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The Forgotten History of Your Favorite Concession Stand Nachos

published Jul 1, 2019
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Credit: Ricos

Maybe you weren’t around in 1976, or maybe you just don’t remember it, but it was quite the year. That was the year when Rocky, an amateur boxer from Philadelphia, showed what can happen when you just believe in yourself (and have the right song in your training montage). It was the year when the United States celebrated its 200th birthday by releasing a new quarter. And it was the year when Ricos sold their first crispy, cheesy order of concession stand nachos.

The name of the person who took that historic first tray of nachos back to his or her seat has been lost to history, but we do know that it was sold at the old Arlington Stadium in Arlington, TX. (If your parents are longtime Texas Rangers fans, please go ask them if they have any nacho-specific memories. We’ll wait.)

Credit: Ricos

Even if you don’t know Ricos by name, you’ve 100 percent had their nachos at a movie theater or a concert, at a professional sporting event, or even at your niece’s Little League games. They’re the concession stand nachos — and for good reason.

For five generations, the Liberto family has been producing Ricos crunchy tortilla chips, Ricos smooth and creamy cheese sauce, and Ricos sliced jalapeños — and in those 40-plus years they’ve taught us all “How to Nacho” by stacking those three signature ingredients at concession stands nationwide.

Nachos are, hands-down, the ultimate snack food, combining salty, savory, and spicy flavors in every bite. They’re portable enough to carry to the last row in the stadium and simple enough to prepare when you’re on level ground in your own living room. They’re perfect for sharing with friends, and there’s no shame in turning them into an easy weeknight meal for yourself.

Credit: Ricos

As perfect as Ricos nachos are at the ballpark, or during what feels like 14 straight hours of pre-movie previews, you don’t need to have a ticket in your back pocket to enjoy all of that cheesy goodness. Ricos Nacho Chips, Sliced Jalapeños, and that crucial Gourmet Nacho Cheese Sauce are all available at your favorite supermarket. And again, as perfect as those nachos are (yes, we know we’ve said that already), Ricos has recipes for every possible occasion: Their Gourmet Nacho Cheese Sauce works as a baked potato topper, as the cheese in your next bowl of mac-and-cheese, or even in a creamy pasta casserole.

We know that first tray of nachos was only served 43 years ago, but that has to deserve a commemorative quarter, right?