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Meal Prep Plan: How I Prep a Week of Meals for One in Just Over an Hour
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A Single Jar of Refrigerator JamSkills
We’ve posted a fair amount about small-batch canning here at The Kitchn, but I’d like to take this concept one step further and encourage the tiny-batch, refrigerator method of jam making, especially for the solo cook. The approach is simple: make a single jar of refrigerator jam every couple of weeks, or whenever you are inspired by what you find in the market.
Aug 1, 2012
One Woman, One Rotisserie Chicken, and Five Days: A Menu PlanSkills
The whole rotisserie chicken found in many supermarkets and delis is ubiquitous and commonplace, but I’m still a fan. I think it’s a delicious and economical way to bring protein to my table. And when I know I’ll be cooking for myself over a period of several days, I can make that bird last down to the last wing bone! Read on for my five day rotisserie chicken menu plan. A rotisserie chicken is simply a whole chicken that’s cooked on a turning spit. (See photo above.
Mar 21, 2012