Clongs: A Better Pair Of Tongs?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tongs are among our most multi-tasking kitchen tools. We already own multiple pairs, but should we make room for one more?

A post at The Food Section alerted us to a new and improved tong design from Australian company Dreamfarm. Known as Clongs, they have a couple of unique features including a bent handle that keeps them sitting up and off surfaces, plus a click-lock button mechanism that makes them easy to open and close with one hand. (We’ve been known to open and close tongs with our teeth, so this is intriguing!) The arms are stainless steel and the silicone tips are heat resistant to 500°F. Here’s a video of the Clongs in action:

We’re not sure how we feel about the tips; we’re accustomed to more elongated tips and these have a smaller, shorter surface area. In addition, Clongs only come in 9- and 12-inch lengths, which might be a bit short for grilling. But the other features are certainly attractive. What do you think? Have you used Clongs?

Learn more: Dreamfarm Clongs ($14.95-19.95)

(Image: Dreamfarm)