Classic Breakfast: Cottage Cheese with Peaches

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We, along with many other kids, we’re sure, used to eat a lot of canned pears with cottage cheese on top. It was one of those dishes you saw in cafeteria lines, which demeans its genius, really—sweet, tart, and creamy all in one bowl. We still have an occasional weakness for canned pears, but this morning we elevated things a bit with some fresh summer peaches.

We’ve eaten a lot of yogurt with fruit lately, but these peaches were so sweet that they warranted something a little more savory than yogurt (which, of course, we top with brown sugar). Cottage cheese was something we hadn’t thought about in a while.

It can be a tough buy. So many of the commercial brands are dry or pasty; it’s hard to find a good one. As with most foods, the fuller fat versions tend to be better. If you have a favorite brand, let us know.

What else do you pair with cottage cheese? This thread may offer some inspiration.