Egg Recipes and How-Tos
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Are Hard-Boiled Eggs Easier to Peel If You Add Baking Soda to the Water?
We’ve found a method to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, but how do you peel the suckers? There are a lot of different theories out there, but one that is especially intriguing involves adding a little baking soda to the cooking water. Could this small step produce pretty eggs that peeled smoothly from their shells every time? I had to test it and find out.
Apr 17, 2014
Recipe: Asparagus with Eggs and Parmesan
This time of year slays me; in New York City, the snow is pretty much finished, the ear muffs have been packed up and early daffodils and crocus blossoms are poking their way through the packed city soil. And yet, there is no food growing yet. It’s the season when my dreams are populated with ramps, fiddlehead ferns and asparagus.
Apr 9, 2014
Tip: Use a Probe Thermometer for Foolproof Hard-Boiled Eggs
It isn’t difficult to hard-boil an egg, but it is easy to wander away from the kitchen while the water heats up, only to return to a pot of eggs that have been at a rolling boil for who-knows-how-long. For the forgetful or impatient among us, here is a tip to make sure that never happens again. Brandon at Kitchen Konfidence uses his probe thermometer to track the temperature while bringing a pot of eggs and water to a boil.
Mar 5, 2014
Polenta Bowl with Garlicky Spinach, Chicken Sausage, and a Poached Egg
Ever notice how you go through phases with certain dishes — practically living off of them for months and then one day you just…stop? Back when my husband and I first moved in together, polenta featured big in our weekly meal routine. It was easy, it was cheap, and it was darn good, especially with a handful of shredded cheese stirred into the pot. But time flies and tastes change, and I recently realized that it had been years since I last made polenta for a simple weeknight meal.
Jan 28, 2014
The Best Way to Separate an Egg Is With Your Hands
That brilliant yellow egg yolk is a surprisingly delicate thing, and separating the yolk from its white without breaking it can be an exercise in frustration. I say forget those fancy gadgets and forget tossing the yolk between sharp-edged shells — the most reliable, sure-fire way to separate an egg is to get your hands dirty. The method is simple: Crack an egg into a shallow bowl and discard the shell. Lower your fingers into the bowl and gently cup them under the yolk.
Nov 21, 2013
Southern Recipe Update: Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole
Poppy seed chicken is an old Southern standby, just pure comfort in casserole form. I can’t think of a more satisfying childhood memory than enjoying a big helping it on a chilly winter night. I must admit that it’s been years since I last tasted my mom’s version but something about this latest cold front spurred me to bring it out for a spin.
Nov 14, 2013
Recipe: Quinoa & Winter Squash Bake
When we think of meatless sources of protein, foods like beans, tofu, and cheese generally top the list. But one of my favorites is quinoa (shark-jumping be darned!) — not only is it a delicious and complete protein, but it’s also rich in iron and fiber, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and unprocessed. For ethical farming reasons, I always make sure to buy Fair Trade quinoa. This season I’m baking quinoa into a savory pie with roasted winter squash and aromatic herbs and spices.
Nov 13, 2013
Make Poached Eggs Even More Amazing: Poach Them in White Wine
As it is, a poached egg on toast is a pretty special thing. But Heidi at 101 Cookbooks has an elegant variation that sounds like the perfect quick fall dinner: eggs poached in white wine, served on a piece of avocado toast. Um, yes please. The wine is simmered with minced shallots and herbs for a flavorful, unexpected poaching liquid that can be used to make a quick sauce after the eggs are done cooking.
Nov 8, 2013
Do Cold Eggs Really Make a Difference in Baking?
If you’re an avid baker, you’ve probably heard that room temperature eggs make for better baked goods — but how much better? The curious folks at America’s Test Kitchen did some experimenting to find out if using cold eggs makes a noticeable difference in homemade cakes, or if pulling them straight out of the fridge is just fine.
Sep 26, 2013
King Ranch Casserole
With all the hustle and bustle in our daily lives, I can’t think of anything better than stocking the freezer with a couple of homemade casseroles. There is something about these piping-hot, one-dish meals that can satisfy the weariest of souls. This from-scratch version of King Ranch Casserole gets rid of the cans and is destined to become a modern-day classic.
