macarons and resist stopping in for a sample. Or two. Making them at home isn’t all that difficult, but there are a few tricks of the trade that can set you up for success. Equal parts enlightening and inspiring, this colorful cookbook from the French blogger Mercotte is all you need to get started making your own crunchy cream-filled confections.
May 2, 2019
The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo
Have you, perhaps, forgotten how délicieux French food can be? This is Rachel Khoo’s worst fear, and she is determined not to let the situation get out of hand. If your idea of French cuisine is fussy technique and loads of butter, wait until you see her muffin tin croque madames and her chicken dumpling soup. In her tiny Paris apartment with its two-burner stove, Rachel Khoo reminds all of us how truly phenomenal French food can be.
May 2, 2019
Patisserie: Mastering The Fundamentals of French Pastry by Christophe Felder
If Dan Lepard’s new cookbook Short & Sweet is the one-stop shop for homey everyday sweets and baked goods, Patisserie is the one-stop shop for all things classic and French. Want to become the master of puff pastry? Craft your own pulled-sugar roses? Drap petits fours with fondant? With over 3,200 step-by-step photos and 210 recipes in 800 pages, this book will show you exactly how to do all of these things and more. Wowzas.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Classic Salad Niçoise
Sometimes in the rush of life, there is nothing better than an old standby to help nourish your soul. The very classic salad Niçoise does exactly that for me. In the midst of trying out new recipes on a daily basis, this meal is like an old familiar friend — one I can always count on. May it continue to live on in the kitchen! As a recipe developer, I maintain a fairly abnormal eating schedule. Rarely do I enjoy the “standard” three square meals plus a snack.
May 2, 2019
On Cooking French Clafoutis: The Original
Larousse GastronomiqueI’ve made clafoutis, using the recipe from Larousse, many times. But this time, I decided to follow it to a T, including weighing the cherries, flour and sugar. So I bought a food scale, something I’ve been meaning to do for years, ever since college, when I bought the Larousse, actually. In the encyclopedia of classic cooking, measurements are given by weight, in grams. (So far, I’m digging my OXO Good Grips food scale.
May 2, 2019
Perfect Fall Drink Recipe: Courvoisier’s “Lady C” Cognac Cocktail
Before last week, I may have thought convincing a non-Cognac drinker to choose a Cognac-based cocktail for happy hour to be a difficult task. Au contraire, mon frère! A recent visit to Courvoisier poured up a perfect fall drink that leaves even skeptics thirsty for more. This week’s happy hour has a rich French flair you can enjoy right at home. Being a cocktail writer has some advantages including my recent trek to France’s fabulous Cognac region.
May 2, 2019
Elizabeth David on Vegetables
Published on the centenary year of her birth, Elizabeth David on Vegetables is a celebration of the beloved writer and a compendium of her vegetable-centric recipes and essays. Both inspiring and practical, it’s a lovely book to curl up with as well as take into the kitchen.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Raspberry-Coconut French Macarons
Most days are spent running around between work and errands, throwing dinner together at the last minute, and whipping up a quick one-bowl batter or treat if time allows. But some days are specifically reserved for baking projects, kitchen experiments, and fancy pastries. French macarons definitely fall into the latter category. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, these Raspberry-Coconut French Macarons are the perfect treat.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Summer Tiramisu with Mango & Lime
When I visited French artist Sandrine Follère in her Toulouse home last week, she made me a wonderful lunch that was capped by an inventive yet simple dessert: Summer tiramisu à la Sandrine! This is a no-cook pudding with only fruit jam to sweeten it and lime to brighten. It was airy and creamy, tangy and sweet. I practically licked my cup. Fortunately, Sandrine is happy to share this summer tiramisu with all of you too.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: Herbes de Provence
This Herbes de Provence Salt uses a combination of fresh and dried herbs that are typically found in southern France. Like many of the seasoning blends of the same name, I’ve also added lavender to the mix. Try it on fish, poultry, grilled meats, and in stews. A good pinch added to a homemade vinaigrette would make for an excellent dressing on salads and vegetables, too! Although this blend uses fresh herbs, it will keep quite well in the cupboard for several weeks — at least!
