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Recipe: Apple Pie Granola Bars
When a snack attack hits, reach for these chewy, buttery granola bars. They’re packed with grated apples, warming spices, and toothsome oats – perfect as a lunch-box treat or an on-the-go breakfast. One of the universally appealing things about granola bar recipes is that they’re very simple to make, and these are no exception.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Farmers Market Pizza
During the summer, the best time for pizza night is whatever day you hit the farmers market. Whether you shop with a plan or simply buy whatever looks good in the moment, this template teaches you how to transform your haul of fresh veggies and herbs into an irresistible pizza that tastes like summer. It will be cheesy and indulgent, thanks to a layer of herby ricotta and stringy mozzarella, and balanced with a mess of fresh toppings.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Tomato Water Pops
Let me introduce you to your new summer BFF: tomato water pops. These blush beauties are a savory snack on a stick that will make you a hero at every backyard BBQ between now and September, or even just your own personal hero at midnight on a hot August night. These pops are packed full of tomato flavor and studded with fresh basil, making them a fast and fancy appetizer option for serving a crowd. Here’s how to make these tomato Popsicles this summer.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Apple-Cinnamon French Toast Casserole
French toast is the gold-standard of slow Saturdays – a hot cup of coffee in one hand, a sizzling skillet on the stove, and Billie Holiday crooning in the background. There’s nothing like the soothing repetition of whisking eggs and cream, cutting rich egg bread into impossibly thick slices, combining the two, and watching the toast sizzle in a pool of butter. That is the dream until you have two toddlers begging for breakfast before your feet find your slippers.
May 1, 2019
15 Easy Sheet Pan Suppers for Cooler Days
After an easygoing summer, getting thrown back in to the busy fall season can be enough to make anyone’s head spin. Between school, work, appointments, sports, and other activities, dinner feels hard to get a handle on. Luckily there are sheet pans, which make getting a meal on the table as stress-free as the carefree days of summer we are all secretly still longing for.
May 1, 2019
The 10 Ways Your Cooking Changes in the Fall
Here are just a few reasons to be excited that fall has officially started: Apples, squash, and pumpkins are finally coming to the market; its cool enough to turn the oven on to roast a chicken or those vegetables; and your Dutch oven has come out of storage. While much of our cooking stays the same every season, fall is the most marked and we celebrate by putting up the grill until spring and dusting off a few of our favorite cool-weather cooking techniques.
May 1, 2019
The Best Time to Go to the Pumpkin Patch with Kids
There are some things I never did before I became a mom, and one of them is pumpkin picking. (Or really any fruit picking, for that matter.) It just wasn’t something we did when I was growing up, but now I look forward to it every year because my kids love it so much. My 4-year-old has been asking to go for the last six months. It’s that much of an occasion for him. Just like any activity with children, pumpkin picking can be stressful if you don’t plan ahead.
May 1, 2019
Spread Some Love to a Sick Friend with a Get-Well-Soon Box
Bring your friend a little get-well-soon gift basket to cheer her up and help her get back on her feet.
May 1, 2019
3 Ways to Pick the Best Pumpkins for Roasting Seeds
Pumpkins are good for all sorts of things (carving, painting, turning into pies). If you ask us, though, the seeds are the main attraction. Whether you coat them with savory spices or go with something sweet, roasted pumpkin seeds are just so perfectly “fall.” Plus, they are a great alternative to sugary Halloween candy, and just as festive. So how do you pick a pumpkin that’s guaranteed to have plenty of seeds? We consulted some pumpkin professionals to get the inside scoop.
May 1, 2019
A Guide to Picking the Best Pumpkins for Carving
There are so many different types of pumpkins to choose from! At just one farm stand, there could be more than a half-dozen options. How can you pick the very best pumpkin for carving? We turned to some gourd-growing professionals to get expert opinions. Have you ever seen signs for “Pie Pumpkins” and “Carving Pumpkins?” Farm stands will often label the pumpkins for you to help remove some of the guesswork. What’s the difference?
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Baked Apple-Oat Breakfast Squares
Raise your hand if you loved apple-cinnamon oatmeal as a kid.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Frozen 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bites
You only need three ingredients for these frozen treats: chocolate-covered pretzels, pumpkin purée, and peanut butter!