Aug 26, 2013
The One-Minute Microwave Omelet
My husband has been in hot pursuit of the flawless French omelet for months, studying our stove’s quirks and calibrating the ratio of butter to pan surface (I cover my eyes at this point). He would be appalled to learn that his hard-won mastery may be jeopardized by a shortcut in that most modern of machines, the microwave. Can a one-minute microwave omelet challenge the greatness of the classic omelet?
Jun 25, 2013
Recipe: Ham, Cheddar & Chive Egg Bakes
Cooking while traveling can be a tough endeavor. You lose most of the control you usually have at home: who knows how the oven will work, who knows where the local grocery store is… and on. And on. These egg bakes are a good solution to a healthy, delicious breakfast while traveling. The ingredients are basic and easy to track down, and they’re infinitely adaptable so you can toss in a little of whatever vegetables or cheese you have on hand.
Jun 19, 2013
The Very Best Cheese for a Frittata: What Gets Your Vote?
In a recent piece about frittatas for The Washington Post, food writer Joe Yonan discussed deciding which cheese to use for his spring frittata. He favors a salty feta, although he recognizes that not everyone agrees. For instance, he mentions that chef and cookbook writer Lidia Bastianich reaches for a rich, whole-milk ricotta (which I’d never thought to do).
May 31, 2013
Why You Should Use 3 Bowls When Separating Eggs
Normally, I’m all for minimizing the number of bowls needed for a single task. But when it comes to separating eggs and ensuring that nary a wisp of yolk touches those pristine egg whites, three is the magic number.Before you start cracking your eggs, set three small bowls around your work station. Crack your egg into the first bowl and scoop out the yolk. The yolk goes into the second bowl, and the egg white gets tipped into the third bowl.
May 28, 2013
Recipe: Tortilla Espanola with Rainbow Chard
This week at The Forest Feast, I needed to use up some chard from the nearby farmers market, so I cooked up a big skillet tortilla Espanola. This dish is usually made with just potatoes and onions, but I like to add some greens — it becomes almost like a crustless quiche. The addition of the colorful chard lightens the dish a bit, but is still quite filling. I like that this meal is made in a single pan and works well for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
May 21, 2013
Turkey Eggs: Have You Tried Them?
duckquailturkey I recently picked up a few turkey eggs at my local market, struck by how big they were — between 25 and 50 percent larger than a typical chicken egg. They were pretty, too, with speckled brown shells. Cooking with them, the first thing I noticed was the thick shell, making them harder to crack (no suave, one-handed crack for me!). Inside, the yolk-to-white ratio was much higher.
May 6, 2013
6 Resources for Making Fun and Colorful Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs
It’s that Easter egg-dying time of the year! I grew up using store-bought colored dye pellets that we dropped into bowls of water and vinegar, with wild and lurid results. This mild trauma has lead me down the path of natural dyes, which have come a long way from their murky, muddy hippie days. Read on for a roundup of sources for fun, innovative ways to dye and decorate eggs without all the chemicals.
Mar 27, 2013
How Not To Cook An Egg: When Pinterest and the Internet Lead You Wrong
The internet told me that if I shook my uncooked egg before boiling that it would come out with a beautiful yellow color and creamy texture. No whites, no yolks, just a pale yellow. Sounds cool, right? I saw multiple people liking the idea, so I hopped on board and tried it with the hard-boiled eggs I like for lunch. Folks, some ideas we should not try at home. Want to know what happens when you shake an egg before cooking?
Mar 11, 2013
Recipe: Potato and Leek Galette
One of the remarkable things about this savory potato and leek galette is that it looks fancy, yet the ingredients are simple and inexpensive. The potatoes are plain old russets, the fat is olive oil instead of butter, and even though it’s gluten-free and vegan, the galette is pleasantly starchy and creamy — a perfect cross between comfort food and an elegant, company-worthy dish.
Feb 20, 2013
Recipe: Creamed Spinach with Baked Eggs
Creamed spinach is a classic, decadent side dish, but it also makes a fine nest for baked eggs. Despite its name, cream weighs down the spinach, so half-and-half or whole milk is a better choice. On the other hand, skim milk is puny, meager, and inadequate. Starting with fresh spinach requires an extra prep step, but the flavor and texture are so superior to frozen spinach that it’s worth it. (You can make the creamed spinach the night before!
Dec 24, 2012
Is Homemade Eggnog Worth the Effort?
