Classic Combo: Cocoa and Toast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While we’re definitely ready for warmer weather, we have to admit that winter has its perks. Like cocoa and toast! We’ve been re-discovering our love for this childhood treat in the past few weeks, though our tastes have definitely grown up…

We’ve been going through a package of artisan cocoa mix with frightening speed. But it makes such a thick and creamy cocoa that we can’t help ourselves! Pair it with a slice of toasted sourdough and we’re in heaven. We’re even thinking about serving this for dessert at an upcoming dinner party!

As kids, we definitely would have turned up our noses at such decadent fair. Honestly, cocoa and toast is excellent in just about any incarnation – as long as there’s plenty of marshmallows in the cocoa and butter on the toast.

How do you like your cocoa and toast these days?

(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)