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Rather than superfluous doors to nowhere, what the couple really needed was more storage for dishes, glasses, and table linens, as well as a space for a bar.
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"The cabinets are stock cabinets from Lowes and my mom and brother installed them all. I painted them and added all of the shiplap, trim, and open shelving on my own."
Feb 24, 2023
Before and After: This $3,600 Kitchen Redo Offers Smart Takeaways for RentersKitchen
"Everyone who comes over comments on how they feel so calm and zen-like in the space, and it's truly become an oasis and escape from the city."
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“My favorite part is always my client’s reaction and extreme gratitude," says Brooke. “The gasp, the smile, the relief. It’s so satisfying.” 
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“Block more time than you need because it will inevitably take longer than you think.”
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Before and After: A Dark and Dated Kitchen Gets a Fresh New Look for $2500Kitchen
If you’re looking to bring the modernized look to your own home, take tips and inspiration from homeowner Astin Hancock (@yourlifeiswhatyoumakeit). With the help of her husband, Tyler, and her daughter, Mia, Astin gave her 2011 kitchen a much more contemporary look. Astin’s kitchen started out with a quintessential 2010s look — dark wood cabinets, dark tile backsplash, and a dark stone-look counter. It was all in good shape, but everything just looked, well… dark.
Nov 3, 2022
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