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Rigatoni with Winter Squash and Kale
In Tuscany, cooks don’t have a lot of uses for hard-shelled winter squash. It is typically roasted as a side dish or turned into soup. At our Brooklyn farmer’s market in autumn and winter, the stands are filled with a huge variety of squashes, each one more attractive and tasty than the other. In the States, we cook with squash all the time, and the entire family benefits. This pasta balances the somewhat sweet squash with sausage, kale, and Romano cheese.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Last-Minute Caramel Apples
If you didn’t get around to making caramel apples, but can’t imagine Halloween without them, here’s an even easier version you can dip and eat in no time. These sweet apple rounds blanketed with a sticky-sweet layer of rich caramel (sprinkles and M&Ms optional!) are proof that the most fun and festive Halloween treats can also be quick and easy.
May 1, 2019
Our 5 Favorite Ways to Eat Butternut Squash
Of all the marvelous varieties of winter squash out there, butternut would win the popularity contest by a landslide. It’s the people’s squash, which means there are a thousand ways to enjoy it while it’s in season through the fall and winter months. Need help narrowing them down? These are our top five favorite ways to get our fill of butternut squash. The recipes are savory, seasonal, and just a touch unexpected.
May 1, 2019
The 9 Easiest, Cleverest Pumpkin Carving Ideas
The idea of carving pumpkins for Halloween can be downright scary.
May 1, 2019
The Cleverest Halloween Porch Decorating Ideas on the Internet
Don't be scared of these porch ideas! They're easy enough to pull off on your own.
May 1, 2019
8 Ingenious Ways to Decorate Pumpkins (Without Carving!)
Creating a killer pumpkin doesn’t have to require whipping out your sharpest cutlery. This Halloween, craft a standout gourd with hot glue, paint, balloons (seriously!), or a few other random supplies. Here are a few ingenious ideas to inspire you. For a gilded touch, use gold thumbtacks to create patterns, letters, or full-out words. This one comes from Gold Standard Workshop and she used a stencil to plan out her design.
May 1, 2019
15 Recipes for People Obsessed with Pumpkin Spice
If you’re someone who craves pumpkin spice the moment the first cool fall morning arrives, this roundup of recipes is for you. With only a few months of the season, you know you have limited time to get your fill of all that sweet, spicy goodness before winter shows up. Luckily standing in line at Starbucks is far from your only option when you’re looking to satisfy your annual craving. These 15 recipes feature pumpkin spice in all of its cinnamon- and nutmeg-dusted glory.
May 1, 2019
10 Reasons Why Pears Are Totally Better than Apples
There are two types of people in this world: those who believe apples are the one and only fall fruit, and those (myself included) who believe it’s time for pears to enjoy some time in the limelight. This mix of sweet and savory recipes will make pear-lovers swoon, and just might give those with a thing for apples a change of heart.
May 1, 2019
10 Grown-Up Treats for Halloween
If your goal this Halloween is hosting a super-festive party that will keep your friends talking, you’re going to have to go beyond the fun-size candy bars and chips and dip. The good news is that it doesn’t have to take a ton of time, effort, or money to pull it off. From pumpkin beer floats to skillet s’mores, these 10 sweet treats are just what your Halloween party needs. You can never go wrong with a batch of brownies. They are beloved by the young and young at heart.
May 1, 2019
The 25 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes for Fall
As the temperature starts to drop and the days get shorter, the desire for slow-cooked roasts and meaty braises may set in for many. But if you’re someone who follows a vegan or vegetarian diet, it doesn’t mean you don’t crave something a bit more comforting and rice than what you’ve been eating over the summer — it’s just that you want it without the meat. Luckily, there are plenty of options that are equally as fitting this time of year.
May 1, 2019
12 Tasty Ways to Eat Pumpkin Seeds
Whether you stock up on pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, from the bulk bins or you roasted that big pile of seeds from this year’s pumpkin, I think we can all agree that they’re totally irresistible. But snacking on these earthy, nutty-tasting seeds is just one of so many ways to gobble them up. From granola to salads, here are 12 delicious ways to eat pumpkin seeds. Granola, oatmeal, and all types of bread are such a smart ways to use up a bunch of pumpkin seeds.
May 1, 2019
5 Easy Dinners for the Coziest Fall
These recipes are blissfully cozy and comforting without sacrificing the ease and simplicity your weeknight meal plan demands.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Thanksgiving Lentil Salad
This dish ensures those who aren't eating turkey have something to call their own.
