Coffee & Sticky Buns: Menu for a Cozy Saturday Potluck Brunch

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The only possible cure for the late-winter blues is brunch. A big brunch. One with friends dropping by, trays upon trays of sticky buns, mimosas and coffee, and muffins for nibbling when you think you’re almost full. Oh, yes! Let’s do this.

The Menu

To Drink:
To Eat:
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The Scene

Brunch is inherently a meal that is meant to be shared. And I figure that as long as you’re sharing, you might as well go all out. Bring on the frosted sticky rolls and the candied bacon. Have another mimosa while you pick apart a banana scone brought by a friend. Clear the coat rack and set out a stack of plates: it’s brunching time.
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The Plan

This being a potluck brunch, your own work should be minimal. I’d recommend taking charge of the beverage situation yourself and letting your friends pick the dishes they’d most like to bring. 

Before your friends arrive, be sure to clear space on the dining room table or a counter top for everyone to arrange their brunch offerings. Set a stack of plates and bowls, silverware, and napkins at one end so that people can help themselves when they’re ready. Put the beverages somewhere close-by, but out of the way of the main food line. You might also want to have the oven on low so that people with hot dishes can warm them up again before they go out on the table.

After that, your primary responsibility is kicking back and enjoying a cozy morning with your friends! Put on some good tunes in the background and let the brunch take care of itself.

What’s your favorite dish to bring to a potluck brunch?

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