May 1, 2019
How To Make a Chocolate Soufflé
I believe that everyone — each and every one of you — should try making a chocolate soufflé at least once in their lives. Not only are they one of the most heavenly things you can eat with a spoon, but they are a total confidence booster. I’m not going to say they’re easy, exactly, but they’re also surprisingly not all that hard.
May 1, 2019
5 Things We’ve Learned from Paris Kitchens
Why do so many of us have an unabashed crush on Paris, and French culture in general? I know it’s all very romanticized, and yet if a Paris apartment shows up on Apartment Therapy or there’s a peek into a French kitchen here on Kitchn, there I am — drool on face, dreams in head. It doesn’t matter if the kitchen is the size of a shoebox; it’s the size of a shoebox … in Paris.
May 1, 2019
How To Make Eclairs
Eclairs are how you win at brunch. Seriously — who makes their own eclairs? And yet, you can make a batch of eclairs in about the same time it takes to whip up a batch of cinnamon rolls. Here’s what to do. How To Make Pâte à Choux How To Make Pastry Cream How to Make Chocolate Ganache A classic eclair is made from three things: a crispy golden shell of pâte à choux, a rich pudding-like filling of vanilla pastry cream, and a chocolate ganache glaze on top.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Hot Cocoa Madeleines
Madeleines are my favorite cookie. I love their delicate flavor and distinctive shape and texture — they taste more like a mini sponge cake than a cookie. When I was a kid, my mom would take me to a coffeeshop a few blocks from our house. She’d get her latte and I’d get hot chocolate and a madeleine pulled from the old-fashioned lidded candy jar that sat on the counter.
May 1, 2019
The Secret 2-Ingredient Butter Sauce You Need to Know About
This past summer I had the opportunity to step behind the doors of a restaurant kitchen. This is a place I don’t venture often, but when I do get the chance to sneak inside, I am eager to grasp onto any little chef’s trick or tip I may come across in this uncharted territory. And on this particular occasion, I hit gold. The chef was preparing baby potatoes for our dinner that evening.
May 1, 2019
23 French-Inspired Recipes That You Can Pack for a Picnic
What is it about eating outside on a blanket or park bench that just feels so Parisian? Of course, it’s even better if you are simply-but-impeccably dressed, lounging by a river or stream of some kind (think the banks of the Seine), and serving a delicious meal out of a French market tote or picnic basket. While we can’t exactly transport you to Paris or give you a makeover, we can help ensure your picnic basket is perfectly packed. These 23 recipes will get you well on your way.
May 1, 2019
10 French Food Words We’ve Been Pronouncing All Wrong
French cuisine is something we all know and love, whether it’s as simple as an omelette, or as elegant as crème brûlée. But knowing how to pronounce some of our favorite French dishes is a whole other matter entirely. While the list could probably go on and on, here are 10 common French foods that we all too often pronounce wrong. The next time you tuck into your favorite bistro, you’ll be ready to order like a pro.
May 1, 2019
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Quiche
Quiche fits the bill any time of day, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. You can make it rich and decadent, with the butteriest crust and heaps of cheese, or you can lighten it up and pack it with flavorful veggies. Whichever way you choose, it’s a guaranteed hit. That is, as long as you avoid a few common quiche-making mistakes. Baking a quiche is really quite simple. In its most basic form, it’s a custard of eggs and milk baked in a pie crust.
May 1, 2019
This Is the Frenchiest Thing You Can Make in Five Minutes
In addition to tucking into some macarons, my prerogative on Bastille Day is to watch Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, drink rosé, and make this five-minute dinner. The simplicity of this recipe reminds me why we get all fussy about French food in the first place — and it has really good cheese. If you hadn’t guessed, it’s a ham and cheese baguette! Done up just like they do at the little cafes I’ve visited in Paris.
May 1, 2019
The Ultimate Picnic Sandwich Is French, of Course
Pan bagna is a beloved sandwich in Provence. The warm breezes of the Côte d’Azur, the delicate sand, the crispy baguettes — a gentle rosé and a pan bagna are the makings of a magical picnic. I won’t be strolling at Cannes anytime soon, but here are four reasons why pan bagna is at the top of my always-ready-for-a-picnic list.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Pan Bagna
This sandwich, a classic of southern France, is perfect picnic fare. It’s a Niçoise salad in a sandwich that wants — nay, needs — to be made in advance, so the bread soaks up the delicious flavors. Since this recipe is practically a salad in a sandwich, try to track down the freshest, most vibrant produce you can. It’s worth the hunt through the farmers market to find onions that make you swoon, leafy parsley, and green beans fresh from the garden.