May 1, 2019
The Best Friendsgiving Booze & Budget Strategy: Cheap Pitcher Drink (and BYOB Everything Else)
Before we get too deep into our Thanksgiving strategy, we’ve got Friendsgiving on our minds. It’s a tradition for many that we can firmly get behind. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get together with friends and feast on turkey and all the fixings a little early? Equally as important as the food, however, is the drink. Yet, if you’re hosting, you’re likely too focused on ensuring the turkey cooks in time to worry about the drinks.
May 1, 2019
How To Make a Vegetarian Stuffed Pumpkin Masterpiece
Autumn is a time of harvest and gathering to celebrate the cornucopia of America’s bounty. Despite this, vegetarian mains on the Thanksgiving table are usually a sad substitute for the classic roast turkey. This year choose to embrace the variety of textures, flavors, and colors found at the fall farmers market by preparing a vegetarian stuffed pumpkin, impressive enough to intrigue the entire table.
May 1, 2019
How To Make a Whole Roasted Cauliflower
Roasting a whole head of cauliflower is a transformative experience, both for the cook and the cauliflower. At first you might be befuddled as to why anyone might want to cook an entire head of cauliflower whole, but as you pull the burnished heads of tender, aromatic cauliflower from the oven, you start to understand.
May 1, 2019
5 Little Things to Clean During Your Bonus Daylight Saving Hour
Reminder: Daylight Saving Time will officially end while you’re sleeping (at 2 AM on Sunday morning). While it’s a bummer that it will be getting darker earlier, setting the clocks back this weekend also means that most of us will get one free hour to use however we see fit. We suggest penciling in a few of these five very satisfying little tasks — and then getting a full night’s sleep. Do these technically need to be clean? Maybe not. Do they look amazing when they are?
May 1, 2019
Here’s What You Need to Start Off Pie Season the Right Way
The best thing about fall is that it’s technically pie season. Apple! Pumpkin! Pecan! It’s time to make all the pies! Even if you’ve already been baking and have an existing pie dish in your kitchen, you should still consider this Pyrex two-pack — especially if you don’t have a glass dish. Pyrex Easy Grab Glass Pie Plates, $9.
May 1, 2019
Brighten Up Your Thanksgiving Table with These Adorable Pumpkin Bowls
Halloween may have snuck up on us, but we have ample time to plan for Thanksgiving, and if you’re hosting dinner this year (or if you’re throwing your own Friendsgiving feast prior to Turkey Day), these ceramic pumpkin bowls are the perfect addition to your decor. Here are three fun ways to put them to good use. Pumpkin Bowl, $7 each Are you planning on serving butternut squash soup this year as a starter? We can’t think of anything more appropriate to serve it in.
May 1, 2019
The 10 Most-Saved Recipes from Kitchn This October
One of my most favorite features on the site is the ability to save recipes. And I can see I’m far from alone! You, dear readers, have been clicking “save” on so many of our favorite recipes as you read through the site. But these 10 recipes were saved more than any others in October, and for good reason — they’re a mix of easy weeknight dinners, fall baked goods, and slow cooker meals.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Acorn Squash Egg-in-a-Hole
We’re in the thick of winter squash season and our quest to insert it into as many meals as we can hasn’t slowed down. Salads, soups, and pastas embracing butternut, acorn, and more are on rotation for lunch and dinner, but for breakfast we’re turning to these: a twist on the classic egg-in-a-hole or egg-in-a-basket.
May 1, 2019
How To Cook a Whole Chicken Dinner in the Dutch Oven
We can all agree on the perfection of a roast chicken dinner. Juicy, tender chicken, a crackle of golden chicken skin, all on top of a bed of supple, caramelized vegetables. It’s hard to think of a more iconic poultry dish, except for maybe Thanksgiving Turkey. This Dutch oven roasting trick was something I picked up while working on a cookbook a few years ago.
May 1, 2019
10 Tips for Setting Up an Awesome Chili Bar
Gather your friends for a little DIY dinner party fun.
May 1, 2019
The Best Way to Save Your Pumpkins from Squirrels
Aside from sitting on your porch all day, shooing them away ...
