Coffee Cup of the Day: Teema Mug in Olive

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our ideal coffee mug is wide and squat, with a big handle for cradling, and heavy stoneware construction so hot drinks stay hot. Meet the Teema Mug.

The Teema mug was designed by Kaj Franck in 1962 and they have been offered through Finnish design giant Iittala. The Teema whole collection is based on “familiar and basic shapes – a circle, a square and a rectangle.” Franck started with these shapes and then reduced all that was “excessive” until only the “essential” remained. We think he got it right. This is the last mug you’ll ever need.

We like them so much that we are offering a limited number in our AT store – the white versions are sold out. We have a few of the Olive Teema Mugs available still for $16 apiece.

They’re so well-crafted and substantial; they make an excellent gift, too.