These Plants Repel Mosquitoes and Are So Much Prettier than Bug Zappers

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We love just about everything about summer. It’s a season of lounging in the sun, picnicking at the beach, and grilling with friends. But there’s one thing we don’t love: mosquitoes. The pesky little insects follow us everywhere and no matter how much bug spray we use, they still find a way to get us. This summer, stay one step ahead of them with citronella plants.

If your backyard has a lot of mosquitoes, chances are you buy citronella candles every year in an attempt to ward them off. But did you know that citronella plants exist, too?

Citronella plants are a natural, chemical-free solution to your mosquito problem—and they’re a lot nicer to look at than a bug zapper or mosquito sticks. They produce pink blossoms, and when you trim them, they give off a nice lemony scent. Plant them in your backyard, stick some by your pool, and put them in planters on your patio. Wherever you’re annoyed by mosquitoes, stick a citronella plant. Best of all, they’re super affordable; you can snag a two-pack on Amazon for just $20 (though you do. have to pay for shipping).

“I have put them both in front of my front door and they have cut down on our bug problem immensely,” one five-star review reads.

Be prepared, because the citronella plants grow quickly and can get up to four feet high and four feet wide — which many reviewers are quick to point out.

“The plants are very healthy and much bigger than expected. They have been growing beautifully and have definitely helped with our mosquito problem,” another five-star review reads.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to rely on citronella plants alone to keep mosquitoes away. They’re not as strong as citronella candles or bug spray, so you shouldn’t ditch your old mosquito-ridding methods entirely. Still, it can’t hurt to try potting a citronella plant or two. We can always use more plants in our lives, and if they help keep mosquitoes at bay, that’s just an added bonus.

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