May 1, 2019
S Is for Socca
Lately, one simple French dish from a tiny corner of the country has been getting a lot of love. It’s a gluten-free flatbread that’s tasty, wholesome, and endlessly adaptable. Originating in the southern region of Provence, the dish is called socca and it’s made from chickpea flour. Here’s what you need to know to fall in love with it too. Socca is a simple dish.
May 1, 2019
How To Make Sheet Pan Steak Frites
With a few key tricks, you can successfully make this restaurant staple at home on a weeknight.
May 1, 2019
Salmon Rillettes Sounds Fancy, but Is Easy to Make
Sure, it may sound fancy, but rillettes is far from it. The spread, made from smoked salmon and plenty of butter, is a rich treat enjoyed on bread or crackers, and it’s surprisingly simple to make. Plus, it keeps well for up to two weeks in the fridge, which means it’s a good item to have on hand all holiday season long for an easy appetizer when friends and family drop in. Making salmon rillettes barely requires any cooking.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Dark Chocolate Pots de Crème
Looking for the most luxurious chocolate pudding you’ve ever had? This is for you, the most serious of chocolate-lovers. Dive in and you’ll be rewarded with creamy, dark chocolatey richness in every bite. There’s not much more to say about this dessert beyond that it’s knock-your-socks-off material.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Double Chocolate Palmiers
Homemade palmiers will make you feel like you really got away with a dessert that looks far fancier than it is to make. That is the power of puff pastry, friends. We’re taking the classic cookie and doubling down on the chocolate, which has us feeling like these are actually the ultimate fast and fancy dessert. Next time afternoon tea needs something special or you’re in charge of dessert and want to bring cookies, remember this recipe. It’s a good trick to have up your sleeve.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Braised Lentils and Leeks
When people think of leeks, they think of the supporting role leeks take in recipes — blended in soups and stews, infused into sauces, or paired with potatoes in what might be an otherwise bland dish. But leeks can be the star of the show. This dish of braised leeks and lentils allows leeks to shine by embracing their flavor and leaving them whole. By braising them, you get the true taste of a leek, which is far more mellow than one might expect.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: The Ultimate Croque Madame
A croque madame, the iconic French sandwich holding permanent residence on brasseries and café menus, is already an upgraded ham and cheese sandwich, especially with a layer of broiled creamy béchamel sauce and the crispy fried egg on top. Our take on the fork-and-knife affair makes it even cheesier and crispier just by adding an extra layer of cheese on the outside of the bread, where it hits the pan and gets all nutty and frico-like.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Jacques Pépin’s Garlic Chicken Breasts
I’ve got a thing for nuggets of crispy chicken. Not necessarily chicken nuggets — although good ones can fall in this category — but chicken that’s been cut into chunks, is cooked until crispy, and takes well to eating in one or two bites. What can I say? I’m just looking for joy in the form of a salty, meaty, crunchy revelation.
May 1, 2019
This French Cheese Puff Is the Best App You’re Not Making
Do you love cheese and light, fluffy bread? That’s a silly question. Cheesy bread is one of the most satisfying combinations we know — especially when it’s paired with a tall glass of something crisp and bubbly. In which case, you should really meet gougères, the French cheese puff that you should be serving for any appetizer-fueled happy hour (“Appy Hour,” as we like to call it).
May 1, 2019
How To Prepare Make-Ahead Gougères
The secret to being the hostess with the mostest? Gougères in your freezer.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Galette des Brittany (Salted Butter Cookies)
Au revoir, Paris! Ann Mah takes us off the tourist path on a culinary tour of France’s favorite regional foods. Hailing from the region of Brittany, which is located on the far edge of northwestern France, these shortbread cookies may appear ordinary, but don’t be fooled by their plain-Jane appearance. These Breton biscuits are special because they rely on cultured butter to flavor them … and that’s it. No vanilla, no citrus zest — just high-quality, salted butter.
May 1, 2019
The 5 Unsung Heroes of Regional French Cuisine
For every famous regional recipe, there are a handful of other unsung recipes born of the same culinary traditions, and often showcasing the same ingredients.
