7 Collapsible Cleaning Tools That Take Up Almost Zero Storage Space

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For a long time, cleaning gear demanded a certain amount of space in the home. Bulky vacuum cleaners needed room both for themselves and their half-dozen attachments, and mops and buckets couldn’t fit inside anything smaller than a broom closet — which, obviously, was named after the broom. That’s a lot of power for a single cleaning tool to wield.

Thankfully, those days are gone. Compactness has become a driving feature among cleaning tools, from wall-mounted stick vacuums to mops that collapse into a handheld size that can fit inside a cabinet or even a drawer. These devices offer just as much cleaning power as their small-space-unfriendly ancestors, and often at a fraction of the price, too. Check out some of our favorite collapsible cleaning tools below — you’ll be surprised just how compact they really are.

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Folding dish racks are nice, but this collapsible bucket-shaped model is preferable because it makes sure no water ever drips on your counter while your dishes are drying. You can learn more about all its features here, such as its convenient drainage spout and the fact that it folds to be only 2 inches tall — great for tucking away when it's not in use. The more than 7,000 Amazon reviewers who gave it a five-star rating are onto something: This dish rack delivers.

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With its telescoping handle design and a removable brush head, this collapsible broom is so ridiculously compact, you no longer have an excuse to not own a broom. Extending or retracting the handle just takes a few quick twists, and the brush head can slide on or off in seconds. But perhaps the best thing about this item is that the flexible edge on the dustpan lets you sweep up everything without leaving behind an annoying dust line.

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Garment racks are the best way to dry fussy clothing items like sweaters and make sure they're free of wrinkles, and this folding model lets you care for your clothes without taking up much space. You can tuck this under your bed or stash it in your closet when it's not in use, and if you exercise, you can also air-dry your sweaty clothes on it so they don't stink when you put them in the laundry hamper.

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Every home needs at least one general-purpose bucket, and this collapsible one is a smart choice because it folds completely flat to stay out of your way when you're not using it. As our editorial assistant Nikol wrote, "Essentially, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing some spring cleaning, camping, or bringing cold drinks to an outdoor event — this low-cost collapsible find holds it all and doesn’t give you any troubles afterward."

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Hand-washing clothes and hand towels is much quicker and much more thorough if you have a little help from a washing board, such as this foldable silicone one. This board rolls up to fit into a drawer or lies flat to be stored on or under shelves. It also has a hole in the top if you prefer to hang it on the inside or outside of your bathroom cabinet.

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Laundry bins are super useful while you're doing laundry, but outside of that time they kind of just take up space. That's why we like this collapsible laundry bin so much; use it when you need it, then fold it flat and stash it away when you don't. And because its base and sides are built so well, you can also use this as a washing bin or beverage cooler if you need one — compact and multifunctional.

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Foldable wet and dry mops have been around for years, but this collapsible one is the most stylish option by far. Our Best List editor Britt Franklin tried this in her home and likes how easily it grabs onto cleaning pads and how versatile it is. "While The Mop is designed to be paired with Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths, it’s also compatible with similar wet mop cloths, which is a HUGE plus in my book," she wrote. The brand behind this also makes stunning plungers, FYI.

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