I was recently at a small Christmas gathering where the host served warm cocktails and homemade eggnog. Everyone was raving about the creamy, traditional nog so I tried a small glass and couldn’t help but think that the carton I’d bought at the store was better. Sure, I doctor it up with a little fresh nutmeg and rum or brandy, but still, the store-bought version was smoother and had more nuanced, subtle flavors than this homemade version, which tasted quite eggy to me.
Dec 13, 2012
Recipe: Enchiladas de Pipián Rojo
Every Halloween I like to cook something warm and pumpkin-y for dinner. This year I’ll pair my favorite pumpkin tortilla soup with enchiladas de pipián rojo, a smoky, nutty, spiced (but not too spicy) sauce made with pumpkin seeds, chile peppers, and roasted vegetables. In Mexico, pipián is a type of mole or sauce served with meat or over enchiladas. Made with ground seeds or nuts, it may be green (verde) or red (rojo).
Oct 31, 2012
Have Hard Boiled Egg Leftovers? Try Freezing Them!
I’ve been focused on high-protein snacks lately, and a tried-and-true taste is a hard boiled egg. I love them dearly and usually boil a full dozen at a go. Some weeks I eat them all and some weeks I turn to the freezer for help! Although egg whites don’t take too kindly to freezing (they will leak water and turn funny colors), the yolks are perfect for freezing. To do this, simply cut your egg in half, discard or eat the whites, and then toss your yolks in a zip top bag.
Sep 4, 2012
Quick Tip: How to Tell if Eggs Are Good
It comes up in our house a lot. I’m guessing it might in yours, too. It goes something like this: one of us is holding up X ingredient to the other asking, “do you think this is still good?” What follows is a delicate dance of sniffing, staring, scratching our heads and making a quick decision that’s often more guess than certain knowledge. But with eggs, that decision can be much easier. Now if you’ve ever encountered a really bad egg, you’d know.
Sep 4, 2012
$6.00 For a Dozen Eggs: Are You Willing To Pay More For Pasture-Raised Eggs?
Three years ago I wrote a post asking if $7.50 was too much to pay for a dozen eggs. The eggs in question were gathered from pasture-raised chickens and in my post I brought up how pasture-raised poultry was handled differently than free-range or cage-free and why it was worth it to me. The debate in the comment section was lively, as I’m sure you can imagine. Today I usually pay $6.
Sep 4, 2012
Recipe: Baked Eggs With Creamy Polenta, Spinach & Garlic
I had my first experience of the Nickel Diner in downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and you can bet I zeroed right in on the “Eggs Baked on Polenta with Spinach.” My decision did not go unrewarded. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about this dish and its divine trifecta of savory breakfast treats, even after I’d boarded my plane and flew home. The creamy polenta was the first piece of the puzzle.
Sep 3, 2012
Recipe: Eight-Ball Zucchini With Eggs Baked Inside
Last week we received a bunch of cute little eight-ball zucchini from our CSA. We thought of stuffingeggs baked inside pattypan squash We hollowed out each squash, filled the shell with a bit of tomato sauce and tangy goat cheese, topped it with an egg, and popped it in the oven until the yolk was just set and still creamy. We ate it with crusty bread for brunch, but it would also be delicious as a simple summer dinner.
Jul 6, 2012
Market Recipe: Spring Quiche with Leeks and Sorrel
The days when you allow the farmers market to dictate what you make for dinner are kind of awesome days. To be quite honest, they’ve become rarer and rarer around our house as we’ve become busier during the weekends. But there’s something quite sweet about ambling around the market and chatting about what you could make with certain ingredients. This weekend, we had time to visit our local farmers market and found some beautiful looking sorrel, leeks, and farm eggs.
Apr 25, 2012
Making Hard-Cooked Eggs? Don’t Boil Them. Bake Them!
With Easter around the corner and spring just arrived, there’s probably a plethora of eggs in your near future. Maybe you’re dyeing them or just making a batch of deviled eggs for a potluck. But one thing is for sure — boiling them in water, that’s so last year. If you have a ton of eggs to cook at the same time, forget boiling multiple pots of water. Instead, try baking them!
Mar 29, 2012
Pi Day Recipe: Chocolate Stout Pudding Pie
Pie It Forward by Gesine Bullock-Prado is a pretty, educational, and thorough collection of pie recipes and baking tips. Bullock-Prado owns the Vermont Pastry shop Gesine Confectionary and felt it was time to write a solid, complete pie book using many of the recipes she’s become known for in the shop.Now I bake a lot of pies, and I have to admit that I was struck by how much I learned after just a few minutes flipping through Pie It Forward.