May 1, 2019
The French Underdog, Picpoul de Pinet, Is the Best Wine You’re Not Drinking
If you love Sauvignon Blanc, this should be your new, extra-affordable go-to wine.
May 1, 2019
5 Things the French Taught Us About Cooking and Eating
If you’ve ever been lucky enough to take a trip to France or even if you’ve just popped into a local French bakery in your neighborhood, you know that the French eat incredibly well. So if there is ever a culture we’d like to learn from in terms of how to cook and eat, it’s the French. Here are just five of many things they’ve taught us about the pleasures of cooking and eating.
May 1, 2019
5 Affordable Wines Real French People Drink
Forget the fancy stuff — these are just as good.
May 1, 2019
What’s So Special About French Lentils?
Skim a recipe with lentils in the title and you may find it specifically calls for the French variety. Are you wondering, like I have for all my lentil-eating years, why they are specifically called out? Brown or green lentils are a whole lot cheaper at the grocery store, so wouldn’t those work just fine? The truth is that there is actually a difference between French lentils and the other guys — and depending on the recipe, the difference really matters.
May 1, 2019
Julia Child Wants You to Bake Your Cucumbers
It’s smart to listen to Julia Child. If she tells you the best way to poach an egg is to poke a hole in its shell, do it and know you’ll achieve poached egg perfection. If she says to use more butter, do so with reckless abandon and don’t regret it. And if she tells you to bake your cucumbers, it’d be wise to listen, right? It does sound a bit strange, but trust in Julia and she won’t let you down. Baked cucumbers are actually amazing.
May 1, 2019
The Top 5 French Cheeses I’d Take to a Deserted Island
Being stranded on a desert island with five French cheeses sounds a little more like a paradise than a problem, provided there’s a serviceable baguette to be found. Narrowing the list of fabulous French cheese down to just a handful, though, is much more of an issue — but thanks to thousands of taste tests, I’m happy to report that it can be done. From cow to sheep to goat, and from soft to firm to blue-as-can-be, here’s my list of desert island cheese.
May 1, 2019
The Lesser-Known French Crêpe You Need to Try
Au revoir, Paris! Ann Mah takes us off the tourist path on a culinary tour of France’s favorite regional foods. Made from chickpea flour and olive oil, this thin, savory crêpe is best eaten hot, its blistered surface stinging your fingertips, and the crisp edges giving way to a creamy, tender center. Socca is the beloved street food of Nice, and its vendors can be spotted throughout the city, hawking it from carts attached to motorbikes, or sidewalk stands.
May 1, 2019
This French Liqueur Makes Every Cocktail Better
If you like St. Germain, you need to read this story.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Gougères with Fig Jam
Fried jelly doughnuts, called sufganiyot, are a common Hanukkah treat in Israel, and are increasingly popular in the United States. But while homemade doughnuts filled with strawberry or raspberry jam are delicious as a once-in-a-while treat, they make the house smell like fried food and leave a pesky amount of cooking oil behind to dispose of. These gougères, which come sandwiched with fig preserves, offer a savory, sophisticated twist on sufganiyot.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Double Vanilla Sablés
Vanilla often plays a supporting role in baked goods — a teaspoon or so gets tossed into a batter or dough without much thought. Here, it gets the attention it deserves and takes center stage, just in time for the holidays. While these cookies may look plain, they are anything but; their complexity is understated.
May 1, 2019
4 Things the French Know About Cleaning That You Don’t
For starters, they don't spend all day on Sunday doing it!
May 1, 2019
What Is Lillet?
The moment summer hits, my routine tends to involve rosé and icy gin and tonics. There’s just something about the sunny weather that makes me crave happy hour drinks a whole lot more often. While those have long been my go-tos, this year there’s a new bottle that’s been getting equal, if not more, playtime: Lillet. For some, Lillet isn’t anything new, as it’s been around for a good long while.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Dorie Greenspan’s Herb-Butter Chicken
There’s something so deeply satisfying about roasting a chicken. It’s a simple act that results in an impressive, dinner party-worthy meal that also feels so homey and comforting. This roast chicken from Dorie Greenspan’s new cookbook, Everyday Dorie, is easy and classic, but she elevates it with a few special tricks to ensure it’s extra special.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Lyonnaise Potatoes
Do yourself a favor and file this recipe under side dishes that are better than the main course. It will hold true no matter what you’re serving. I can say this with confidence not only because I’ve made this recipe many times, but also because the French are experts at turning something as simple as potatoes and onions into a dish that feels incredibly luxe and fancy and far, far greater than the sum of its parts.
