The Makers of Some of Our Favorite Swedish Dish Cloths Just Launched Four Festive Designs for the Holidays

published Dec 1, 2022
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Cloud Paper Holiday Swish Cloth
Credit: Cloud Paper

I think every family has the designated organizer — the do-it-all, behind-the-scenes, make-it-happen person who pulls together holiday meals, travel plans, room designations, and the like. This person is usually the kind of family member who always has extra medication in their bag, remembers everyone’s flight info without being asked, and notices when grandpa’s ready for bed (even if that’s halfway through dinner). This person often goes by unnoticed, operating as the invisible glue holding family trips, holidays, and meals together. Without them, chaos would ensue.

You may be wondering, how do I know so much about this frequently under-appreciated family member? Well, because I am that person, of course! I am the one sticking the forgotten mashed potatoes in the microwave as everyone is sitting down, the one realizing there’s not enough settings for cousins at the kids table, and, usually, I’m alone cleaning up the pile of dishes long after everyone’s gone to bed. So, this holiday season, with unforetold duties awaiting, I’ve decided to equip myself with as many helpful kitchen cooking and cleaning tools I can get my hands on. And, it was no surprise to me that I discovered one of my favorite finds through a Kitchn colleague. Thanks, team! What are these Kitchn-loved cleaning essentials? Well, Swedish dishcloths, of course.

This particular brand of the reusable, dishwasher-safe cleaning cloth is a cut above. Why? Well, just like others on my team have noted, I found these Cloud Paper cloths to be extremely absorbent, superbly versatile, and darn good at their job. Plus, the eco-friendly brand just launched the handy towels in four new holiday-worthy sets. Between their holiday set (above), cocktail inspired set, coffee gear set, and mushroom set (that’s the one I have!), you can outfit your kitchen with art that doubles as cleaning material. Or, if you’re me, you can show up to a family member’s gathering with the pretty products in your purse, ready to spring to action.

Made with a blend of cotton and tree fibers, the cloths soak up a surprising amount of liquid (like the third of a bottle of special orange with my aunt spilled last week) and easily wring out after a quick rinse, retaining no odor and quickly stiffening as they dry. In fact, these handy cleaners dehydrate much more swiftly than other dish clothes or the sponge I relied on in the past.

Credit: Stella Totino

I’ve used the same cloth every day for two weeks (throwing it in the dishwasher every other day for a deep cleaning) for wiping down post-baking-adventure countertops, as a sponge alternative (these cloths have a surprising amount of grit to them), and to clean my larger appliances and stovetop. I’m happy to report that I’ve noticed no wear or tear and minimal staining, which gives me confidence in Cloud Paper’s claim that each individual sheet will last between four and six months.

The best part about these helpful cleaners, IMO, is that they are totally biodegradable and sustainably made. That means when you finally do finally retire your Cloud Paper Swish Cloth, you won’t have to worry about it ending up in a landfill. As someone who works hard to stock my space with planet and people friendly essentials (it’s harder to do than you think when it comes to kitchenware!) this quality is super important to me. Go Cloud Paper!

No matter which set (or sets) you choose, with all the holiday cooking, baking, and hosting ahead, chances are you’re gonna be relying heavily on these helpful little guys. In fact, you might want to snag a few extra sets as stocking stuffers!