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Warm Creamy Corn and Walnut Dip Is the Best Way to Use Summer Produce TonightRecipes
When summer is in full swing and corn is in season, use those sweet kernels of goodness in as many ways as you can. While corn is usually eaten as a side dish, this warm, creamy dip with a walnut cream base proves that it’s also right at home as an appetizer or happy hour snack. Just stir a few ingredients together, bake until bubbly, and serve with a colorful array of dippers.A lot of creamy dips rely on cream cheese or sour cream for richness, but that often makes them too rich.
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Recipe: Smoky Corn and Shrimp FrittersRecipes
In the summer, I never grow tired of shrimp. Whether it’s thrown on the grill or tossed cold in a salad, it’s light and satisfying this time of year. But I find where it really shines is next to corn; its flavor pairs perfectly with the extra-sweet kernels. That’s why these crispy, smoky fritters are exactly what I want to eat through the rest of the summer.
Jan 22, 2020
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