Classic Combination: Pear and Walnut Salad

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Salads in the Fall take on a more rustic, earth-toned look. Instead of the bright tomatoes and cucumbers of summer, it’s pears, nuts, and (usually) deep-flavored cheese. This combination is one we turn to often…

When we see this salad on restaurant menus, it’s often with spinach instead of light, leafy greens. And there are big chunks of blue cheese, gorgonzola, maybe feta or parmesan. One of our favorite upgrades is to use candied walnuts or pecans that have been glazed in butter and brown sugar.

Of course, the fruit could be apple, the cheese could be cheddar. But right now, when pears are in season, this combination is calling to us.

What’s your favorite take on this salad?

(Image: Flickr member abbyladybug, licensed under Creative Commons)