May 1, 2019
10 Fall Baking Staples This Nutritionist Always Buys from Costco
Fall is officially here, and that means that, along with the limitless loaves of apple bread, pumpkin spice everything, and giant mugs of coffee and tea, it’s also time to stock the pantry with some must-have baking staples. That’s right — baking season has begun! For me, this means taking a trip to Costco and filling the buggy with my favorite options. Costco always has many healthy baking staples (they do exist!), and that helps me save money while stocking up.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Ottolenghi’s Cauliflower, Pomegranate, and Pistachio Salad
At first glance this recipe looks and feels so classic Ottolenghi — one you’d find in the pages of one of his first three tomes. It’s full of fresh ingredients and layers upon layers of flavors and textures, something I’ve come to expect from him. But what makes this warm, herb-heavy salad different is that it comes together in way less time and calls for just 10 ingredients.
May 1, 2019
10 Easy Ways to Upgrade Roasted Brussels Sprouts
It’s hard to beat a simple sheet pan of crispy roasted Brussels sprouts; it’s a fall and winter side dish that goes with basically everything. And while roasted Brussels sprouts are great served plain and simple — with just olive oil, salt, and pepper — sometimes it’s fun to play around. Start with a basic recipe like this one and add a little bit of this and that from your pantry to give this wholesome side dish an upgrade. Here’s how to do it.
May 1, 2019
The Best Ways to Use Leftover Pumpkin Purée, According to Our Readers
In an ideal world, all of our favorite pumpkin recipes would call for precisely a full can of purée, leaving us with zero leftovers. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes the hardest part of cooking or baking with canned pumpkin purée is finding a tasty use for what’s left over — be it a tablespoon or a cup.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Dorie Greenspan’s Herb-Butter Chicken
There’s something so deeply satisfying about roasting a chicken. It’s a simple act that results in an impressive, dinner party-worthy meal that also feels so homey and comforting. This roast chicken from Dorie Greenspan’s new cookbook, Everyday Dorie, is easy and classic, but she elevates it with a few special tricks to ensure it’s extra special.
May 1, 2019
3 Substitutes for Canned Pumpkin Purée
There are two reasons why you might need to substitute something for canned pumpkin purée: either your grocery store ran out (it happens!), or you accidentally forgot to pick some up. Don’t worry, though — there are a few pantry and freezer staples that you can easily substitute for canned pumpkin purée in most recipes. These three pumpkin purée alternatives will keep you cooking or baking no matter what.
May 1, 2019
The 12 Best Fall Items I Spotted in Target’s Dollar Playground This Week
Everyone knows the best part of any Target store is Bullseye’s Playground (aka the Dollar Playground, as we refer to it here, although not everything is technically a dollar). It might seem like the section is stacked with random knick-knacks, but it’s actually a great spot to pick up super-affordable pieces for home decor and entertaining. Where the section really shines, in my opinion, is with holiday- or seasonal-themed wares.
May 1, 2019
Check Out Target’s Dreamy New Fall Collections
You know how it’s almost physically impossible to set foot in a Target and buy just one thing? Well, that phenomenon is going to ring even more true now that the store just announced its brand-new home collections for fall. I plan to shop away the end-of-summer blues by redecorating a little bit around my apartment. There’s something about cozy fall weather that makes me want to channel my inner Ina Garten and host a dinner party or casual wine and cheese night with friends.
May 1, 2019
The Most Ridiculously Fall-Themed Items in Trader Joe’s October Fearless Flyer
Fall, more than any other season, seems to have the most iconic foods. The pumpkins! The apples! The caramel! You get the point. And if any grocer leans into this the most, it’s Trader Joe’s. Year after year, the chain brings back and adds new festive foods to get us all in the mood for sweaters and hay rides. Honestly, it’s kind of working!
May 1, 2019
I Tried Aldi’s Newest Fall-Themed Products and Here’s What I Thought
The most wonderful time of the year continues: fall grocery season! Aldi has been rolling out all sorts of pumpkin-, maple-, and cinnamon-centric treats all month long (with even more coming out in October). Each seasonal item will only be available for a limited time, so I wasted no time taste testing some of the most fall-y items. Here’s what I thought.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Wild Rice Pilaf with Squash, Pecans, and Cranberries
Wild rice, roasted squash, dried fruit, and nuts make for the perfect fall pilaf.
May 1, 2019
How To Make Easy 5-Ingredient Mini Pumpkin Pies
Ready for an adorable dessert that is so easy your kids can make it? These five-ingredient mini pies are just as sweet, creamy, and warmly spiced as their full-sized friends, but they bake up faster and keep you from having to slice pie at the end of the night. Here’s how to make these insanely cute and easy mini pumpkin pies.
