The TikTok Fridge Cleaning Task You Absolutely Need to Do

published Jun 2, 2021
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Refrigerators are a deceptively gross appliance. I learned this recently when I tried to clean up a tiny spill and ended up pulling out every single shelf and drawer to access … well, honestly, I’m not sure what some of those things were. I keep a fairly clean fridge, wiping out the produce drawer regularly and replacing the baking soda that I choose to believe keeps it smelling nice despite my collection of fragrant sauces and cheeses. But I was frightened by what I found. 

So, when a TikTok this week asked when was the last time I cleaned the bottom of my fridge, I felt confident in my answer. I was wrong — while I cleaned the bottom of the inside of my fridge, this social media post had something else in mind.

There’s a little grill that runs along the bottom of your fridge, the video explains, “and it tends to get reallllly nasty.” Thankfully, the post also shows how you can clean it out. Pull off the grill and start by wiping it down with a dryer sheet to get rid of excess hair and lint “because it’s waxy and amazing,” it explains. Then you spray the grill with dishwashing soap and scrub with a brush to get off any sticky gunk. Finally, rinse the grill with water and let it dry before reattaching to the fridge. 

I rushed to check my fridge for this piece right away, but it seems that mine doesn’t even have a grill.  If you’re lucky like me, you can skip this cleaning tip; but if your fridge has a grill piece, consider giving it some attention. I guess that’s one less gross appliance part I need to remember to clean.