Mar 14, 2012
How to Open a Soft Boiled Egg
Imagine sitting down to breakfast and being confronted with a perfectly intact soft-boiled egg sitting in an egg cup. Would you know what to do next? If you’re from the Continent, or indeed much of the world, this would not a problem but most Americans would be a little puzzled about their next move. Turns out that there are several ways to approach a soft boiled egg and, not surprisingly, each has their staunch supporters. Read on for an overview of choices. Fat end or pointy end?
Mar 8, 2012
Try This! Use Chopsticks to Scramble Eggs
Most of us probably consider chopsticks to be more of a utensil than a tool, but Chef David Barry from the Culinary Institute of America has some compelling reasons for using them in the kitchen. Namely, the best scrambled eggs ever.In an article he wrote for Fine Cooking, Chef Barry recommends using chopsticks instead of spatulas or wooden spoons to stir a skillet of scrambled eggs.
Mar 6, 2012
Breakfast Recipe: Eggs Florentine in Hash Brown Nests
Breakfast is typically not my most creative meal of the day—early morning is not often the time I feel the most culinarily inspired. The truth is, I could live off a poached egg atop toasted sourdough (with a generous dousing of Cholula) every single day for the rest of my life. It would never get old to me.Every now and then, however, I get a wild hair and branch out. In the case of these eggs Florentine in hash brown nests, it was an experiment in pantry raiding.
Feb 16, 2012
Healthy & Hearty Breakfast Idea: Egg Baked In an Avocado
It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so let’s take a moment to appreciate one of food’s great partnerships: avocado and eggs. We’ve tried adding avocado to scrambled eggs or using mashed avocado in place of mayonnaise in an egg salad, but this idea is a new one: baking an egg directly in an avocado half!Basically, you remove the pit from a halved avocado, hollow out a little more space if needed, and crack an egg into the hollow.
Feb 9, 2012
Help Me Make Better Egg Stir-Fry
Q: Whenever I order Asian takeout, my requirements are simple: some kind of noodle stir-fry with eggs. I love the way the bits of eggs are so chewy and perfect and soak up the sauce, but I can’t figure out how they get that way. Whenever I try to make it at home, I just get fluffy bits of scrambled eggs.What are the restaurants doing differently with their eggs?Sent by KeriEditor: This is a good question, Keri!
Feb 3, 2012
The How’s and Why’s of Whisking By Hand
I’m in a sublet situation, so my stand mixer and hand mixer are packed away in storage for a little while. This means that whenever I need egg whites or cream beaten stiff, I have to do it by hand. It’s really not that hard and doesn’t take as long as most people think. Read on for a few tips on how to whisk by hand.There are a lot of reasons why you may want to whisk by hand besides lack of equipment.
Jan 26, 2012
The 5 Rules of Ultimate Scrambled Eggs
What’s your favorite last-minute dinner? Mine is scrambled eggs. I like them soft as possible, with plenty of butter, eaten on crisp toast at 7 p.m., taking comfort in a simple, hot meal after a scattered day. If scrambled eggs are your idea of easy comfort food, when it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these five tips will make them even better. Scrambled eggs are one of the few foods that it doesn’t pay to get too much of a head start.
Jan 11, 2012
Recipe: Giant Zucchini Stuffed with Sausage, Mushrooms & Sage
This, if you can’t tell, is an enormous zucchini. It’s the the type that shows up this time of year, somehow having hid beneath leaves all summer long until reaching proportions too gargantuan to ignore. There’s only one thing to do with a zucchini of this size: stuff it. This particular zucchini was bequeathed to me (as such things usually are) by a friend’s mother.
Sep 29, 2011
Back to School Recipe: The Ultimate Mac & Mornay
Wow. Have your ever had a gastronomic moment when you know you’re eating the best version of a particular dish? Eyes light up, noshing sounds commence and belly sighs exhale as fellow diners exclaim, “No THIS is the best!”, “Oh my God!” and “Praise Mac & Mornay!” This happened recently and thank goodness I had my camera and notebook to document and jot down the ultimate mac and mornay recipe.
