This Cleaning-Supply Rack Is My One-Stop Trick to Keeping My Kitchen Looking Amazing

published Dec 8, 2021
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Jenny Albertini's kitchen.
Credit: Jennifer Chase

I have great intentions to keep my cleaning cabinet organized, but my visions of tidiness last only so long amidst everyday use. More often than not, I find myself digging for a microfiber cloth or my go-to cleaning spray. As a writer who reviews cleaning products, I’m always adding new tools and supplies to the cabinet, so the problem of overcrowding never really goes away. 

I don’t have extra cabinet or drawer space to spare in my galley kitchen, and I’m not a huge fan of keeping products out on my counter (I heard this brilliant advice recently: “Counters are for using; not for storing.”) The more I brainstormed where to stash my supplies, I realized I needed a cart of some kind. I’ve always been a big fan of Yamazaki Home’s minimalist, functional designs, so when I stumbled upon this gorgeous rolling cleaning rack, I couldn’t act fast enough. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Basically, the rack acts as portable storage. Divided into two rows, it has 10 surprisingly strong hooks for hanging brushes, rags, and spray bottles. Plus, it has a larger hook on the side and a convenient rack on the bottom for storing bins and baskets. I added all of my go-to cleaning tools as soon as I set it up (which was very easy, by the way). Right now, I’ve got my trusty Real Simple All-Purpose Cleaner, a bottle of glass cleaner, two cleaning brushes, and a big and small dustpan hanging on it. On the bottom rack, I have two baskets holding more cleaning supplies, plus plenty of extra cloths and towels. 

Having the additional storage is, of course, amazing, and I love how the white rack blends in with my kitchen (it’s available in black, too). But the best part is, I can easily roll the rack into other areas of my home when I need to clean, rather than lugging sprays and other supplies into the bathroom or living room. If I wanted to keep it out of sight, I could also tuck it away into a closet — but right now, I like having it nearby. In the future, I’ll probably take the time to decant the sprays in pretty brown bottles so it looks even more organized.

One detail to note: If you plan on hanging brooms or mops on the cart, definitely measure your tools beforehand. The rack’s height stands at 55.5 inches. My broom was *just* too tall to hang on the top rack of hooks, so I leaned it against the rack instead. (It helps if the cleaning rack is situated against a wall). 

If you don’t need an all-in-one cleaning cart, the simple rolling rack might work beautifully in a laundry room as a place to air-dry damp clothes, or even as a mini-coat hanger in a mudroom or entryway. I tested it out, and it’s strong enough for a few coats and scarves. But no matter how you decide to use Yamazaki Home’s rolling rack, you’ll find yourself with less clutter — just like I did.

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