Cigarette Lighters, Car Batteries & Coffee Beans: Sweet Maria’s 2012 Calendar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Coffee geeks are intense folks, and there are perhaps few as intense as the good people at Sweet Maria’s, the Oakland-based outfit that equips and encourages truly committed coffee lovers to roast their own beans at home. We’re big fans of Sweet Maria’s, but when browsing their site this week, we stopped short at their 2012 calendar. This isn’t your ordinary company calendar.

Sweet Maria’s has a tradition of putting out a company calendar, and they usually fill the months’ pages with photos of dogs. Well, this year they bypassed the dog calendar for something different:

…oddness, sarcasm, inside jokes and some jabs at our own specialty coffee industry. Why? Because humor keeps us going, and IMO, we are hilarious! : ) The Mondo Coffee calendar has 12 months (January through December) and is littered with the usual assortment of holidays like Roast Taste Awareness Day, Flavor Crystal Friday and Experimental Separation Week. There is a dog representing one of the months but keep in mind this calendar isn’t intended to be cute or fuzzy. The Mondo name refers to the ’60 cult classic film Mondo Cane.

Pictured above is a sample: Roasting beans on coffee batteries (the theme of May), and the amazing cigarette lighter roaster.

If you appreciate inside jokes and coffee oddities, not to mention Sweet Maria’s good cause, Doctors Without Borders (all proceeds from this calendar go to them), then check this one out.

Find it: 2012 Mondo Coffee Calendar, $8 at Sweet Maria’s

(Images: Sweet Maria’s)