Aug 24, 2011
Side Dish Recipe: Cheesy Corn Bake
While I was baking up my second batch of this cheesy corn bake, I realized just how out of control my corn obsession has been as of late. My recipe lineup has recently included creamy corn grits, corn & jalapeno dip, corn & red pepper quiche, corn & heirloom tomato pizza, and a corn & roasted summer squash pasta bake (and some of these items on multiple occasions). Corn much? Despite the corn overload, I couldn’t resist baking up this delicious corn casserole the other day.
Jul 25, 2011
Crack and Peel: An Easy Way to Eat Crawfish
Ever been to a crawfish boil? It’s a full-contact eating affair, so bring your appetite and your bib. On our New Orleans seafood tourSerious EatsChichi confidently cracks the head off a crawfish.Chichi saw me struggling to peel each bit of shell from my crawfish (I was on my first; she was on her fifth), and explained this easy five-step technique:1. Crack off the head – Pick up the crawfish and crack or twist the head right off.
Jun 20, 2011
Yes, Adding Avocado to Scrambled Eggs Is a Very Good Idea
I love avocado with eggs. I add slices on top of fried eggs on toast, and inside egg sandwiches. But I had never tried adding avocado to scrambled eggs — until last week. Why not? I have no idea — these two things were meant to go together. I will be the first to admit that chunks of avocado in scrambled eggs looks a little odd. There’s a greenish cast to the whole dish (Green Eggs and Ham, anyone?). But ignore that.
Jun 14, 2011
Brunch Recipe: Lemon Brioche French Toast & Raspberries
My ideal Mother’s Day brunch includes one my very favorite breakfast casseroles: A simple strata of brioche bread, layered with lemon zest and custard, and baked until puffy, golden, and silky smooth inside. This recipe is lightly adapted from one in my recent book, Not Your Mother’s Casseroles. • Not Your Mother’s Casseroles, Harvard Common Press. $11.15 at Amazon. It is so incredibly simple. Just slice any rich, eggy bread, such as brioche or challah.
May 5, 2011
Sweet Recipe: Double Chocolate Bourbon Egg Cream
Here’s a funny thing about an egg cream: It contains neither eggs nor cream. What it does offer is a sweet yet light way to end a meal. And, if you’re so inclined (I am) you can slip your booze in at the same time. Bonus! The egg cream is a soda shop classic. In the old days of drugstore soda fountains, kids and teenagers would belly up to the bar for a rich glass of milk, fizzed up with soda, and sweetened with a thick stir of chocolate syrup.
Apr 28, 2011
Recipe: Goat Cheese and Swiss Chard Pasta Casserole
This past weekend in San Francisco, the weather forecast was a bold one. Each news station insisted snow was on its way. People dug out their winter coats. Kids prepared for snow-man marathons. And I made a very fine casserole&mdash one with healthy whole-wheat pasta, Swiss chard, and goat cheese. It was definitely a casserole occasion as it hasn’t snowed in San Francisco since the 1970’s.
Mar 2, 2011
Perfectly Poached: Some Tips and Tricks for Poaching Eggs
We found that a single poached egg was just the thing to round out a bowl of that Quinoa Salad with Apples, Walnuts, Cranberries, and Gouda from last week. And since that recipe made enough to feed a family reunion, that means we’ve been poaching a lot of eggs. While it’s still fresh in our minds, here are our best tips for perfectly poached eggs!Poaching is actually our favorite way of consuming the incredible edible egg.
Feb 23, 2011
Video Tip: How To Crack an Egg With Just One Hand
Ever wondered how to crack an egg with just one hand? Those chefs on TV make it look so easy. Well, it is! And it’s more than a party trick; being able to crack an egg with one hand lets you stir or whisk with the other as you add your eggs. It’s actually pretty useful. Here’s a quick little video (less than a minute long) where Emma demonstrates the keys to cracking an egg with just one hand.IngredientsEggsEquipmentA bowlJust one hand!1.
Feb 15, 2011
Perfect Fried Eggs: Getting the Whites to Set
As self-professed egg fiends, we thought we knew everything there was to know about cooking themOur usual method for cooking fried eggs involves cracking them in a pan and letting them sizzle. If the whites are taking too long to set, we’ll cover the pan with a lid to encourage even cooking.Our friend takes things one step further. Before putting the lid over the pan, she’ll pour a little water into the pan. Just a tablespoon or two.