Apr 30, 2019
The One Thing Costco Does Almost as Well as the French
Much like Oprah, I love bread — particularly good bread. I blame my husband; he’s half French and definitely a bread connoisseur. We spent some time in France this summer, visiting with family, sharing his culture with our kids, and eating lots and lots of bread. Now that we’re home, there’s only one baguette for us, and it’s from Costco.
Apr 30, 2019
Recipe: Chrissy Teigen’s 3-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse
This fast and fancy dessert is the recipe you didn’t know your life was missing. Chocolate mousse, unlike cookies or brownies, is all too often considered a fussy restaurant-only recipe, but Chrissy Teigen proves it’s just the opposite. The mousse is easy enough to make any day of the week, and the crispy-rice-cereal-meets-lux-hazelnut-crackle makes this recipe extra special.
Sep 27, 2018
10 Organizing Ideas to Steal from These French Airbnbs
Whether it’s a sweet mountainside chateau or a cool urban apartment, the French are less about space than they are about style. And their kitchens reflect that — usually more minimal and on the smaller side, with just the right equipment to execute a simple, delicious meal. So we decided to take a virtual stroll through some French Airbnbs in hopes of finding some smart organizing ideas that’ll make our own kitchens très chic. Here are the 10 lessons we took away.
Jul 10, 2018
I Bought a Tiny “Parisian” Fridge and I Totally Regret It
Everything is better in Paris. I know that. Attempting to make my American home my own version of a Parisian apartment was destined to be a disappointment. I live on the wrong continent with a different way of life. But I couldn’t resist. I should have resisted. I spent nine days at the most adorable Airbnb ever a couple of years ago. The Yellow Flat in the Canal St. Martin area of Paris was everything you dream of when you dream of Paris.
Sep 11, 2017
I Bought a Tiny “Parisian” Fridge and I Totally Regret It
Everything is better in Paris. I know that. Attempting to make my American home my own version of a Parisian apartment was destined to be a disappointment. I live on the wrong continent with a different way of life. But I couldn’t resist. I should have resisted. I spent nine days at the most adorable Airbnb ever a couple of years ago. The Yellow Flat in the Canal St. Martin area of Paris was everything you dream of when you dream of Paris.
Sep 11, 2017
Apple, Brie, and Dijon Baguette Sandwich
Swap out any ol’ bread for a baguette when making a sandwich and suddenly it’s transformed. How so, you ask? Well, a baguette makes it a touch French, which means it’s a touch fancy (read: you can grab a bottle of rosé and head out for an impromptu picnic lunch). This sandwich involves crisp, juicy green apple slices, buttery brie cheese, and a swipe of tangy Dijon.
Jun 6, 2017
Recipe: Tomato and Feta Galette
You'll be making this all summer long.
Jun 4, 2017
How To Make Pommes Aligot (Cheesy Whipped Potatoes)
Pommes Aligot is more than just a cheesy twist on mashed potatoes. This incredibly magical blend of potatoes and cheese was born in the French region of Midi-Pyrénées, and it is a celebration of regional cheese, served on special occasions alongside sausage or roasted meat.
Nov 23, 2016
The Affordable French White Wine You Probably Don’t Know About
When I think of white wine from France, my mind goes straight to the Loire valley, specifically to the appellations of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. These wines are crisp and flinty — just what I’m looking for in a white. The price tag on these wines, however, are often a deterrent. Which is why I looked to another French wine region. And if you, like me, crave a white that is throughly enjoyable, uniquely accessible, and rarely expensive, you really need to consider it, too.
Nov 10, 2016
Make These Ham & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches for Dinner Tonight
In honor of Bastille Day, today’s Delicious Link is a nod to French cuisine. While you could certainly make a simple ham-and-cheese baguette, this slightly more decadent version of the classic sandwich — served warm on a buttery croissant — kicks things up a notch. Stop by your local bakery, pick up a couple of croissants, and make this sandwich for dinner tonight. The key to these delicious sandwiches is the glaze that gets brushed on top of the croissants before baking.
