9 Amazon Products (for $31 or Less) That Will Solve Your “Hair Everywhere” Problems

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It’s an unavoidable fact of life if you’ve got humans and/or fur babies occupying any living space: There will be hair — and LOTS of it. If you or your partner have particularly long, thick locks that love to shed everywhere you go, then you’re no doubt well acquainted with the daily struggle of de-clogging the shower drain (or “accidentally” leaving it for them to deal with). And if you were to take a peek in your vacuum canister right about now, I’m willing to bet it would be 90 percent hair and 10 percent actual dust, am I right? Then of course there’s the joy of walking around with a layer of pet fuzz on you at all times, thanks to the lovely mixture of dog and cat hair that covers pretty much every surface you own.

Yep; the struggle to live in a hair-free home is real. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be totally fur-covered forever. These top-rated hair removal products get some stellar reviews from Amazon customers who swear by their de-fuzz-ing powers. Maybe one of them will be your saving grace, too.

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1. TubShroom

When I say this thing is beloved, I’m not kidding — it has more than 17,000 Amazon reviews from customers who all gave it a near-perfect rating. Unlike most hair catchers, this one sits inside the drain, trapping the hair before it makes its way down. Best of all, it allows for easy hair removal, so you’ll never have to deal with a nasty clog again.

Buy: The TubShroom, $13

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2. Reusable Washer and Dryer Balls for Pet Hair

If lint-rolling has become the bane of your existence, these washer and dryer balls will at least solve half the battle for you. Toss them into the washing machine and/or the dryer to easily remove pet hair and lint as they’re cleaned. Plus, they help soften your clothes and are non-toxic, which will cut down on your need to use dryer sheets or chemical-laden fabric softeners.

Buy: Reusable Washer and Dryer Balls for Pet Hair, $11 for 12

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3. Drain Snake

If you do need to de-clog the drain, but don’t want a hefty bill from the plumber, this handy drain snake will allow you to take matters into your own hands. (Sure, it’s gross — but somebody’s gotta do it.) This 5-pack comes at a great price, and has plenty of positive reviews from customers who found it both easy and efficient to use.

Buy: Drain Snake, $7 for 5

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4. FURemover Pet Hair Broom

For all those heavy duty and hard-to-reach places that are covered in pet fur, this broom is about to come to the rescue. Perfect for use on carpets, tile, rugs, windows, and pretty much anywhere else pet hair sticks to, it’s made with 100% rubber that attracts pet hair like a magnet. The FURemover also sports a telescoping handle, making it adjustable and convenient for wherever you need it.

Buy: FURemover Pet Hair Broom, $15

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5. Hair Brush Cleaner

Admit it: It’s been a while since you’ve cleaned out your hair brush. (It’s cool — we’re all a bit guilty on that one.) But this hair brush rake makes it way easier to clean out the mountain of strands your brush has been gathering, without you having to use your hands. And it’s not just for cleaning out hair; it also helps clean out lint, dust, and product build-up so your brush is always kept fresh.

Buy: Hair Brush Cleaner, $13

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6. FURminator Pet Hair Brush

If you’ve ever brushed your cat or dog and felt like you could keep going and going and going, join the club. The problem is, they don’t often sit still long enough for you to really finish the job. The FURminator solves that problem, by removing an incredible (and I do mean incredible) amount of hair in just one swipe, which makes even a quick brushing worthwhile. It also has a “fur ejector” button on top, to make cleaning the hair off its bristles a breeze.

Buy: FURminator Pet Hair Brush, $27

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No matter how hard you work to battle pet hair build-up at home, you’ll probably always need a lint roller on hand for those last-minute, quick once-overs before you head off to work. This retractable lint works wonders to de-fuzz clothing, and can be tucked away in a pocket, tossed in your purse, or tucked away in a drawer for whenever you needed.

Buy: Flint Roller, $8

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8. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

For all those times a lint roller just won’t do, this powerful handheld vacuum will come in to finish the job. Its specialized rubber nozzle is designed to attract hair and draw it out from upholstery, carpeting, and other stubborn areas of the house, and it’s racked up over 7,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers. One thing’s for sure: It may be small, but it is sure mighty.

Buy: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, $31

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9. Bodhi Dog Bath Brush

If your long-haired dog is a big time shedder, you might want to consider upping their baths or grooming schedule. This soft-bristled grooming brush is made to gently massage into your pup’s fur while cleaning them, which will not only make them feel like they’re at some kind of doggy spa, but will also remove excess pet hair before it takes up residency on your favorite armchair.

Buy: Bodhi Dog Bath Brush, $10

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