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This Dairy-Free Mousse Is Just as Decadent as the Real Stuff — and I Even Eat It for Breakfast!

published May 6, 2022
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Credit: Faith Durand

One thing to know about me: I have a major sweet tooth. And because I chose to be a pastry chef in my past career, I have lots of experience surrendering to those sugar cravings. Although my system can handle copious amounts of sweets, I have a much harder time with some other common dessert elements, namely gluten and dairy. And after working in the pastry industry, I found most alternatives to be lacking in both flavor and texture. I know just how delicious dessert should be, so I’ve made it my mission to find worthy alternatives that taste just as good as they make me feel.

I’ve discovered a few favorites so far, but when I was offered to test out The Coconut Cult, I really hit the jackpot. These coconut-loving innovators arrived on the allergen/intolerance-friendly scene in 2016, and they’ve since made a name for themselves in the dairy-free yogurt industry. While I love a good bowl of the probiotic-filled yogurt for breakfast — I tried out their original flavor with my favorite crunchy granola and it was divinely creamy and coconut-y — I’ll be honest, I was in it to try their Chocolate Mousse.

The mousse, just like all the other flavors of their jarred dairy-free delicacies, is soy- and gluten-free, vegan, organic, free of any thickeners or binders, and sweetened with only natural coconut nectar with no added sugars. Now, I used to eat pavlovas and donuts for breakfast, so I can relate if you’re thinking Coconut Cult sounds a bit too healthy to actually taste good. But, believe me: This stuff is absolutely delicious. Besides their smoothy, creamy coconut base used for all the flavors, the mousse has added cacao which results in a deep, lingering chocolate flavor. Rich in all the right ways, slightly salty, and with perfectly mimicked mousse-like aeration, it hits all the right notes of a balanced indulgence. I don’t miss the dairy even one bit!

Credit: Stella Totino

I have been eating this chocolate mousse by the spoonful after dinner every night, topped with chocolate shavings, flakes of coconut, or toasted nuts. But the real reason I have fallen in love with the chocolate-y cream? I can eat it for breakfast! You heard me right. I’ve been scooping up a bowl of chocolate mousse for breakfast. Not only is it delish topped with berries, cereal, granola, or mixed with another Coconut Cult flavor, but it’s also full of probiotics (16 strains of 800 billion to be exact), which makes it just as appropriate to eat in the morning as any traditional yogurt.

Dairy eaters are also big fans of the brand. Just ask my boyfriend, who would happily and comfortably finish half a tub of chocolate ice cream daily if possible. He’s been sneaking scoops of this mousse behind my back! Believe me, your spoon will be scraping the corners of the jar for more before you know it. Plus who doesn’t want dessert for breakfast?