This Ultra-Versatile Organizing Find Will Keep Even the Tiniest Kitchens Clutter-Free

published Jul 28, 2022
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Credit: Clea Shearer

I’m a huge fan of storage bins of all kinds. So much so that I have them everywhere from under my bed to the shelves of my refrigerator. However, my favorite bins are the ones in my closet that hold seasonal clothing and my smaller accessories, keeping them off the floor and out of the way. Clear storage bins are fantastic for closets and cabinets, especially if they hold items that you use regularly. They allow you to see what’s inside so nothing gets lost and forgotten, and hopefully prevent you from buying more of a product you actually don’t need to restock at home (yet). As much as I love the clear organizers in my closet, the one feature I’ve always thought would improve the storage bins is a lid. That way, I’d be able to comfortably  stack bins on top of each other, maximizing the available space in my closet. Fortunately, those organizers aren’t hard to find, and these CLEARSPACE Plastic Storage Bins are just what I’m looking for.

Clear storage bins aren’t hard to come by, but finding options with lids is much trickier than you’d think unless you’re specifically looking for them. Stumbling upon the CLEARSPACE bins was a happy accident for me, and based on the reviews, I wasn’t the only one pleasantly surprised. “I bought these to organize under our bathroom cabinets,” said an Amazon reviewer. “They worked perfectly for combining several existing totes and creating more space. I usually prefer the drawers but these were nice for storing some of my larger items since you lose space with drawers. The containers seem really sturdy and stack nicely.” Additionally, the bins are easy to carry and transport, thanks to their built-in handles.

Made from thick plastic, these large-capacity storage bins are capable of holding heavier items like cans, shoes, and cleaning solution bottles. They can be used on their own separately or in cube shelves, and they even nest when they’re empty so you aren’t stuck trying to make room to store your storage. But chances are they won’t stay empty for long, since they serve so many purposes. “The bins are clear so you can see the items inside, they have lids and stack easily,” said another shopper. “They can be used for multiple applications. I am using them for first aid and lotions in the bathroom and for supplies like paper clips, pens, a stapler, sticky notes, and more in the office.”

In addition to first aid kits, skin care products, and office supplies, customers have used these bins to store fabric, craft tools, clothing, bags, snacks, toys… the list goes on. Even better, these containers are safe for the refrigerator and freezer. “They fit perfectly on my rolling shelves,” said another review. “I’m storing my glass Pyrex and Anchor containers and a few bowls that were crowding my cupboard space. Everything looks so neat and organized!” One factor to keep in mind about the CLEARSPACE storage bins is that the lids sit on top of the containers but don’t lock or clip shut. For me, that’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s good to be aware of it in case you’ll be storing them in a place where they could be easily knocked over. 

Sold in sets of four or eight, these lidded storage bins have the potential to instantly elevate your cabinets and closets. With organizational tools this stylish and functional, your clutter will look and feel neater in no time.

Buy: CLEARSPACE Plastic Storage Bins with Lids (4-Pack), $49.99

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