Simple Fall Dinners

This Creamy One-Pot Vegetarian Pasta Is Ready in 30 Minutes
Tonight We Veg
Add this 30-minute meal to your dinner rotation ASAP.
Oct 24, 2020
The Easy Trick That Will Get You Better Baked MeatballsRecipes
The proof: These baked turkey and ricotta meatballs.
Sep 14, 2021
This Fall Sheet Pan Dinner Is Colorful and Totally Feel-Good
Mediterranean Monday
Pistachio-crusted cod meets a trio of the season's best vegetables.
Oct 30, 2020
Use Whatever You Have to Make a Luscious French Vegetable SoupRecipes
It's a cozy, comforting fall staple
Sep 26, 2021

Easy Bakes

A Better (Moister) Version of the Viral Peanut Butter BreadRecipes
Adding one simple ingredient made a huge difference.
Sep 25, 2021
This Spiced Apple Cobbler Is the Fall Dessert You've Been Waiting For Recipes
You can't go wrong with cinnamon-scented drop biscuits.
Aug 12, 2023
Garlicky Cheesy Breadsticks Are the Best Game-Day SnackRecipes
Warning: They're hard to stop eating.
Sep 23, 2021

All Things Pumpkin

If You're Carving a Pumpkin, You Need to Air Fry the SeedsRecipes
Don't miss out on the best crunchy fall snack.
Sep 23, 2021
No-Bake Whipped Pumpkin Cheesecake Is the Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing TreatRecipes
It’s no secret that pumpkin cheesecake is the ultimate crowd-pleasing fall dessert. But making a full-sized cheesecake from scratch is no small feat. So I took all the best parts of the creamy, tangy dessert — the light-as-air spiced pumpkin filling, the crumbly graham cracker crust, the swoosh of whipped cream — and packed them into miniature single-serve treats. They’re just as tasty as the real deal, and they’re ready to serve to guests in just 10 minutes.
Jan 21, 2020
Upgrade Pasta with a Creamy Pumpkin Sauce Recipes
You probably have all the ingredients to make it right now.
Sep 27, 2021
Fluffy Pumpkin Scones with Maple Glaze Are the Perfect Fall BreakfastRecipes
Even pumpkin naysayers can't resist them.
Sep 28, 2021

Scary-Easy Halloween Treats

Boo Bark Is the Fun Halloween Treat Everyone Will LoveRecipes
Chocolate bark transcends all holidays — it is as welcome as a Christmas gift as it is alongside your bunny cake at Easter — but it is at its most clever and delightful at Halloween. And it’s even better with one simple, easy upgrade. That upgrade? It’s easy: Rice Krispies or another crispy rice cereal. Fold it into melted chocolate and then top this bark with your favorite sprinkles, candies, and edible eyeballs for a spooky treat everyone will love.
Oct 30, 2018
3-Ingredient Mummy Hot Dogs Are Spookily DeliciousRecipes
The only thing better than a sausage wrapped in tender pastry dough is one that looks like a spooky mummy! Maybe the most iconic Halloween treat of all time, mummy hot dogs have been peeking out of their wrappings on the pages of food magazines since most of us were kids. But have you actually tried them? These buttery, flaky, ultra-easy snacks aren’t just for kids. Wanna see how to make them? A mummy dog is just a spooked-up pig in a blanket.
Jan 29, 2020
To Make a Monster Munch Party Mix, Just Add Eyes!Recipes
As long as there’s been Pinterest (and magazines!) we’ve been celebrating Halloween with delightful crafts. Some of these are elaborate and hard to recreate; others, like this is hilariously cute and tasty party mix, come down to one thing. Just add eyes! Every get-together, costume party, and pre-trick-or-treat dinner needs party mix.
May 1, 2019
Turn a Box of Instant Chocolate Pudding Into This Graveyard Dirt CakeRecipes
Do you remember eating pudding cups with crushed cookies and worms at every Halloween party as a kid? My birthday falls just before Halloween, and this is something I requested at every costume birthday party from the time I was 6 until I turned 10. Now I’m delighted to introduce my own kids (and our neighbors) to this classic treat. Here’s how you can make your own party-sized pudding graveyard this Halloween.
Jan 22, 2020

Low-Stress Party Ideas

How To Transform a Pumpkin into a Wine DispenserKitchen
Wine from a pumpkin keg? Even if it's just for you on the couch? Yes, please.
Oct 14, 2020
Make Halloween Porch Parties Your New Fall Tradition
The absolute best party! It's so good I throw it every year. Here's everything you need, from the menu to super simple decor ideas.
Oct 29, 2019
A Festive Halloween Snack Board Will Be the Life of Any CelebrationRecipes
We're staying home on Halloween, but at least we have this snack board to cheer us up.
Oct 28, 2021
These Drink-and-Dessert Combos Are Perfect for HalloweenRecipes
Halloween is just around the corner, and we want to show you just how cheap and easy it can be to gather some friends and celebrate. There’s no elaborate menu, hours in the kitchen, or fancy cocktails required. All you need is an easy-yet-impressive boozy beverage paired with a festive sweet treat. Think of this as your itty-bitty party plan! Here is proof once and for all that hosting a Halloween get-together (or truly, any type of get together!
May 1, 2019