There’s a New Coffee on the Market That Won’t Stain Your Teeth

updated May 1, 2019
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Coffee drinkers know the struggle of keeping their teeth white, as the caffeinated beverage can permanently discolor teeth. Now, thanks to two Slovakian brothers, there is a solution: clear colored coffee.

The clear coffee, produced by British coffee company CLR CFF, offers the same caffeine found in a traditional cup of joe, but without the dark-colored hue. According to David Nagy and his brother Adam, the transparent coffee is a “combination of technology and quality ingredients.” Made of Arabica beans and pure water, the product is free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, sugar, and stabilizers.

The exact method the brothers use to turn dark coffee into a water-like liquid, although slightly pigmented, is a mystery. “The production method is based on physical processing and doesn’t include any chemicals,” co-founder David Nagy tells the Evening Standard.

Dark-colored coffee stains teeth by nestling into the tiny microscopic pits and grooves on your teeth’s enamel — the outer layer of your tooth. Once the pigment of coffee (and other dark beverages like tea and soda) embed themselves into the ridges, they can leave permanent yellow stains if not taken care of.

The Nagy brothers suffered from coffee-induced discoloration, which inspired them to pursue this creation. “We are heavy coffee drinkers,” says David Nagy. “Like many other people we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we decided to create our own recipe.”

After three months of experimentation, the clear coffee, which calls itself the first colorless coffee drink in the world, was born. The creators say it is “unique in taste and flavor” for only four calories a serving. Staffers at Metro tested out the drink and the verdict is varied. One response was the clear coffee is “odd but not unpleasant,” while another says it has “the aftertaste of cheap wine.”

As of now, the item is only available in the U.K. and Slovakia.