26 of the Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers in 2022

updated Dec 19, 2022
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Who wants a cocktail? We’re willing to bet that at least one person on your gift list does! Whether you’re shopping for a family member who’s a mix master or a friend who doesn’t know their single-barrel vs. small-batch libations, retailers across the internet offer anything and everything that a cocktail lover could ever need to make Happy Hour complete, from mixers to shakers to bottles of booze. Maybe your giftee loves to impress guests behind the bar or dabble in deliciously unusual flavors. Or perhaps they just like to sit back, relax, and sip a glass of their favorite spirit on the rocks. No matter where their interests lie, you’ll find something for everyone on our list of the best gifts for cocktail lovers. So go ahead, give someone you love — or that person in the office you have to buy a gift for — a little something special. They’ll surely toast you in appreciation.


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This exceptional bourbon comes by its name honestly; an expert mixture of six-, eight-, and 12-year-aged bourbons, Rare Breed has a rich, fascinating flavor profile. Think leather, figs, dates, and roasted nuts. Buy it for that someone special who likes to sip something special.

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The star of classic cocktails like the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned, rye is a staple of any home bar. Redemption Rye is aged at least two years, for a bold and spicy flavor with notes of cinnamon, oak, and dried fruit.

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A beekeeper-turned-distiller is the mastermind behind this smooth gin. It begins its life as the brand’s signature London dry-style gin that’s been praised for its distinctive juniper kick. But this special reserve bottle is infused with honey during fermentation, giving the libation rich notes of caramel, vanilla, and, of course, honey.

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Kasama Rum

A great drink can whisk its sipper off to a faraway place. This tasty rum will take your loved one straight to the tropics. (A pretty good spot to be!) With notes of pineapple, sea salt, and vanilla, the only thing missing is the sand.

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This Scotch whiskey has a robust dram with a finish reminiscent of chewy toffee. We bet it would be a welcome addition to anyone’s home bar.

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A grab bag for sake? Sounds good to us! With this sampler, in-the-know drinkers can select three sakes that are currently getting a lot of buzz and ship them to the recipient to try. It’s a great way to test a few varieties without a big commitment.

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Whether you're shopping for someone who's just starting out on their own or needs help replenishing their home bar, this set makes a lovely gift. It includes Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Aviation Gin, Tito's Handmade Vodka, and more.

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If you’re looking for a gorgeous gifting bottle that needs no wrapping paper (though a bow might be a nice touch!) look no further than Basil Hayden Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Coming in under $50, it’s affordable, tasty, and a perfect spirit for the cold winter months — and at just 80 proof, it won’t be too hot for a giftee who’s just getting into bourbon. Pro Tip: This bottle shines in a Mint Julep or a Kentucky lemonade!

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Because it’s called for in many recipes, this orange liqueur is a staple in most bars — but, it’s not always top of mind when someone is at a liquor store. Make sure your bestie doesn’t run out and they might thank you with a tasty cocktail.

Mixers & Such

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United Sodas of America

These pretty cans are a Pantone lover’s dream... and what’s inside them is pretty delicious, too. Flavors like Cherry Pop, Toasted Coconut, and White Grape taste equally good on their own as they do mixed into a cocktail.

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Sure, there’s a place in the world for those bright red maraschino cherries, but when it comes to cocktails, everyone deserves a grown-up cherry. Luxardo is a favorite of many of our bartender friends and even made our list of Kitchn Essentials: Bar Edition.

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The Aperol spritz trend continues, but we think other options in the category deserve some time in the spotlight. Sure, this sweet wine can be used to make elaborate cocktails, but it shines with just a simple splash of club soda or sparkling wine.

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We've had a lot of spirited debates (pun intended!) over who makes the best bloody Mary mix. This is the stuff that ultimately won a spot in our list of Kitchn Essentials. It's made with the brand's own pickle brine, dill, and garlic.

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The not-so-secret ingredient to so many great cocktails, Angostura bitters make a great gift on their own or paired with a bottle of bourbon so the recipient can make the ultimate Old Fashioned.

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Mixers are always the first thing you run out of in your home bar, so give someone a hand with a refill of top-shelf tonics. The ginger varieties add a welcome pizazz to refreshing holiday cocktails, too.


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Williams Sonoma

These spherical ice molds will make any home the coolest bar in town. Your favorite cocktail lover won't only appreciate the aesthetic value of their seamless orbs of ice. The ice also melts more slowly, so drinks won't get diluted.

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Muddlers are one of those accessories that really take your mixology skills to the next level. Crafted from your choice of maple or walnut and finished with a durable Corian tip, these beautiful bar tools will make flavorful cocktails for years to come.

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Sure, they can juice citrus by hand, but a cheerful squeezer makes quicker, cleaner work of it. Plus it's just plain fun — and this is happy hour, after all.

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Williams Sonoma

There's a reason pros love a classic bar spoon: It's full of subtle details that make any drink better. This stainless steel option has a twisted handle to help you layer ingredients quickly and easily, a gently rounded spoon, and an extra-long design that works well in tall glasses and pitchers.

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This tool is a great stocking stuffer for your friend who's always inventing elaborate cocktails. A simple cocktail strainer will filter out citrus pulp, herbs, and ice, leaving a clean pour that lets their handiwork can shine.

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Cocktail Kingdom

When it comes to making over-the-top cocktails (you know, the ones that can cost double digits at bars), precision is key. Having a sturdy jigger with clear measurement markings can make all the difference. Pair this one with a bottle of booze, or give it on its own.

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Cocktail Kingdom

If someone is going to go to the trouble to buy all the fancy ingredients and mix up a complicated libation, they shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to the final step. This classic strainer is the key to removing bits of ice, fruit, or other solids that no one wants to see floating in a glass.

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This clever cocktail shaker has a lot of bells and whistles hidden behind its sleek design. The top features measurement guides from a quarter of an ounce all the way up to six ounces, the twist lid has a silicone gasket that means it will never get frozen shut, and it has a built-in strainer. And the body is double walled and vacuum insulated, so your bartender's hands won't get cold.

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Uncommon Goods

The countdown to Christmas has never been more spirited! Just add mini bottles of booze to this adults-only advent calendar, then spread some holiday cheer.

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One secret bartenders don't want you to know: The right glass can elevate a good drink into a great drink. This stylish stemware brings some elegant ambiance to the table and inspires confidence in even the most amateur mixologists.

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Uncommon Goods

Fresh herbs are a delightful surprise in any drink — and an aboslute necessity in some — and this home herb garden starter kit is surprisingly easy to use. Fragrant greenery including thyme, lavender, mint, and blue borage begin growing right in the cardboard carton and are sure to make any holiday beverage 100 percent more festive.