I Used Shaving Cream to Spot Clean My Oven — Here’s How It Went

updated May 26, 2021
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Someone holding a can of shaving cream near oven.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love a good hack that’ll make my life easier! That’s why I just had to try shaving cream (yes, shaving cream) to spot-clean my oven. I had heard it would be a miracle worker, so I couldn’t wait to see for myself. And surprise! It worked better than expected.

Luckily, I had some Barbasol on hand for a shaving cream sensory project with my youngest kids, so I could try it right away. I grabbed it and opened my very dirty oven. (I swear I do clean it, but not well nor often enough that it doesn’t become an hours-long slog when I finally can’t stand looking at the mess.) Anyway, moving on.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

I squirted shaving cream on the interior glass stained with cooked-on grease splatters. Then I moved to tackling splatters along the metal part of the interior oven door. Oh, and then I tried to work on the blackened, caked-on food spill that turned into a rough, thick, burned smudge on the bottom of the oven (you know what I’m talking about)! I was on a roll with this can!

The squirting part was a bit awkward, though. The can is designed to dispense shaving cream when it’s held upright. Trying to dispense the product while the can is horizontal is clunky. Still, it was doable, but spluttery. 

Next, I used my hands to spread the shaving cream on the stains because it felt wasteful to have a mound of fluff just sitting there. I let the shaving cream sit for 15 minutes and came back to see how well it worked. 

Using a plastic scraper, I wiped up the excess shaving cream — there was a lot of it! (Note to self: Next time dispense a good deal less for each treated area!) I grabbed a cleaning sponge and made a few passes over each treated area. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

The shaving cream itself had little visible effect on the grease-splattered areas, whether they were on the glass or on other portions of the oven door. But then I used a scrubby sponge to wipe the shaving cream covering the burned, crusty mess, and I couldn’t believe it: The mess slipped right off the oven’s surface. The shaving cream magically penetrated the mess and softened it to the point that it let go of its hold. What a difference — with hardly any effort!

Credit: Sarah Crowley

While I have several solutions for cleaning grease splatters in the oven (a scrub with baking soda paste or a Magic Eraser, for example), burned-on food is a whole other story. Cleaning those tough messes eats right through a Magic Eraser and requires a great deal of elbow grease to scrub off manually. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

Plus, scraping off burned-on, charcoal-like messes makes a heap of crumbs. An added bonus with the shaving cream method? The foamy cream traps all those bits so crumbs won’t scatter or require vacuuming! Plus, shaving cream is fairly inexpensive, compared to specialized cleaners. I can get a can for just $2 at my local drug store.

Now that I know how well this shaving cream hack works, I’ll definitely be using it on the other burned-on spots in my oven!

Do you have any hacks for cleaning the oven? Share them in the comments below.