Feb 14, 2011
A Versatile (& Gluten-Free!) Recipe: Sweet Potato Sformato
A sformato is a close cousin to the soufflé. It has all the same creamy custard-y goodness, but without the hassle of whipping egg whites or the anxiety of collapsing domes. It’s meant to be rather humble. This is also an easy dish to make gluten-free, and it works well as the first course for a fancy dinner or as a light lunch with a salad. Like a soufflé, a sformato starts off with a bechamel sauce.
Jan 19, 2011
Quick Dinner Recipe: Pumpkin & Ricotta Pasta Casserole
Everyone loves a good casserole, right? The key word here is good. We’ve all had goopy, unappetizing messes inflicted upon us in the name of casseroles, but that really should be the deviation — not the norm. I love casseroles — the good ones. In fact, I just spent a year writing an entire book with 225 recipes for modern, fresh casseroles. This recipe isn’t in the book, but it’s very much in the spirit of things.
Oct 29, 2010
How To Poach an Egg in the Microwave
I don’t usually use the microwave to poach my breakfast egg, but it can come in very handy for a lunch egg. Lentils, brown rice, or a salad can be elevated from a side dish to a main dish with a tender, gooey poached egg on top. Here’s how to make a quick, freshly poached egg in the office microwave. Huge caveat, before you try this: Remember that microwaves come in lots of different configurations.
Aug 25, 2010
Recipe Review: Momofuku’s Pan-Roasted Asparagus with Poached Egg and Miso Butter
The meat-centric Momofuku cookbook as a recipe source for vegetarians? Really? Well, yes! Not the whole cookbook, of course, but there are several delectable recipes that are suitable for vegetarians. Read on for one of my favorites.David Chang’s Momofuku cookbook is a umami-laden carnivore’s delight, with pages and pages devoted to things like foie gras, country ham, pig’s head torchon and something charmingly referred to as ‘meat glue.
Jun 9, 2010
Keep ‘Em Separated: Why No Yolks in Egg Whites?
Directions for whipping egg whites into foam can sometimes read like clean-room instructions: make sure no yolk gets in the white; the bowl should be metal or glass, not plastic, and it must be absolutely clean; the whisk must also be perfectly clean; no fat residue anywhere. Why is keeping the egg whites separated so important?Egg whites are made almost entirely of protein. When we whip them, the motion of the whisk forces the proteins to unfold and recombine in rigid structures.
Jun 1, 2010
How Can I Cook Pancakes and Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan?
Q: Since switching to stainless steel cookware, my husband and I have learned how to fry most things without crazy stickiness, but two things still have us stumped: pancakes and eggs.How do we cook them without having to chisel them off the skillet?Sent by StephanieEditor: Stephanie, first off, we always accept there will be some small degree of stick-age with pancakes and eggs in a stainless steel skillet, as opposed to a nonstick pan.
May 14, 2010
How To Fry an Egg: The Video
How do you fry an egg? Do you do it fast, with a smear of butter? Or all bubbly, with lots of olive oil, like the Spanish do? Here’s one basic way to fry an egg — it’s simple and foolproof. Want more smart tutorials for getting things done around the home? See more How To posts We’re looking for great examples of your own household intelligence too! Submit your own tutorials or ideas here!
Feb 24, 2010
How To Poach an Egg: The Video
For a long time we avoided poached eggs out of a misplaced impression that they were extra-difficult or tricky. But they are not! A perfect poached egg is quick, simple, and foolproof. Here’s how we make poached eggs now. Want more smart tutorials for getting things done around the home? See more How To posts We’re looking for great examples of your own household intelligence too! Submit your own tutorials or ideas here!
Feb 23, 2010
Memories of Christmas Breakfast Strata (and a Recipe)
I am not exactly sure what most people eat for breakfast on Christmas morning. There is often a lot of talk about dinner: roasts and hams, traditional side dishes, and glittering desserts. But the day has to start somehow; you can’t dig through stockings and unwrap presents on an empty stomach. And it’s Christmas, so it better be special. That means no bowls of cold cereal or skimpy slices of toast.
Dec 15, 2009
Soft and Pretty: Eggs en Cocotte
For such an elegant little dish, eggs en cocotte are remarkably simple to make. We can even do it half-awake on a Saturday morning while we’re waiting for the coffee to brew. Oh, and then the absolute luxury of dipping that first piece of buttered toast into the warm yolk. Yes, we’ll be making these eggs this weekend. What about you?This dish is sometimes called baked eggs or shirred eggs, but all the recipes are generally the same.