May 1, 2019
I Tried 5 of Trader Joe’s Latest and Greatest Pumpkin-Flavored Groceries
Just when you thought #pumpkineverything had reached peak saturation, Trader Joe’s has raised the stakes (again) with even more pumpkin offerings than last year. We’ve already told you about a couple, but there are more, people! Many, many more. So naturally, when October rolled around this week, I did as any card-carrying fall-lover might do and headed to my local TJ’s (in flannel, of course) and filled my cart with a little taste of the season.
May 1, 2019
Costco Is Now Selling Pumpkin Spice Cheese for Some Reason
Just because you love two things more than anything else in this world, that doesn’t mean they should ever meet. In fact, in most cases, they shouldn’t. Take, for example, pasta and your new white sweater. Or dogs and chocolate. Or, um, cheese and pumpkin spice. No matter how fanatical you are about pumpkin spice (we’re talking going to get the first latte of the season in August), we’re betting you are not going to like this new mash-up.
May 1, 2019
10 Ways to Turn Butternut Squash into Dinner
Growing up, I only ever considered butternut squash a side dish (specifically, a purée of squash sweetened with brown sugar that we’d eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas). When I started cooking for myself, I quickly realized I’d been missing out on a whole lot of other uses for the fall favorite, and now it’s something I reach for all fall and winter long.
Oct 31, 2018
The Best Ways to Make Roasted Marshmallows Without a Campfire
Come on. This isn't hard.
Oct 24, 2017
Recipe: Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Grain Bowls
An easy way to serve guests summer comfort food.
Jun 14, 2017
Recipe: Tomato and Feta Galette
You'll be making this all summer long.
Jun 4, 2017
Recipe: Roasted Pears with Bacon and Blue Cheese
Bacon and blue cheese work their magic.
Mar 17, 2017
3 Ways to Decorate Your Table with Pinecones
What does almost every yard have that all tables need? Pinecones! In our part of the country, we’re lousy with pinecones. If you don’t happen to have a yard full of ’em (and we don’t suggest stealing them from your neighbors), you can buy some at craft stores. No matter how you get them, it’s worth rounding up a bunch and using them for one — or all — of these cute crafts. Turn pinecones into votives for tiny tea lights.
Nov 17, 2016
Recipe: Syrian Stuffed Pumpkins
This is one of the two stuffings I created with the mother of the Syrian refugee family we hosted for Canadian Thanksgiving. We found that bringing the foods of two traditions together is more than the delicious dish it creates. It’s a symbol of an intention for harmony and our willingness to find the parts and pieces in our own stories that make room for the parts and pieces in another.
Nov 9, 2016
Why I Eat Squash Twice a Week in the Fall and Winter
When the pumpkins go on the porch in October and November, squash goes on my menu. From acorn to butternut to spaghetti, I eat squash when it first comes into season about twice per week. By mid-November, I’m over it … until next year. Putting squash on the menu is an easy way to solve the question of what’s for dinner on the weekdays between the holidays. Versatile squash has me covered. Perhaps the biggest turnoff people have when cooking winter squash is the tough skin.
Nov 8, 2016
Oatmeal, Spiced for Grown-ups
If the last time your bowl of oatmeal evolved was when you switched from apple-cinnamon to maple and brown sugar-flavored instant oatmeal at, say, 10 years old, consider this your invitation for a spicier bowl. Here are four ways to bring some sophistication to your bowl of oatmeal with easy upgrades that take you beyond cinnamon-apple and maple syrup to the land of five-spice, coconut ginger, and beyond.
Oct 30, 2016
7 Soups and the Salads That Love Them
Soup and salad really are the best of friends. Together, they make for one of the best lunch or dinner combos around. While any salad can pair up with any soup, there are some combinations that really shine. Here are seven of our favorite couples. A classic soup requires a classic salad. This warm goat cheese number from Alice Waters is a bit more composed than some other salads, but that feels right when it’s next to something as simple as tomato soup.
Oct 28, 2016
A Pumpkin Beer Float for Right Now
If there was ever a time to put a seasonal, boo-zy spin on the beloved ice cream float, it is right now. Grab your favorite pumpkin beer along with some ice cream, and consider this your invitation to skip the PSL in favor of something a bit more festive. If you love beer and ice cream separately, but the thought of them together leaves you slightly skeptical, let me reassure you that not only does this duo work, but it’s also an exquisitely delicious treat.
Oct 28, 2016
Recipe: Masala Chai-Spiced Oatmeal
Infusing masala chai into oatmeal not only makes for a breakfast that's equally as comforting as a steaming mug, but it also gives your bowl a little kick of caffeine.
