Circulon Just Launched a New Nonstick Stainless Steel Collection — and It’s Already on Sale

published Aug 23, 2021
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No kitchen is complete without a nonstick pan for making foolproof eggs, golden grilled sandwiches, and crispy seared protein. But even if you take really good care of your cookware, inevitably, standard nonstick pans scratch and peel, rendering them the opposite of nonstick. We don’t have to tell you how frustrating (and expensive!) it can be to regularly replace your pots and pans, which is why we were excited to hear about Circulon’s new SteelShield S-Series and C-Series collections.

The just-launched SteelShield cookware family combines the durability of stainless steel with the convenience and easy cleanup of nonstick, giving it a level of versatility we don’t often see in the cookware space. Each of the pieces are safe for use with metal utensils, induction cooktop compatible, dishwasher safe, and oven safe up to 500 degrees, conditions that seriously damage most traditional nonstick cookware.

To understand what makes SteelShield so unique, let’s take a closer look at the design of the two collections: the more affordable S-Series, and the slightly more premium C-Series. The S-Series is constructed from impact-bonded stainless steel, while the C-Series has heavy tri-ply construction that runs up the sides of the cookware, both of which do an excellent job distributing and maintaining heat. While they differ slightly in how they’re built, each of the collections features Circulon’s innovative SteelShield cooking surface, a bullseye pattern consisting of stainless steel peaks and nonstick valleys in concentric circles. The raised steel rings protect the nonstick coating and deliver targeted heat for searing and browning ingredients without sticking. This design also makes SteelShield cookware safe for use with silicone, wood, and metal utensils alike, so you won’t have to worry about damaging or scratching your new cookware with metal tongs or a fish spatula.

No matter what’s missing in your cookware lineup, the SteelShield collection is available in multi-piece sets and sold a la carte in the event you want to invest in one high-quality pan for everyday use, like this 12-inch frying pan. The cookware sets include everything necessary for whipping up weeknight meals or feeding a crowd, including frying pans, glass-lidded saucepans, and saute pans, as well as metal utensils. Despite being priced competitively, the pieces have a high-end, timeless look that would compliment any cookware collection.

Though SteelShield is undeniably durable, some care should be taken to ensure the best cooking results and to extend the life of your cookware. Circulon doesn’t advise cooking over high heat, and instead recommends preheating your SteelShield cookware over a low setting, and allowing it to ramp up and distribute the heat before cooking. And while food will release naturally from the SteelShield cooking surface, a small amount of cooking oil will add flavor, prevent sticking, and make cleanup that much easier. Most recipes will wipe clean from the fully coated bottom and sides of each piece, but for more stubborn messes, a quick soak in soapy water never hurts.

So, take a look around your kitchen, and ask yourself if your old nonstick cookware could use an upgrade. If it does, you can browse Circulon’s curated collection of SteelShield pans here. As a bonus, you can save 20 percent off and get free shipping when you use the code SUMMER at checkout.