CLEANCut: A Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser?

CLEANCut: A Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser?

Faith Durand
Mar 28, 2011

First there were no hands sensor soap pumps. Now it's a touchless, no-hands-needed paper towel dispenser. The designers say that this design helps save a lot of paper towels in the long run — take a peek and see how it works.

This paper towel dispenser works much like a dispenser in a public restroom: You move your hand in front and the paper towel rolls itself out. The difference here is that you can control how long the paper towel is: If you take your hand away quickly, you get just a short bit of towel. Wave your hand in front of the other side of the dispenser, and the paper towel is cut cleanly and neatly for you. (It takes any standard paper towel roll.)

What do you think of this gadget? It's a bit of a hard sell for us, since it comes with quite a price tag ($139.95 to $159.95). The designers claim that it quickly pays for itself, though, in its more efficient use of paper towels. We do like the sanitary aspect to this; scrambling for a paper towel or the faucet when covered with gunky, food-covered hands always feels a bit gross.

Do either of those factors overcome the gadget-y-ness of this dispenser? Has anyone tried it out?

More information: CLEANCut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

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(Image: CLEANCut)

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