10 Affordable & Easy Ways to Add Lighting to a Closet Without Wiring

updated May 1, 2019
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I’ve always preferred living in pre-1940s buildings for all their historical and architectural charm (so far, six different places and counting, ranging from 1907 through 1931). But my affinity for the old doesn’t always align with my modern-day needs — most notably the absence of overhead lighting inside closets.

LED lighting technology has revolutionized battery-powered, install-anywhere lighting options, offering extremely bright illumination in small form for anyone who can’t change or upgrade the electrical in their home. Not everyone feels comfortable attempting electrical work, but anyone can peel and stick or drill and mount one of these lights.

A year or so ago, I installed a motion-sensing LED closet light onto the closet ceiling, and it’s been — pardon the pun — like night and day. Where I once had to rely on ambient lighting from the bedroom or, somewhat comically, a flashlight, now an automatic ceiling light turns on overhead as soon as I pop my head through the closet door. It’s one of those minor convenience but life-changing upgrades a renter truly learns to appreciate once installed.

Here are 10 of the better-rated units available today, some utilizing touch/tap to power on and others with motion-detection.



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