Oct 24, 2016
Recipe: Ina Garten’s Parmesan Roasted Zucchini
When you’re planning a date night in, you want recipes that deliver on flavor and presentation, but don’t take all evening to prepare. This recipe for Parmesan roasted zucchini from Ina Garten’s new cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, is a perfect fit for all your side dish needs. This recipe is easily scalable, whether you’re making it for two for a cozy evening at home or for a larger group for a potluck or dinner party.
Oct 18, 2016
Recipe: Coconut and Ginger Oatmeal
Want to know what goes together like chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon? The earthy-sweet combo of coconut and ginger. Here the two join forces to create the creamiest bowl of richly spiced oatmeal sure to warm up your morning routine. Thanks to the combination of coconut and ginger, this oatmeal manages to feel fresh in its flavor and comforting at the same time.
Oct 17, 2016
Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats
There’s something about Rice Krispies Treats that already make them seem fit for the Halloween season — perhaps it’s that candy-like, extra-gooey thing they have going on — but with the addition of candy corn, they become the perfect treat. This is easy — I promise. Get your favorite recipe for Rice Krispies Treats (may I suggest this one?) and gather the supplies (toasted crisp cereal, mini marshmallows, and whatever else it may call for).
Oct 7, 2016
Recipe: Smoky Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Kielbasa
If sheet pan suppers are a major player in your weeknight dinner rotation, this combination of smoky kielbasa and Brussels sprouts bring that same ease and sophistication with a five-ingredient shopping list and 30-minute cook time. Come fall, there are few foods better to pair with kielbasa than earthy roasted Brussels sprouts. Before going to the oven, these brassicas are treated to a dusting of smoked paprika for extra warmth and just a touch of spice.
Oct 6, 2016
Recipe: Chicken Waldorf Salad
All you have to do to make chicken salad a hundred times more interesting is add in a chopped apple. An apple adds crunch, sweetness, and freshness, and you’ve also taken care of eating a serving of fruit for the day. When apple season hits, make this chicken Waldorf salad your go-to lunch, or leave a batch of this in your fridge so that dinner is waiting for you when you get home.
Sep 29, 2016
7 One-Ingredient Upgrades for Apple Cider
There’s something about having a big bottle of fresh apple cider in your fridge all fall that feels oddly reassuring. Maybe it’s the fact that a taste of the season is always just a glass away, or that it always feels like a treat because it’s only during these few short months that cider makes a regular appearance in your kitchen. But after a few glasses of sweet, pure cider, it’s fun to play around a little with the bottle.
Sep 27, 2016
Recipe: Apple, Cheddar & Chicken Melts
As cooler weather settles in, the craving for something warm and gooey becomes fierce — here’s the solution. These melts, stuffed with chicken, cheddar, and apples, bring together some of the best flavors of the season to satisfy that craving. They’re hot and toasty and made in one big batch on a baking sheet, which makes them a simple yet ideal way to cap off a fall day. The best part about these sandwiches is that they are made all at once on one baking sheet.
Sep 21, 2016
Recipe: Quick Butternut Squash Curry
This Thai curry can be whipped up in less time than it takes to call for takeout, so put the phone down and get in the kitchen. It’s also meatless, but thanks to hearty vegetables like butternut squash and broccoli, plus creamy coconut milk, it’s immensely satisfying and has all the necessary flavors to make you feel like cooking for fall has finally arrived. Saucy Thai curries always hit the spot, and this one is no different.
Sep 19, 2016
Recipe: Cheesy Lentil, Mushroom & Rice Bake
Adding lentils to the dinner roster is a good way to eat meat-free, but all too often they can be boring. This recipe — which adds cheese, meaty mushrooms, nutty brown rice, and plenty of fresh parsley to the mix — solves this. It transforms protein-rich lentils into a comforting baked casserole that really doesn’t need anything else to call it a meal (although a simple green salad on the side would be welcome).
Sep 13, 2016
Recipe: Balsamic & Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs and Figs
Lean into fresh fig season while you can — it’s slow to arrive and quick to leave. If you’re lucky enough to live in a region where they are easy to come by, you likely already know this and are eating them by the handful. For the rest of us, where the arrival of figs means only displays of pints from California at the grocery store, we often don’t know the glories because frankly, those shipped containers just aren’t as good.
Sep 8, 2016