Cocktail Dressing: Pickled Garnishes for Bloody Marys

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday we posted a recipe from the Los Angeles Times for bloody marys made with fresh tomatoes and garnished with pickled green beans. Since we’ve also been talking about pickling quite a bit lately, we thought we’d give a few more alternatives to that stand-by celery stick for stirring your bloody mary…

Pickled green beans were the garnish we saw most frequently when we lived in New Orleans. But we’ve also used dill pickle spears and pickled asparagus (by far our favorite).

We sort of consider a bloody mary more than a drink. It’s like a snack — full of distinct spices, filling vegetable juice, and a savory flavor you can linger with for a while. The garnish is just one more thing to munch on, so we like it to be as interesting and complex as the drink itself.

A few recipes to try:

You can also buy pickled vegetables, including asparagus, beans, and okra, from Rick’s Picks.

(Images: Flickr member Waldo Jaquith, licensed for use under Creative Commons; Michael Robinson Chavez for the Los Angeles Times)