Jul 14, 2016
A Fantasy Menu for Alice Waters on Bastille Day
Alice Waters has said that creating a menu “means creating your own reality.” For many years at her famous restaurant, Chez Panisse, she offered up a very special menu for Bastille day, and for the last two decades, she has served a meal that celebrates Northern California garlic. In that same spirit, I’ve created an imagined menu in tribute to her for Bastille Day.
Jul 13, 2016
The 10 Most Outrageous Macarons We Found on Pinterest
Even the simplest macaron is often too pretty to eat. The French treat — made up of two meringue-based cookies sandwiched together with an array of fillings like ganache, fruit curd, buttercream, or jam — always feels like a luxury. If you’ve ever attempted to make macarons yourself, you know they can take all afternoon to create. But head to Pinterest and you’ll find macarons that look more like little masterpieces.
Jul 6, 2016
Soufflé Is Impressive, Delicious, and Easy — Just Master This Little Tip
A soufflé, be it sweet or savory, is all too often relegated to dinners at fancy French bistros and avoided in the home kitchen. That’s because even though they require simple ingredients, they also happen to be extremely intimidating. You place the ramekins in the oven expecting each one to rise tall, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen — no matter how precise you were with the recipe. Well, I have one teeny, tiny trick for you.
Jul 5, 2016
Recipe: Baked Croque-Monsieur Casserole
With Dijon mustard, thinly sliced ham, and creamy Gruyère, it seems the classic croque-monsieur was made for the casserole dish. If it’s a brunch stunner you’re after, or a dinner option with breakfast undertones, then this all-in-one baked take on the croque-monsieur should shoot to the top of your must-make list. This dish can be assembled the day of, but it’s actually best if everything up until the actual cooking is done the night before.
Apr 11, 2016
Julia Child’s House in France Is for Sale
If you’re a Francophile and an admirer of Julia Child, and happen to have some spare cash on hand for a second home in France, then here is the dreamiest opportunity of a lifetime: La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s home in Provence, is up for sale. Located north of Cannes in the southern part of France, this is the home Julia built on property owned by her collaborator, Simca Beck.
Nov 12, 2015
Recipe: Jacques Pépin’s Rustic Leek and Potato Soup
When I asked chef Jacques Pépin about his favorite childhood dishes, he fondly brought up this soup. He mentioned that it was simple, versatile, comforting, and satisfying — all qualities I agree that this delicious soup has. Jacques says, “Leeks and potatoes are commonly made into creamy vichyssoise. For Parisian potage, the leeks and potatoes are cut into very small pieces, stewed in a little butter for a couple of minutes, and then cooked with chicken stock.
Oct 22, 2015
Recipe: Jaques Pépin’s Chicken Jardinière
In my chat with beloved chef Jacques Pépin about home cooking, he mentioned this braise full of juicy dark-meat chicken and vegetables that his mother used to make. I loved the name, which really reflects the essence of this dish that pairs chicken with a full range of vegetables from the garden. Jacques says, “Jardinière means ‘gardener’ in French, and the vegetables change according to what is in season or in my garden.
Oct 20, 2015
Upgrade Your Croque Madame with Spinach and Smoked Salmon
The classic French croque madame — a ham-and-cheese sandwich, covered with a creamy béchamel and topped with a fried egg — is one of the most perfect meals out there. But when you want to stray a little from tradition, make this version, which adds a healthy dose of spinach to the béchamel and swaps smoked salmon for the requisite ham.
Sep 9, 2015
What’s the Difference Between Hollandaise and Béarnaise Sauces?
When we want to enhance a dish, warm, rich sauces like hollandaise and béarnaise will always do the trick. A small spoonful has the power to make a steak completely luxurious, and it puts the perfect finishing touch on eggs Benedict. These two traditional French sauces share quite a few similarities, but there are some distinctions in how they’re made and used that set them apart. Do you know the difference between hollandaise and béarnaise sauce?
Apr 1, 2015
What’s the Difference Between Brie and Camembert?
If you love creamy, earthy French cheese with a bloomy rind They have quite a lot in common, but do you know what sets them apart? Brie and Camembert look similar, are often served in similar ways, and even come from a similar recipe, yet there are subtle differences that set these two cheeses apart. Here’s what you need to know about them. While there’s no official record, it’s believed that Brie has been around longer than Camembert.
Feb 24, 2015