The Barista-Worthy Superlatte Brand That Oprah Loves Is Offering 30% Off Right Now

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Someone drinking tea.
Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani; Prop Styling: Carla Gonzalez Hart; Nails: Mamie Onishi

Writing as someone who owns three different coffee makers and way too many coffee mugs, I will never give up coffee. But, that doesn’t mean I want to drink it all day long. Sometimes, you want to sip on something that’s warm and comforting but doesn’t have so much caffeine. And, if that beverage could not only taste good and be easy to make, but also deliver some natural benefits to your body and mind, then all the better!

One remarkably delicious option is the Clevr Blend Superlatte. (It’s a favorite of Oprah and our managing editor Tamara, so you know it’s good.) These powdered blends only need water to whip up into a frothy, nutrient-packed drink that you can enjoy hot or cold any time of day. Have one in the morning or afternoon either to replace or complement your coffee ritual, then wind down with one of their caffeine-free options in the evening as a wholesome alternative to tea. And, from now until Wednesday, March 8 you can save 30 percent on your own customized drink kit. It’s the perfect time to add something new to your daily caffeine routine.

If you haven’t tried Clevr Blends before, you might want to start with one of their bundle deals. You’ll save 30 percent when you choose either two or four of their seven available flavors and customize a kit to your taste preferences. All of their kits include a rechargeable frothing wand that mixes your drinks in a matter of seconds to ensure they’re super smooth, and you can add on a jar of their Latte Dust — a mixture of coconut sugar, Himalayan pink salt, and organic vanilla and cinnamon — to sprinkle extra flavor (and fun) on top. Their biggest kit also comes with an insulated thermos to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature.

Every flavor has plant-based ingredients that boost your energy level the way a cup of coffee does, only you won’t have a crash afterward. These include energizing MCT oil and adaptogenic mushrooms such as reishi, lion’s mane, and ashwagandha, which offer stress support and neuroprotection. Most also use cacao as a natural mood enhancer, and flavors including Mocha and Matcha use coffee and Japanese green tea to give you some real-deal caffeine. For a caffeine-free option, try Golden: It has turmeric to reduce inflammation and probiotics to aid with digestion. And, when it’s cold outside, try Rose Cocoa as an upgrade to your regular hot chocolate — it’s a velvety, floral treat.

Credit: Clevr Blends

Once you’re familiar with all of Clevr’s options, you can keep the savings going by signing up for a subscription. Choose your favorite flavors and save 30 percent on your first month, plus 15 percent every month after that for life. These latte blends are an easy way to make your coffee time work better for your body while still keeping your energy levels up. Just make sure to build your kit or subscription soon so you can get in on these savings, too.

Buy: The Starter Kit, $59.20 (normally $74)