This Handy Tool Instantly Chills Your Wine for the Most Refreshing Sip At A Moments Notice

published Oct 9, 2023
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Cold Cork
Credit: Cold Cork

It’s an experience we can all relate to: You get home from a long day of work, make a delicious dinner, and head to the table to enjoy it when you realize something awful — you forgot to chill your wine ahead of time! For those who enjoy a glass of wine with their meals, this could put a major damper on the night. Now, you could wait for that bottle to chill, but that would risk your meal getting cold. You could also resort to putting ice cubes in your wine, but that risks diluting your glass — and nobody likes watered-down wine. But, what if we told you there was a way you could instantly chill your wine? It might sound too good to be true, but there’s one tool out there looking to change things. Say hello to the Cold Cork: the tool that promises to chill your wine and spirits by 20 degrees in 20 seconds.

What is the Cold Cork?

The Cold Cork works like this: First, place your Cold Cork in the freezer (the brand recommends keeping it stored for 24 hours to thoroughly freeze). Once set, simply take it out of the freezer, attach the included cork bottom, insert the device into your bottle of choice, and start pouring. As your wine makes it through the Cold Cork, your wine will be chilled, resulting in a cold glass of your favorite libation. Once you’re done pouring, remove the cork, attach the included clearing pump, and pump at least four times to remove any remaining liquid. Then, all there’s left to do is remove the silicone cork and pop it back in the freezer for its next use!

Credit: Cold Cork

When it comes to fully cleaning it, the process is just as easy. Start by removing and rinsing the cork. After that, let the Cold Cork device thaw for three hours to properly thaw and then run warm water through it. Attach the pump and place the device upside down to allow it to drain for one hour. Once that hour has passed, pump it at least 10 times to ensure the device is clear of any water and you’re ready to rock! (The brand also notes that neither the Cold Cork nor the included cork are dishwasher-safe, so be sure you only hand wash this device.)

This smart tool is a dream for wine lovers as it cools drinks faster than ice, without electricity, without waiting, and (most importantly) without diluting the beverage. So, are you ready to give it a try for yourself? The Cold Cork comes in at $65 and makes the perfect addition to any drink lover’s setup. If you’re done with dealing with warm drinks or waiting for bottles to chill, give the Cold Cork a try. We think every wine lover will have one of these in their freezers in no time.

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