How Mary Ting Hyatt of Bagelsaurus Makes the Best Bagels in BostonPeople
Who: Mary Ting Hyatt What: Bagelsaurus, a twice-a-week micro bagel-bakery currently selling out of sandwich shop Cutty’s in Brookline Where: Boston, Massachusetts Ask Mary Ting Hyatt what makes a good bagel, and she’ll give you a very specific answer: “A shiny, crisp, crackly crust that has great chew, but not necessarily dense.
May 30, 2019
5 of Boston’s Best Coffee ShopsPeople
Boston has a truly wonderful coffee scene, full of no-nonsense spots with good, strong coffee as well as impeccably designed Insta-worthy cafes with delicious brunch spreads. The best ones, however, have all of the above. Every neighborhood in Boston boasts its own renowned coffee shop, so much so that you could potentially get to know Boston just by bouncing from coffee shop to coffee shop. Here are my five favorite coffee shops, with good coffee, cozy atmospheres, and amazing interiors.
Apr 2, 2017
Cook’s Country Editor Eva Katz’s Homey, Hardworking KitchenKitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Eva Katz, her husband Philip, and their two sons Where: Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts Rent or Own? Own If there’s one thing Eva Katz knows, it’s how to make your kitchen work for you. As a recipe developer, writer, and longtime editor at Cook’s Country magazine, Eva is a consummate cook, and a busy one. Her home kitchen serves as the headquarters for both her personal blog, My Front Burner, and her freelance work for Cook’s Country.
Jan 27, 2015
Expert Bagel Maker Confirms: You Don’t Need Lye To Make a Good BagelSkills
Yesterday I introduced you to Mary Ting Hyatt of Bagelsaurus and her seriously delicious bagels. At one point in her bagel making process, I observed her dip a pretzel bagel into a lye solution, and I had to ask: is lye really necessary for bagels? I think lye is kind of scary to deal with at home, so what’s a home bagel maker to do? What does lye do, and why it is sometimes used to make bagels?
May 8, 2014
What I Cook: Abby’s Favorite Cookbooks & Her Tip For a Stress-Free Dinner PartyKitchen
Last week we showed you Abby Ruettgers’ sweet South End kitchen, a gorgeous, well-edited space with rows of cookbooks, soapstone countertops, and a big chopping board. Abby loves to entertain, and her kitchen is perfectly set up for it: in colder months friends hang out at the counter or lounge around her dining table; in the summer they head out to the patio, which is in near-constant use in grilling season.
Mar 17, 2014
How I Cook: How Abby Cleans and Maintains Her Huge Chopping BoardKitchen
While looking through Abby’s kitchen tour yesterday, did you notice the huge chopping board on her countertop? If there’s one thing Abby believes in, it’s her John Boos cutting board. She calls it a “beast” and it never leaves her countertop. Here’s why it’s so crucial to her kitchen, and how she keeps it in top-top shape: “I don’t have a lot of kitchen stuff,” Abby says.
Mar 12, 2014