6 Things You Can Clean as Soon as You Get Home Tonight

updated Oct 28, 2019
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Look, we know that, when you get home after a long day of work, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning, but like it or not, it’s a great time to get a little light housekeeping done.

If you commit yourself to cleaning a small handful of things before you even change out of your work clothes, you’ve got yourself some instant motivation and the opportunity to set yourself up for a calm (and clean) evening of chilling at home. Obviously we’re not suggesting you get down to scrub your grout while you’re still in your blazer, but here are six cleaning and organizing tasks you can tackle right after work to make your night go more smoothly.

1. Clear off counters.

Whether it’s your coffee table or the area around your kitchen sink, clearing the clutter off the surfaces around your place will make your whole apartment feel tidy in seconds. Simply stash away the stuff that’s out that you don’t need — i.e. your percolator, morning mail, makeup, etc. — and you’ll literally clear the way for a more relaxing evening.

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2. Set up a load of laundry.

A little bit of laundry can go a long way right after work. Get your next load of dirty clothes ready to wash when you’re still in your work attire and by the time you undress, you can throw those in the washer, too, and press “start.”

3. Wipe down windows.

Searching for a fast and easy way to make your entire apartment appear cleaner? Spend five minutes wiping down your windows after work. Not only will some quick window cleaning create better nightly views from your home, it will allow more natural light to stream through in the morning for a better tomorrow, too.

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4. Sweep your floors.

Nothing spruces up your apartment faster than a quick floor sweep or vacuuming. Before you press play on Netflix, do yourself a favor and pull out your broom or vacuum and do some light sweeping to make your home look and feel less dirty.

5. Wash any lingering dishes.

Even if it’s just your coffee mug from the morning, clearing your kitchen sink of dirty dishes will instantly make your whole place feel more organized, and pave the way for a night of easy — and clutter-free —cooking.

6. Clean your coffee maker.

Last but not least, get your tomorrow off to a good start by making sure your coffee maker is cleaned out and ready for use when you get home from work. Whether it means rinsing the pot out in the sink or throwing it in the dishwasher, having a clean coffee maker waiting for you first thing when you wake up will make your morning go more swimmingly.

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