8 Little Luxuries (for $25 or Less) Your Kitchen Needs Right This Instant

published Jul 25, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Attention, attention: This is a post for the people who love to clean. And for the people who loathe it.

See, whether you look forward to daily cleaning chores, or put them off for as long as possible, one thing is for certain: Having a few luxurious tools and products on hand makes the process much more enjoyable.

If you need an incentive to finally tackle that greasy stovetop, keep reading. Or if you just need a break and want to online window shop, yes, keep reading! These eight little cleaning luxuries are all worth the splurge.

1. Safely Tall Dish Brush, $7

While I never thought of myself as the type to shell out for products from the Kardashian universe, I also didn’t know that celeb mom Kris Jenner made a surprisingly elegant dish brush. This natural-fiber brush is curved and extra-long, so it can reach every last inch of my narrow-mouth Mason jars. Plus, it’s only 7 bucks. Love the Kardash fam or not, you deserve this brush.

2. Miniature Desk Vacuum, $13.99

Why splurge for this small battery-operated tabletop vac? It’s a quick and almost-hands-free way to clean up crumbs, dust, pet fur, or any other random items that make their way onto your workspace. Also, did I mention it comes in pink?

3. Mrs. Meyer’s Probiotic Drain Maintenance Lavender Scent, $11.99

Nothing says, “I’m a fancy human who cares about the details,” quite like a cleaning product formulated specifically for dumping down the drain. This drain cleaner, made by Mrs. Meyer’s, contains trendy probiotics that keep working to freshen your kitchen sink for up to a week after use. Will this product unclog a slow drain? Nope. Will this product make your drain smell really, really nice? Without question!

4. Nonslip Reusable Gloves, $8.99

Who spends hours perusing Amazon for the best reusable cleaning gloves? This girl, so you don’t have to. There are plenty of fun, patterned gloves on the market, but when it comes to function, these babies are where it’s at. The cinched, extra-long sleeve keeps soapy water away from your hands when dishwashing, and customers rave about their durability. They may be a little pricier than your average grocery store pair, but they’re worth every penny.

5. NOW Lemon Essential Oil, $15.74

High quality essential oils can be expensive, so when you spy a good one that’s also affordable, you’ll want to snap it up. I’ve been a fan of Now brand for years, and of this super fresh lemon blend in particular (unlike some brands, it’s made from real lemon peel). I use it in so many cleaning tasks, including adding a few drops to wool dryer balls, and making my DIY vinegar window cleaner smell nicer. You won’t find these at a better price.

6. Williams Sonoma Fleur de Sel Dish Soap, $14.95

This soap smells so good. It’s made with real verbena, rose, lily, and juniper. If Williams Sonoma made this into a perfume, I’d buy it and wear it every day. Until then, I’ll just enjoy sudsing up my dishes with it. It has excellent lathering power, and gosh darn, even the label is simple and gorgeous.

7. Full Circle Ceramic Sink Caddy, $19.99

If your kitchen sink is chaotic, you could benefit from a sink caddy. This minimalist-looking storage solution is surprisingly roomy — it can fit a sponge, brush, and dish or hand soap. The cool charcoal color would look great in just about any kitchen, and can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of designs. And you’ve got to love that it’s made with renewable materials!

8. Hawkins New York Lurex Sponge Set, $6

You’ll need some sponges to put in that snazzy new caddy. Might I suggest these luxuriously hued ones available at Madewell? It’s “shiny, scrubby, and cute enough to leave out on your kitchen counter.” 

What cleaning luxuries have you been splurging on? Tell us about your fun finds in the comments below.