Christopher Kimball Leaving America’s Test Kitchen, Bowtie in Hand

(Image credit: America’s Test Kitchen)

Everyone’s favorite bowtie-wearing cook, Christopher Kimball, is leaving America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated, reports the Boston Globe, due to a contract dispute.

Kimball, known for his quirky and pastoral letters from the editor, as well as his uncompromising approach to well-tested, all-American recipes and cooking, is leaving. Will the brand survive?

“I think it will be extremely difficult initially because Chris is the face of that company. His personality is what defines the spirit of the show,’’ said Gordon Hamersley, the longtime Boston chef and restaurant owner, in an interview. He called Kimball “the iconic leader of that cult over there. It’s his persnickety, anal-retentive, wonderful personality that defines that show.”

The rumor is that Kimball may be starting a new company — stay tuned! Read more on the new leadership and his transition at the Boston Globe link.