Claes & Melinda’s Classy, Cozy Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This beautiful renovated kitchen in Phoenix owes itself entirely to the handiwork of its owners, Claes and Melinda, who did all the remodeling work themselves. The style has a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic, an ode to Claes’ native Sweden, and every element was carefully chosen. As they told Apartment Therapy, “We don’t spend a lot of money and most of the stuff we have, we’ve had for a long time. We just recover it and repaint it and patch it up. If I need something, I just make it.”

Unlike a lot of remodels, this kitchen doesn’t feel too fancy or austere. Rather, it feels completely accessible, effortless, functional, and cozy. Elements include a few splurges (like the Wolf cooktop) but also budget IKEA cabinetry, with detailing work done by Claes (who’s a woodworker).

Full Resource List

• Wolf Gas Cooktop
• Ikea cabinetry with lath additions by Claes
• Plywood dining table made by Claes
• Parlor chairs from Claes’ mother
• Captain’s chairs from Melinda’s grandmother
• Tile from Wholesalers USA
• The pink paint was a homemade mix of Maimeri Polycolor Rosa Chiaro

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(Images: Lindsey Nochta/Apartment Therapy)