Here’s How You Can Repel Mosquitoes with Something That’s Already in Your Kitchen

published May 29, 2023
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Credit: Image from Flickr member James Jordan licensed under Creative Commons License

Warm weather means spending endless hours outside, which also means you’ll be battling pests like mosquitoes, who love to feast on human flesh at every opportunity. But if you’re not looking to repel mosquitoes with chemical-based products, no sweat — the internet has discovered that mosquitoes hate the smell of coffee, which means you can brew a pot for your pals and then place the leftover grounds nearby, offering a firm “buzz off” to everyone’s least favorite summertime bug.

Social media users are trying various methods to repel mosquitoes with coffee, and the best part is that you can really try whatever works for you and what you’ve got on hand. Some users are sprinkling fresh coffee grounds along the perimeter of their patios for a delicious-smelling solution, while others are packing a bunch of grounds into a cup and burning it like a candle.

Even better? The pros at Parachute Coffee note that the beloved caffeinated beverage actually repels multiple types of insects, making it an ideal choice for outdoor parties of any size. Apparently burnt coffee and unused coffee grounds work best, while mixing water with coffee can actually provide helpful nutrients for plants and slow down adult mosquitoes at the same time. It’s a win-win all the way around, honestly.

Of course, you’ll definitely want to keep kids and pets away from coffee grounds no matter what state they’re in to prevent anyone from ingesting them. Otherwise, it seems like a safe, affordable, natural method for reducing the number of pests you’ll be stuck dealing with this summer (and being surrounded by the signature scent of your go-to morning beverage is never a bad deal, either). You can even dab some coffee on bare skin if you’re one of those unlucky people who always get attacked. Just be sure to thoroughly wash it off when you head inside for the night.

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