Oct 16, 2009
How To Fry-Poach an Egg
Have you ever fry-poached an egg? We think that this intriguing mash-up of egg terminology holds out potential for the ultimate breakfast egg.Reader Jennifer sent us her scrumptious-looking Croque Jardin, pictured above. The sandwich looks lovely and delicious, but we were arrested by her description of the “fry-poached” egg on top.Basically, a fry-poached egg avoids the rubbery white of a regular fried egg by combining two favorite techniques.
Sep 29, 2009
A Better Frittata: Tips from Alice Waters
There are a handful of cookbooks we turn to when we’re looking to perfect a classic recipe. Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food has become one of those books. In it, we found three great tips for making the perfect frittata.We love books like this one because they offer great information about the basics of a recipe. Once you’ve got those down, you can get creative with flavors and ingredients. Here’s what we learned about making a frittata: Cook the vegetables first.
Sep 29, 2009
Recipe Recommendation: Pipérade
A pipérade is a Basque dish made with tomatoes, peppers, Bayonne ham, and piment d’espeletteThis dish is very quick and versatile, and hearty. I think Aida Mollenkamp’s recipe here is closest to the most authentic style.
Oct 29, 2008
Quick Tip: Beating Egg Whites
Clouds of meringue, creamy soufflés, pillowy sponge cake–these elegant dishes can be the pride of any table…and they can be particularly aggravating when they don’t go as planned.
Apr 21, 2008
Passover Cooking: Huevos Haminados
These might look like Easter eggs, but actually they’re a traditional treat for Passover. We asked NYC caterer and culinary consultant Sierra Spingarn to share the family recipe for Huevos Haminados.Since observant Jews refrain from doing work on the Sabbath, they employ techniques for slow-cooked foods that can be started Friday afternoon, and still be hot on their table. This year, as Passover begins on Saturday night, these techniques will come in especially handy.
Apr 16, 2008
Skeptical Shopper: Born Free Hard Boiled Peeled Eggs
Our first reaction to seeing this bag of ready-to-eat, hard-boiled eggs in the grocery store was along the lines of, “That’s ridiculous.” In fact, that’s exactly what our husband said when we put them in our basket.Why did we buy them when we are perfectly capable of hard-boiling our own? Because to give you a full report, we needed to slice and taste a few. Could this new convenience product have a place in our kitchen?The short answer is no.
Apr 11, 2008
Tip: Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs
Don’t you just hate when this happens? You’re hard-boiling eggs to make deviled eggs, and when you peel them, you discover the yolks have clung to one side of the egg, leaving holes. Or, you peel the egg, and bits of the white come off. How do you keep this from happening? We’ll tell you! First of all, before you even cook the eggs, if you store the eggs tip-point down, this will center the yolk. Now, when you cook them, cook them slowly!
Apr 8, 2008
Recipe: How to Make Hollandaise Sauce
During the week, I’m often too busy to cook breakfast, but as the weekend approaches, I start making mental menus for Saturday and Sunday morning. Freshly brewed coffee, fruit salad, toast with jam, fresh-squeezed juices, frittatas, pancakes with maple syrup, crabcakes Benedict with hollandaise …Hollandaise is one of my most favorite sauces ever, and it is ridiculously easy to make.
Mar 7, 2008
How To: Fry An Egg the Spanish Way
Food blogging introduced us to Spanish fried eggs. All credit goes to In Praise of Sardines, where this method of huevos fritos captured our attention. We’ve haven’t fried an egg any other way since. What’s a Spanish fried egg? It’s an egg fried very quickly in very, very hot olive oil. Some use olive oil AND butter but just olive oil does fine. What you get in a Spanish fried egg is a crispy, delicate white that crunches then practically melts in your mouth.
May 30, 2007
Recipe: Slow Scrambled Eggs with Rosemary and Capers
Eggs on toast are go-to comfort food, a meal to be eaten alone on a spring evening, standing up in the kitchen, or on the couch with a book. When all else fails, there’s always eggs and buttery toast. Here’s one of our favorite ways to spruce up the old standby with a smattering of grownup flavors – briny, juicy capers, fragrant rosemary, and a dash of Romano cheese.
May 22, 2007