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Help a Friend in Need! Bid on a Cooking Day with Sara KatePeople
Almost three weeks ago my friend, fellow food writer and mother Jennifer Perillo, lost her husband quite suddenly. Just a week before his death, she and I sat on a sunny lawn with Dixie cups of lemonade, and she told me about how deep and long her love for Mikey runs.The loss of Mikey is a grand devastation. Most of us can only imagine.A bunch of folks in the food community are gathering hands, minds and hearts to help Jennie. This post is about how you can help us help her.
Aug 24, 2011
Meet The Kitchn Team: Sara Kate Gillingham-RyanPeople
Recipe: Real Irish SconesBlogger: Sara Kate Gillingham-RyanStarted at The Kitchn: The very beginning! If it weren’t for Sara Kate, The Kitchn wouldn’t exist! She began blogging about food, cooking, nourishment, and her own dinner parties in the autumn of 2005, and I and many others were hooked. She’s been a friend and an inspiration ever since.
Jan 2, 2011
Meet The Kitchn Team: Faith DurandPeople
Blogger: Faith Durand Started at The Kitchn: 2006 Faith basically took the reins from me on The Kitchn when I had our daughter back in 2006. She now oversees the site and all the freelance writers who contribute. I’m not quite sure how she does it, but she does it incredibly well. On top of all the daily duties that come with the full-time gig, she not only manages to write knock-out posts of her own, but she somehow figured out how to write a book this year!
Dec 31, 2010
Meet The Kitchn Team: Jill SlaterPeople
Kitchen Tour: Jill’s Small Powerhouse of a Kitchen Blogger: Jill Slater Started at The Kitchn: 2009 Jill Slater is another Apartment Therapy veteran who crossed over to The Kitchn. Jill lives in New York City, and she shares a weekly Kitchen Tour. We love Jill’s kitchen tours; she has a knack for finding interesting kitchens and cooks, and peeking inside very cool spaces. Read on for a bit more about Jill, and to see a few favorite tours from this past year!
Dec 30, 2010
Meet The Kitchn Team: Nora SingleyPeople
What You Might Not Know: Not All Cheeses Are Vegetarian! Blogger: Nora Singley Started at The Kitchn: 2008 Nora Singley is our inestimable Cheesemonger, and she brings us tips, recipes, and sage advice on enjoying cheese. She comes to us from a career at Murray’s Cheese Shop, where she was a Cheesemonger, and currently by day she works as a chef on The Martha Stewart Show.
Dec 28, 2010
Meet The Kitchn Team: Elizabeth PassarellaPeople
How To Use a Waiter’s Key CorkscrewBlogger: Elizabeth PassarellaStarted at The Kitchn: 2008 Where to start when talking about Elizabeth? Elizabeth has been on The Kitchn’s team for several years, and she comes to us from the magazine world, where she worked at Real Simple and other fine publications.
Dec 27, 2010
Meet The Kitchn Team: Anjali PrasertongPeople
Supermarket Survival: Tips for the Self-Checkout Lane Blogger: Anjali Prasertong Started at The Kitchn: Fall 2010 Anjali joined The Kitchn this past fall, and it has been such a treat to have this Los Angeles-based writer on the team. Anjali’s primary beat is food news and media — spotlighting ingredients, covering interesting trends, and recapping episodes of Top Chef and other popular cooking shows.
Dec 27, 2010
Meet The Kitchn Team: Rebekah PepplerPeople
Recipe: Molasses Spice Cookies with Orange Sugar Blogger: Rebekah Peppler Started at The Kitchn: Fall 2010 Rebekah joined us this past fall from New York City, where she is a professional food writer and stylist. She has worked for CBS and other television outlets, as well as for Saveur and many other publications. Rebekah is bringing us her own sweet brand of recipes once a week, offering up pastries, cookies, as well as other delicious and savory things.
Dec 24, 2010
Meet The Kitchn Team: Emily HoPeople
Holiday Gift Or Appetizer: Spanish Fig & Almond Balls Blogger: Emily Ho Started at The Kitchn: 2008 Emily Ho lives in Los Angeles with her partner Gregory Han (whom you may also know!), and she has been blogging daily for The Kitchn for over two years. Emily’s specialties include vegan and vegetarian recipes, sustainable and eco-friendly issues and cooking, and all sorts of Asian food! Read on to learn a little more about Emily, and to see some of our favorite Emily posts.
Dec 23, 2010
Columbus Day: A MenuRecipes
Today is a holiday and we’re off, enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. We’re also taking the opportunity to reflect on the great diversity and bounty of New World foods. There were no chili peppers in India before traders brought them from the New World, no potatoes in Ireland and no corn or squash anywhere but here.
Oct 8, 2007
From the Kitchen… La Cucina PoveraPeople
La cucina povera is an Italian phrase that means “cooking of the poor,” or “peasant cooking.” This often refers to a now-fashionable mode of Italian cooking, popularized by Mario Batali and usually involving entrails, in some fashion. On a deeper level it reflects a necessary philosophy that is common in all cultures: making do with what you’ve got to transform humble ingredients into dishes that are more than the sum of their parts.
Jan 12, 2007